World Bank Summer Internship Programme 2023/2024 for Nigerian Graduates

World Bank Summer Internship Programme 2023/2024 for Nigerian Graduates

Are you a Nigerian that has been dreaming to work with a globally recognized International organization? then make good use of this opportunity by applying for the World Bank Summer Internship Programme 2023. Which is normally coordinated for Graduates.

Nigerians should also know that participating in this World Bank Internship for 2023/2024, will improve their skills, and technical knowledge and above all, serve as a boost to their CVs.

In other words, anyone who wants to Apply for this World Bank training, should scroll down and go through this page very well in order to see the requirements. And how to get an Internship position at the World Bank Group.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements for World Bank Summer Internship Programme 2023/2024

  • Most importantly, Applicants must have obtained an undergraduate degree before applying for this World Bank Internship 2023/2024.
  • Secondly, Applicants should be pursuing a graduate programme which could be either Master’s or PhD.
  • Thirdly, the World bank internship recruitment team is looking forward to getting applications. From people in various parts of the world.
  • Applicants who know how to use the computer will stand a better chance of getting this job.
  • Only graduates who are very good at the English language are expected to apply and learn the World bank internship application tips.
  • Lastly, those that can speak either  French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese or Chinese will be at an advantage
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World Bank Internship Salary

  • Every Intern at World Bank is normally paid hourly (the salary depends on the number of hours an Intern works)
  • The Bank also foots the transportation bills of Interns, while the Interns are the ones that pay for their accommodation.
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This World Bank Summer Internship 2023/2024 is open for many Persons to apply

The Bank has provided all the relevant information you need in order to successfully apply for this training and also participate very well. In addition, the application link that the Moden News team added below will lead you to a World Bank webpage. That contains things like the list of departments that Applicants are expected to have Graduated from and the schedule of this 2023 – 2024 Internship programme.

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