Mortician Salary Missouri

Mortician Salary Missouri

Morticians in Missouri, also known as coroners, work long hours in a gloomy setting. While this may not appeal to many people, there are several benefits to working as a mortician. Mortician Salary Missouri is a rewarding one, with numerous job opportunities and competitive pay.

Mortician jobs require specialized skills that can provide job security and the opportunity to work with people on a daily basis. While the job requires witnessing some of the most difficult times in most people’s lives, it is also quite rewarding. You can go home every day knowing that you helped people in their darkest hour and provided them with wonderful last memories of their loved ones.

Not only is working as a mortician psychologically rewarding, but it also pays well if you live in Missouri. It’s not a bad idea to learn how to become a mortician because funeral director requirements differ from state to state.

Why would someone become a mortician?

Here are the reasons you should consider a job as a mortician in Missouri:

  • Morticians can play an important role in Missouri.
  • Morticians make a good living in Missouri.
  • As a mortician in Missouri, you can collaborate with a wide range of people.
  • You can help people in their darkest hours.
  • Morticians have stable jobs.

Morticians can play an important role in Missouri

One benefit of working as a mortician in Missouri is that you can contribute significantly to society.

Consider a world without morticians for a moment. Nobody would be there for your loved ones when they died in such a world, and funerals would often be devoid of dignity.

In fact, morticians are concerned with all aspects of the funeral and ensure that it runs smoothly so that relatives and friends can say their final goodbyes in a dignified manner.

As a result, morticians do an excellent job for all of us, despite the fact that many people do not appreciate their work as much as they should.

Morticians make a good living in Missouri

Morticians can earn a good wage, with Mortician Salary Missouri being around $57,513 per year and $28 per hour. These professionals earn a good wage when compared to other careers with comparable education and training requirements. Some morticians may also choose to open their own funeral home, giving them even more control over their earnings.

As a mortician in Missouri, you can collaborate with a wide range of people

Another advantage of becoming a mortician in Missouri is that you will be able to work with a diverse range of people.

Funeral directors, in fact, have many clients at the same time and must ensure that everyone is fine and satisfied.

Even though this can be demanding and sometimes hectic, it can also give you a good sensation because you know you will be contributing to society and that people would face real difficulties if you did not work.

As a result, chances are you will be happy with your job in the long run because you can find meaning in it, whereas many other people who work for money will often become dissatisfied with their jobs sooner or later.

You can help people in their darkest hours.

Apart from the Mortician salary Missouri, another advantage of working as a funeral director is that you will be able to assist people during their most difficult times.

Sure, this isn’t always the best or easiest job because you’ll have to deal with all the emotional pain, and people are often in a bad mood because their loved ones have died.

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However, if you see it as your life’s purpose to help others overcome adversity, you can find meaning in what you’re doing, which will keep you going and help you overcome your own problems in life much better.

Morticians have stable jobs.

Apart from the rewarding mortician Salary Missouri. Excellent morticians will always be in demand, which means that you will have good future career prospects.

While numerous other jobs will be lost as people are replaced by machines, funeral directors will not have to worry as much because they will provide plenty of emotional support and people simply do not want to talk to a robot in such situations.

As a result, becoming a mortician may make sense for you if job security is extremely important to you and you intend to work in this field for many years, if not a lifetime.

Is being a mortician worth it?

Yes, a mortician plays an important role in society. A mortician is someone who deals with dead people’s bodies and arranges funerals. Morticians are professionals that are responsible for corpses for funerals, and interment by embalming, dressing, cosmetically enhancing and casketing them.

Here are the duties of a mortician

  • Meeting with clients to explain services and make arrangements for funerals, cremations, and interments.
  • Providing pricing information to clients and preparing contracts
  • Organizing transportation for the deceased to the funeral home.
  • Obtaining embalming and funeral-related documents and permits from various sources.
  • suggesting reputable grief counselors to clients.
  • Keeping the mortician equipment and preparation area clean.
  • Embalming, dressing, cosmetic enhancement, and casketing of the deceased

How to become a mortician in Missouri

The steps to becoming a mortician in Missouri are discussed below.

Meet the Basic Criteria in Missouri

To begin your journey toward becoming a mortician in Missouri, you must first ensure that you meet the basic requirements. You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or its equivalent. You also need to have some college education, at least some of which must be in the field of the funeral home.

Get a Useful College Education

Whether you undertake a mortuary science degree online or offline, or a related course, you must ensure that the curriculum is endorsed by the American Board of Funeral Service Education.

The national organization is in charge of funeral service and mortuary science education at the college and university levels. As a result, any mortician programs offered by Indiana institutions should be overseen by the board.

Finish an Apprenticeship

After completing at least one year of college in mortuary science or a related course program, you must complete a one to three-year apprenticeship or internship program in a funeral home. There is an internship license, which is followed by a practicing license.

