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Marathon Health, which includes the company that used to be called OurHealth, thinks that health is connected to everything in life. They want to become the most trusted health company in the United States by giving people what they want.

At Mrathon Health, they believe that deep relationships between patients and their clinicians and an approach that is personal, proactive, and slows things down are very important. This is what they call “modern health.” It causes people to change their habits, which helps them live healthier and be more productive.

For employers, it improves your company’s culture and gives your business long-term value.


Company values, programs for employee well-being, and giving back to the community is vey important at Marathon. They call themselves “Marathon Nation,” and everyone who works here is an ambassador.

As part of it’s culture of inspiring themselves and others, Ambassadors in different parts of the country work together to help their communities. So that staff and clinicians can set a good example, they made three programs that work together to help all live healthier lives.

Ambassador’s Code promotes  company’s values by focusing on honesty, compassion, respect, providing excellent service, working as a team, and living the mission and employees are passionate about their work because they live the mission, are there for other people, get more done together, and give people more than they expect.

Marathon Health promotes programs that are good for the mind, body, and spirit of employees and they live by what they preach and give all ambassadors the tools and chances they need to get healthier.

Motto? Live it. Be it. Please.

Well Marathon encourages people to give and help out in the places where they live. As part of our ongoing effort to be leaders in the communities they serve, do things like hold healthy food drives for local food shelters, teach middle and elementary school students about health and wellness, support Special Olympics, and give free blood pressure checks to senior citizens.


With a job at Marathon Health, you’ll have the chance to rekindle your desire to help people take charge of their own health. When you work as a doctor at one of our worksite health centers, you are part of a movement to change the way healthcare is done. Their goal is to not only help sick people feel better, but also to help them live healthy, happy, and useful lives. These goals can only be reached with the help of our providers. 


Change the way you do healthcare

At Mrathon. they don’t think of each visit as a sale. Instead, clinicians are told to talk to people as much as they think is necessary to help change their lives. No matter how many visits your patients need, you get to help them get healthy.

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Care That Works Together

Even though its health centers are all over the United States, the team at the corporate headquarters is there to help you in every way. This includes the day-to-day running of the center, systems, tools, technology for practicing evidence-based medicine, and analytics to help you track the progress of both the individual and the health center.

Let us look after you.

Marathon Health has regular hours and a full range of benefits, such as health, vision, and dental insurance. Also offer a matching 401(k), flexible spending accounts, paid time off, tuition for continuing education, and more.

What does Marathon Health pay?

On average, Marathon Health pays $66,679 per year, or $32.06 per hour. But there is a big difference between what the company pays the top 10% of earners and what it pays the bottom 10%. The highest-paid employee at Marathon Health makes more than $143,000 a year, while the lowest-paid employee makes less than $31,000.

At Marathon Health, your salary can also depend on what you do for a living. At Marathon Health, the jobs that pay the most are corporate management, where workers make an average of $162,131 per year, and engineering, where they make an average of $110,648 per year.

Marathon Health employees’ pay can also be affected by where they live. Based on the information we have, Marathon Health workers in Ione, OR and Kiel, WI get the most money.

Jobs at Marathon Health that pay the most

Even though the average salary at Marathon Health is $66,679, the pay for each role is very different. Primary care physician, family physician, managing director, health information technician, and dentist are all jobs at Marathon Health that pay well.

At Marathon Health, a person with the job title “primary care physician salary” can make an average of $196,220 per year. Home health aide and dietary aide are two other jobs at Marathon Health. A worker at Marathon Health with the job title “home health aid” makes an average of $26,888 per year.

Rank  Job Title  Avg. Salary  Hourly Rate  
1Primary Care Physician$196,220$94
2Family Physician$196,033$94
3Managing Director$192,799$93
5Director, Service Delivery$134,562$65
6Enterprise Data Architect$130,926$63
7Senior Software Engineer$120,446$58
8Data Engineer$116,790$56
9Family Nurse Practitioner$110,957$53
10Director, National Accounts$108,303$52
11Product Owner$102,276$49
12Manager Of Business Applications$100,553$48
13Mobile APP Developer$100,315$48
14Finance Systems Analyst$78,565$38
16Senior Analyst$76,110$37
17Physical Therapist$73,671$35
18Clinical Director$73,053$35
19Network Technician$67,838$33


Workers in different parts of the country get paid differently because the cost of living can be much higher in some places. From our data, we can see that some Marathon Health employees make more money in some areas than in others.

