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Why You Should Utilize Your Workplace Talents

Why You Should Utilize Your Workplace Talents

When people hear the word ‘talent’ the first thing that goes into their mind is music, comedy, and dance. But talent goes way beyond the aforementioned. Talents are unmerited gifts that the creator has deposited in every one of us at creation. When I said everyone, I meant everyone.

Which is to say that everyone has one talent or another. In the course of my writing, I’ve received tons of emails from people who think they don’t have any talent. Do you know why? Because they have been looking at it from the creative talent aspect. Talent is way different from purpose. While purpose is the reason why you were created, talents are the weapons that you can use to achieve your purpose here on Earth.

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Since this article is about the workplace then, let’s talk about the workplace. But first, workplace talents are those talents in you and me that we can apply in our workplace that have great benefits. Due to the increase in the rate of unemployment and poverty around the world, the workplace is becoming increasingly competitive and insecure because no matter how skilled you think you are or how qualified you are there is someone who is praying or pressing the right buttons for you to be sacked.

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Companies are now very bold in decisions making because to them if you’re no longer interested, someone else will be happy to take your place even at half your salary. Thus the need not depend only on your skills and experience but also learn how to maximize your workplace talents and also how to play workplace politics.

Today, I will be sharing with you just six out of the many benefits that you and I can benefit from when we discover and maximize our workplace talents.

You Become More Productive

If working with your skills has made you productive imagine how productive you will be when you complement your work with both your skills and talents. Your skills are not the only weapon you have to defeat failure, you’ve got talents too.

For example, if you have a talent for perfectionism, add it to whatever job you are involved in and watch your rating grow.

You Outshine Others

Anyone who has succeeded in discovering and fully developing one or two of his or her talent has the ability to become a star. Apart from talents, skills can also make you a star but you and I know that there are stars and there are STARS.

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Some stars outshine others. Every talented person is unpredictable. Discovering and maximizing your workplace talents will give you an edge over others. It will make people ask “how does he/she do the things he/she does?”

You Achieve Things With Ease

Imagine working as a marketer either in the bank or in any other organization and also have the talent for convincing (sweet mouth) how easier your job will be. There’s a particular grace that backs up well-developed talents.

People don’t use talents, talents use people. What this means is that when you open up for your talents to use, your job will become easier and better.

You Attract Authorities

Your skills can take you far but your talents will take you farther. No matter how hard people try to stop your rising, they can’t stop a well-developed workplace talent. Every business owner always looks for people who can help their businesses grow.

The truth is, when you attract favor from the highest authority in your workplace, they will have no other choice but to pamper you.

You Become Indispensable

No company wants to lose talented staff. When they notice your gifts, they will do everything just to keep you.

I have seen people whose companies begged to stay because they couldn’t afford to let them join a competitor.

You Grow Faster

Talented staffs always break protocols. My dad once broke protocols in his work by getting promoted when he wasn’t ripe for one simply because he engaged the use of his ‘intelligence’ talent at his workplace.

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So many people have gotten double promotions because their bosses just needed them at the top. A young man once became the manager of a multinational company in Nigeria barely six months after joining the company. He beat others who had been there for many years.

Please note that a well-developed talent is not enough to take you to the top at your workplace, you also need to learn how to manipulate your way as well as how to play workplace politics.

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By Johnspeak Uwangue (Motivator, HR Consultant, Talent Manager, and Coach)

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