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Why You Should Work In Lagos Than Abuja

Why You Should Work In Lagos Than Abuja

If you are looking to know if it is better to work in Lagos than in Abuja, then this post would help. For a long time, there has been a debate between Abuja vs. Lagos, which is a better city to work has been ongoing. In this post, I will list 5 good reasons why I believe is it better to work in Lagos than Abuja, especially for young graduates who are starting off their careers.

No doubt, most cities have so many things in common, which makes it quite difficult in making a choice. However, there are certain unique truths that can’t be uncovered if you haven’t stayed in any of the locations.

I will show you the 5 Reasons why you should work in Lagos than Abuja

1.) Cost of Living

If you want a reason why you should work in Lagos than Abuja, then you should consider the cost of living in the two cities. The average cost of living in Abuja is two times higher than that of Lagos. In Lagos, you can find houses that can fit your budget perfectly.

Depending on the location you find yourself in, you can spend according to your budget. When it comes to living in Abuja, the average cost of living is almost on the high side irrespective of the location.

2.) Job Opportunities

Unless you are thinking of becoming a politician, then you should consider starting up your career in Lagos. Your chances of switching jobs in Lagos are higher than that in Abuja. The majority of the job openings in Nigeria are seen in Lagos, as compared to Abuja.

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Most of the job openings in Abuja are either government jobs or private companies that can’t pay you a reasonable amount of salary to foot your cost of living in the city.

3.) Mode of Transportation

If you don’t have a car in Abuja, then you’d probably have a hard time moving from one part of the city to another. But when it comes to transport networks and payments, Lagos is absolutely the best.

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When it comes to deciding whether you should work in Lagos than Abuja, then this should be a great determinant. Your safety might not be guaranteed in Lagos when it comes to the use of public transportation, but it is relatively cheaper and very efficient – especially when you have mastered it.

4.) Fun Activities/Nightlife

After a stressful day/week, if you are looking for the perfect city to enable you to wind down, then Lagos is the perfect catch.

Nightlife and other activities are almost not in existence in Abuja, which makes the social life in the city boring. Lagos offers several activities that can make you quickly erase all the stress of the week and day.

5.) Money-Making Opportunities

In Lagos, there are several money-making opportunities. Your chances of making money when you work in Lagos are higher than that of Abuja. When you work in Lagos, you can have other side hustles that can fetch you money easily. You can easily combine several jobs to be able to pay several bills. This is because of the availability of job openings in Nigeria.

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When it comes to a decision to work in Lagos or Abuja, these points should be able to help you make a choice.

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