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Ione, OR stands out as the city with the highest pay because Marathon Health pays its employees an average of $70,741. People who work for Marathon Health in Kiel, WI, don’t make as much. The average wage in Kiel, Wisconsin, is $66,095.

Salaries By Location At Marathon Health

Rank  Location  Average Marathon Health Salary  Hourly Rate  
1Ione, OR$70,741$34.01
2Kiel, WI$66,095$31.78
3Winooski, VT$65,841$31.65
4Artesia, NM$62,673$30.13
5Denver, CO$62,167$29.89
6Indianapolis, IN$60,517$29.09
7Lexington, NE$58,955$28.34
8Garden City, KS$58,004$27.89
9Green Forest, AR$56,670$27.25


Job  Location  Date Added  Salary  
Licensed Practical NurseGrand Junction, CO06/30/2023$52,175
Data Integration AnalystIndianapolis, IN06/30/2023$50,600
Data Integration AnalystWinooski, VT06/30/2023$50,600
Family Nurse PractitionerLoveland, CO06/24/2023$60,000
Physician AssistantLoveland, CO06/24/2023$60,000
ViceIndianapolis, IN05/31/2023$140,000
Senior Manager, Business ApplicationsIndianapolis, IN05/31/2023$101,600
PRN Family Nurse PractitionerDenver, CO05/31/2023$108,524
PRN Medical AssistantDenver, CO05/31/2023$29,218
Manager, Software EngineeringIndianapolis, IN05/10/2023$101,600
Senior Engagement AnalystIndianapolis, IN05/09/2023$60,600
Software QA AnalystIndianapolis, IN05/09/2023$50,600
Data Integration AnalystIndianapolis, IN05/09/2023$50,600
Proposal Manager Remote!Winooski, VT05/04/2023$50,600
Proposal Manager Remote!Indianapolis, IN05/04/2023$50,600
Family Nurse Practitioner (S/WK Plus Full Benefits!)Artesia, NM05/01/2023$100,000
PRN Medical AssistantLoveland, CO05/01/2023$29,218
Behavioral Health CounselorDenver, CO05/01/2023$70,000
Regional Care Team ManagerDenver, CO05/01/2023$70,200
Data EngineerIndianapolis, IN05/01/2023$70,200
Float Licensed Practical NurseLoveland, CO05/01/2023$48,001
Member Engagement Director, National AccountsIndianapolis, IN05/01/2023$80,000
Manager, Software EngineeringWinooski, VT04/29/2023$101,600
Data EngineerWinooski, VT04/28/2023$70,200
Senior Manager, Business ApplicationsWinooski, VT04/25/2023$101,600
Software QA AnalystWinooski, VT04/25/2023$50,600
Marketing CoordinatorIndianapolis, IN04/25/2023$40,000
Senior Engagement AnalystWinooski, VT04/25/2023$60,600
Data Integration AnalystWinooski, VT04/25/2023$50,600
Behavioral Health CounselorDenver, CO04/25/2023$70,000
Regional Care Team ManagerDenver, CO04/21/2023$70,200
Marketing CoordinatorIndianapolis, IN04/21/2023$40,000
Regional Care Team ManagerKansas City, KS04/19/2023$70,200
Mental Health CounselorDenver, CO04/18/2023$70,000
Marketing CoordinatorWinooski, VT04/17/2023$40,000
Marketing CoordinatorWinooski, VT04/17/2023$40,000
Family Nurse Practitioner (S/WK Plus Full Benefits!)Artesia, NM04/15/2023$100,000
Physician Assistant (S/WK Plus Full Benefits!)Artesia, NM04/15/2023$100,000
Physician Assistant (S/WK Plus Full Benefits!)Artesia, NM04/15/2023$100,000
PRN Medical AssistantLoveland, CO04/11/2023$29,218
PRN Family Nurse PractitionerGlenwood Springs, CO04/11/2023$108,524
Data Integration AnalystWinooski, VT04/11/2023$50,600
Manager, Software EngineeringWinooski, VT04/09/2023$101,600
Data Integration AnalystIndianapolis, IN04/06/2023$50,600
Software QA AnalystWinooski, VT04/05/2023$50,600
Software QA AnalystIndianapolis, IN03/31/2023$50,600
Proposal ManagerWinooski, VT03/31/2023$50,600
Senior Revenue Cycle AnalystIndianapolis, IN03/31/2023$60,000
Senior Revenue Cycle AnalystWinooski, VT03/31/2023$60,000
Proposal ManagerIndianapolis, IN03/31/2023$50,600

Here are some jobs that Marathon Health has open.

