Top 20 Wrestling Camps in United States

Do you know wrestling camps are fun? , Are you a teen in high school, a college student, or an athlete looking for wrestling camps to grow your skills in wrestling? Then I believe this article will be helpful to you.

Wrestling is a well-known activity that’s been around as far back as 706BC in the ancient Olympics in Greece and even longer before it was an organized competitive sport, so it’s never late to get involved.

However, to do that, you would need a wrestling camp. We have several bases in the USA, and it’s one thing to go to a wrestling camp, and it’s another to pick the best center to attend.

This article will help you make an informed decision, so you can better decide which camp is best and suits your needs.


There are numerous camps in the United States, and as I promised, I’m going to help you find one, but to do that, you need to know the type you want to attend. There are two major Wrestling camps:

  • Technique Camps
  • Intensive Camps

Technique camps

When looking through the list of best wrestling camps, you will see many programs tagged as “technique” camps. You might probably be wondering what lessons you’ll learn at this camp and precisely what you are going to benefit from the camp.

wrestling camps

Technique camps are the best choice if you are a newbie in wrestling. This camp teaches you many basics and techniques with positions used during a wrestling match. It dwells on a wide range of wrestling styles used in any situation you find yourself in.

Intensive Wrestling Camps

So what if you have already started a career in wrestling and want to develop your skills, Then intensive camps are for you. These camps are for serious athletes who want to prepare for serious competition. You need to have physical and mental fitness if you’re going to fit into such camps.


You will not carry a Gucci bag or Prada shoes to a wrestling camp. Things to come along with include:

  • Wrestling shoes
  • Running shoes
  • Workout gear
  • Water Bottle
  • Pen
  • Notebook
  • Shorts
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  1. Ken Chertow
  2. Keystone
  3. Cardinal
  4. North Carolina
  5. High Altitude
  6. Thorn
  7. Montana Intensive
  8. Iowa
  9. Bull-trained Wrestling Summer camp
  10. Blugold Youth
  11. Troy Steiner’s Bulldog
  12. Purler
  13. Granby School
  14. The Wolfpack
  15. Jim Zalesky
  16. Ultimate
  17. Carolina
  18. The Augsburg University
  19. The Legacy Training Center
  20. The PINnacle Wrestling School

Ken Chertow wrestling campaign

Mr. Ken Chertow. participated in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, graduated from Penn State, and is a very experienced wrestler with several years of teaching experience.

He spent five years coaching at Ohio and Penn State. Since then, he has dedicated his life to teaching young boys and girls to be experts in wrestling. The camp offers training for youth, teen boys, and teen girls. It’s perfect for high school students, college students, and growing athletes.


Keystone may be on this list but it isn’t just a wrestling camp. While it’s a significant camp worth including in this list, it’s part of the Keystone Sports Training Institution and a general training camp for all athletes and sports.

It has several seasoned athletes with training experience, fit, and ready to teach. The camp mainly offers summer lessons so if you are in New Jersey, Colorado, and Pennsylvania, then I don’t think you should miss the opportunity to be in the best camp in the States.


The Cardinal is a wrestling camp that specializes in delivering wrestling training for young that aims to build the talent and strengths of kids and teens who are aspiring athletes. Experienced Champions like Oliver Pierce and Jarrod Trotter are coaches at this camp, which already makes this a fantastic choice.

North Carolina 

NCW’s objective is to offer people the opportunity and the program to develop their strength, abilities, and stamina in a safe and competitive wrestling environment. This program will serve as a stepping stone to improving the feasibility of junior high and high school wrestling programs.

High Altitude 

Hundreds of wrestlers are trained each year by the High Altitude Wrestling Club at their several training facilities around Iowa, which also hosts several camps throughout the year (pre-season, in-season, winter break, and summer camps).

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This wrestling camp is for high school wrestlers and has a 5-day intense program designed to prepare wrestlers for state championships. There will be a lot of live wrestling and rigorous drilling during this camp.

The participants will primarily focus on their weight and ability level through a specific selection procedure that will provide the best possible learning environment

Montana Intensive Wrestling Camps

Montana is a program is for all ages and all levels, it is a very challenging camp, and is advised that you arrive at it in a good physical state. Wrestlers prepare for this camp’s state, regional and national tournaments.

This six-day program will enhance your wrestling to its full potential by teaching the finest techniques to wrestle, run, and weigh-train for our sport.

three wrestling styles (Folk, Free, and Greco-Roman) are covered as well as all wrestling phases (take-downs, reversals, escapes, riding, and pinning)


Lowa Wrestling camps provide all campers with the same level of support and instruction. Providing Hawkeye student-athletes with training experiences in the sport is on the idea that there’s no replacement for a hard effort.

The world-famous Iowa Hawkeye wrestling program has established a wrestling system that has produced NCAA, World, and Olympic Champions

Bull-trained Wrestling Summer Camps

This camp teaches a range of position-based tactics and talents necessary to turn wrestlers into champions. One-on-one training and exciting sessions are a feature of the Bull-trained wrestling camps.

The camp curriculum includes advanced wrestling techniques, mental preparation, character development, and more.

Blugold Youth 

They are designed for young wrestlers just starting to develop their enjoyment and knowledge of the sport. We recommend that young wrestlers bring a friend. Focus is on skills and fun.

Troy Steiner’s Bulldog 

Steiner’s Bulldog Wrestling camp is in the heart of California’s Central valley Wrestling hot-spot, with top clinicians and camp counselors. The instructional sessions cover all levels of college-style wrestling.

They go through everything from neutral to mat wrestling, strength and fitness, and, most importantly, the emotional side of being a professional wrestler. The intensive camp is for the experienced wrestler who wants to push to new heights


Purler wrestling, Inc is a family-owned and operated wrestling organization. They provide a wide range of training possibilities around the country, from exclusive team camps to weekly summer programs. Students undergo training in their facility, your facility, or online.

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Granby School 

At Granby, the team develops the physical and mental talents to succeed on and off the mat.


The Wolfpack (formerly called the Bob Guzzo Wrestling Camp) is a non-profit sports organization committed to the improvement of athletic and personal goals through the sport of wrestling by fostering an environment of mentorship and resources to reach the youth collegiate and senior-level athletes aspiring to become NCAA world and Olympic champions.

Jim Zalesky 

Jim Zalesky is an Intensive Camp, and this camp is for severe middle school and high school-aged wrestlers that want to improve their skills in this sport and probably prepare for serious competition with other athletes.


Train with experienced coaches in this camp and wrestlers from the University of North Colorado.


For an individual looking to train with the best coaches, this instructional wrestling camp is for you to prepare and harness your skills in wrestling.


Whether you’re a growing athlete, an aspiring wrestler, or someone new who’s taken an interest in the sport, you’ll agree that wrestling camps are a great place to hone your inner talent, acquire skills or learn from scratch and become just the kind of wrestler you want to be.

These wrestling camps on the list are a great place to choose from, depending on your varying choices and circumstances. However, with the range of high-quality wrestling camps on this list, you’re bound to pick a good one.

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