To be safe, you should conduct an online funeral director license lookup to ensure the professional you are apprenticing under is licensed. Otherwise, your apprenticeship experience may be disregarded.

Get a Licensing for Morticians in Missouri

After completing your college education, it is preferable if you complete and pass the state licensing board examination. However, Missouri does not require a mortician license. Instead, Missouri schools can help you obtain a funeral director or embalmer license.

Comply with Post-Licensing Requirements

Your mortician license is legitimate for a given period after which it must be renewed. In order to keep practicing in your chosen field, you must complete 10 hours of continuing education every two years in order for your license renewal to be approved.

Mortician Salary Missouri

According to Salary Expert, the median salary mortician gross salary in Missouri, United States is $55,612 per year or $27 per hour. This is 4% less than the national average mortician salary.

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Apart from mortician Salary Missouri being rewarding, they also receive a $2,425 bonus on average. Mortician Salary Missouri by Salary expert estimates is based on salary survey data collected directly from Missouri employers and anonymous employees.

An entry-level Mortician Salary Missouri (1-3 years of experience) earns $39,376 on average. A senior-level Mortician Salary Missouri (8+ years of experience) makes an average salary of $68,852.

Mortician school

Here are the various mortician school Missouri that you should enroll in to advance your career:

  • Des Moines Area Community College
  • Arapahoe Community College
  • American Academy McAllister Institute

Des Moines Area Community College

Des Moines Area Community College offers an online funeral home-based funeral service program to students. This program is intended for students who are currently employed in a funeral home, and it is the student’s responsibility to find and secure employment prior to enrolling in the program.

Students in this mortician school program will be expected to complete between 8 and 16 hours of funeral home experience per week, as well as meet with professors via online video chat during designated office hours.

Arapahoe Community College

Arapahoe Community College provides an online associate’s degree in mortuary science to students from all over the world. While all of the coursework for this program is delivered online, students will be required to travel to campus for three labs and an internship at their own expense.

American Academy McAllister Institute

Students can earn an associate’s degree in funeral service education from American Academy McAllister Institute entirely online. The program is fully accredited, and students can complete their funeral service education on their own time and from the comfort of their own homes. This is an excellent option for students who must work full-time and care for families while pursuing a degree.

How to make more money as a Mortician In Missouri

Follow these suggestions if you want to boost your earning potential as a mortician.

  • Gain more experience
  • Take lessons about all of the tasks involved in the death care
  • Create your own facility
  • Consider a strategic location

Gain more experience

In the death care services industry, experience is highly valued. Those with more expertise are more at ease interacting with the deceased’s loved ones and know what tasks to complete when planning a funeral and making preparations. Because death services companies frequently rely on referrals, a more experienced and trusted mortician may generate more referrals from those who felt at ease working with that individual during the death of a loved one. As you gain experience, you may be able to earn higher hourly or annual salary.

Take lessons about all of the tasks involved in the death care

Workers in some death care facilities have clearly defined roles and are unsure how to handle other tasks in the process. If you only control certain aspects of funeral planning or body preparation, you may be able to boost your earnings by becoming more well-rounded and learning how to handle other tasks.

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Consider getting trained in embalming or makeup application on the deceased if your role includes making funeral arrangements. Developing your skills may help you land a higher-paying job.

Create your own facility

If you have previous experience providing death care services, you may want to consider starting your own business to offer these vital services to those in your general public. A business license and a facility that can house the bodies of the deceased and provide space to prepare them for burial are required before starting a business.

Consider a strategic location

The location of your workplace has a massive effect on your earning potential. This applies to both the company for which you work and your physical location. Morticians earn more in some states than others, so relocating may increase your earning potential. Working for a large corporation or a business that can take on more clients at once may pay you more if you work for a small funeral home.

Mortician career outlook in Missouri

The mortician profession has a bright future in Missouri. In the coming years, the BLS predicts an average growth of around 18% in the career field. This means that there will continue to be a plethora of job opportunities and that wages will remain above the national average for the foreseeable future.


Many folks think that morticians only work with the remains, but in reality, they work extensively with the living as well. Morticians and funeral directors work closely with the deceased’s family and friends. They provide comfort and consolation to those in need, as well as assistance in making funeral and wake arrangements for their loved ones.

If you enjoy working with people and are a good communicator, a mortuary science degree and career may be right for you. The best morticians are those who enjoy leading, teaching, and assisting those in need. They are also excellent communicators. When speaking with family members, for example, a mortician should be clear about the services provided while remaining tactful and considerate.

FAQs About Mortician Salary Missouri

How much does a mortician make in Missouri?

According to Salary Expert, the median salary mortician gross salary in Missouri, United States is $55,612 per year or $27 per hour.

Does being a mortician pay well?

Yes, Morticians can earn a competitive salary, with an annual salary of $55,612 on average.

Where do morticians get paid the most?

The median gross salary for a mortician in Missouri, United States is $55,612 per year or $27 per hour.

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