Help Desk Technician

Job Locations: US-IN-Indianapolis US-IN-Indianapolis Type: Full-Time Overview:

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People who work at Marathon Health ( are more than just employees; they are also ambassadors for the company. Help us change the way healthcare is done! We are looking for someone to join our team as a full-time Help Desk Technician. We need an Ambassador who lives in or near Indianapolis, Indiana.

This is a full-time job with a great team and environment, as well as competitive pay and a full benefits package that includes medical and dental insurance, vision insurance, a 401(k), paid time off and holidays, and resources to help you grow and develop.


  • Find, troubleshoot, and fix problems with user systems
  • At every step of service delivery, make sure customers are happy.
  • In a client network environment, install, support, configure, evaluate, maintain, monitor, and analyze systems and software.
  • Use software for remote management to handle client requests.
  • Procedures and workflows, both old and new, should be written down, reviewed, and made better.
  • Use our problem-tracking system to assign, rank, document, and keep track of who is responsible for service tickets over the course of their life.
  • Work with the other Marathon Health ambassadors to solve the problem.
  • Take part in ongoing training for yourself and get technical certifications.
  • 15% of the time must be spent traveling to help set up and open new health centers.


  • Help desk technicians must have at least one year of experience.
  • On EST and ready to work in the office in downtown Indianapolis, IN.
  • Associate’s degree or work experience equivalent to that is required.
  • You must have experience with the following technologies:
  1. The Active Directory
  2. The Microsoft 365
  3. Windows 10

A plus would be having experience with the following technologies:

  1. Group Policy
  2. Azure AD
  3. MDM
  4. VoIP
  5. Bitlocker
  6. Thin Customers
  7. Mac OS (within a Windows-Enterprise environment)
  8. Meraki
  9. Aruba
  • Ability to work on your own
  • Focus on customer service and a desire to help
  • Excellent skills in writing and talking to people
  • Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Windows operating systems, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Be able to fix problems with desktops and laptops’ hardware.
  • Ability to set priorities and manage time well on own
  • 15% of trips must be taken

Physician Assistant

Job Locations: US-IN-Indianapolis Type: Part-Time Overview:

Marathon Health is looking for a part-time Physician Assistant to treat and work with employees and their families (ages 2 and up) at our client’s onsite health and wellness center on the east side of Indianapolis, IN.

We want to talk to you if you are a Physician Assistant who wants to practice medicine in a place that focuses on prevention, wellness, and patient involvement. Join a healthcare organization where the focus is on how well people are doing, not on how many people they see or how much they pay. Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. is the schedule for this job.


The Physician Assistant is in charge of providing primary care services, doing health risk assessments on-site, educating people about wellness, helping people make changes to their lifestyles, and helping people manage their chronic conditions.

The person in this position could also be in charge of overseeing the care given by the medical staff at the Marathon Health Center. Keeping a good working relationship with the staff at the center is a key part of doing well in this job.


  •  At least two years of experience working as a physician’s assistant in a primary care or family medicine practice
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) experience
  • State license that is valid and not limited
  • Applicants who are qualified should want to make a difference and believe in making good decisions, good communication, working together, and building trust in order to run a great wellness program.

Policy on COVID-19 testing and vaccinations at Marathon Health

As of October 4, 2021, Marathon Health required all employees (except PRN employees) to get and give the results of a weekly COVID-19 test for each week they are scheduled to work, unless they have shown proof of vaccination. Employees who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 will not have to be tested every week as long as they turn in their vaccination records.

State laws in California, New York, Washington, and Oregon say that everyone who works in one of our health centers in those states must show proof that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19.


Is Marathon Oil a good company to work for?

Over 425 anonymous employees have given Marathon Oil an average rating of 3.6 out of 5, based on a scale of 1 to 5. 56% of employees would tell a friend to work at Marathon Oil, and 56% are optimistic about the business.

How many employees does Marathon Pipeline have?

In 2021, Marathon Petroleum had 17,700 employees, which was 69.43% less than in 2020. In 2020, Marathon Petroleum had 57,900 employees, which was 4.94% less than in 2019.

Is Marathon the same as Mobil?

The company’s name was changed to “Marathon Oil Company” in 1962. In 1981, Mobil made an offer to buy the company without being asked. But Marathon Oil’s board turned down the offer and sold the company to United States Steel instead.

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