Uti School Review: All You Should Know About the Universal Technical Institute

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is the place to be if you’re passionate about attending a school with a lot of technical experience. Universal Technical Institute is a post-secondary education provider for students interested in working as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, or marine technicians. There are nine UTI school locations across the United States, the company offers bachelor’s, diploma, and certificate programs. 

It also offers manufacturer-specific training programs (MSAT) in 18 special training centers, which sponsor the manufacturer or dealer sponsors. In this article, we’ll go over the Universal Technical Institute (UTI) as a major school with the ability to provide you with hands-on training.

About UTI

Universal Technical Institute, Inc. (NYSE: UTI) is the nation’s leading provider of technical training for automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, and marine technicians, with more than 220,000 graduates in its 54-year history. It also offers welding technology and CNC-editing programs (Computer Numerical Control). The company has formed partnerships with industry leaders, invests in cutting-edge technology in its state-of-the-art facilities, and provides training tailored to the needs of employers.

UTI offers post-secondary programs under several well-known brands, including the Universal Technical Institute (UTI), the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, the Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI), and the NASCAR Technical Institute, through its nationwide network of 13 locations (NASCAR Tech). Since its founding, the school has grown from 11 students and a single building on a single campus to more than 80,000 graduates in the automotive, diesel, collision, motorcycle, and shipping industries, with nine UTI school locations across the country.

UTI has grown tremendously over the years while maintaining its high educational standards. The Universal Technical Institute, Inc. offers special technical education programs under the banner of several well-known brands, including the Universal Technical Institute (UTI), the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI), and the Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI), as well as NASCAR Technical Institutes, through its campus-based school system (NTI).

Is UTI a Recognized Institution?

The Accreditation Commission for Vocational Schools and Technical Universities accredits each UTI school (ACCSCT). According to the US Department of Education, the Accreditation Commission for Vocational and Technical Colleges is a nationally recognized accreditation agency. Audi of America, Inc., BMW from North America, DuPont, Ford Motor Company, I-CAR, the International Truck and Engine Corporation, Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc., NASCAR, NATEF, Porsche Cars from North America, Inc., Snap-On, Toyota / Lexus, Volkswagen from America, Inc., and Volvo Cars from North America, Inc. are among the companies that support and equip UTI.

Around 30 OEM manufacturers, including Ford, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Cummins, and Harley-Davidson, have direct relationships with UTI. Are you looking for a college that offers a lot of technical training? 

Is UTI a Good University?

UTI is one of the top schools for students interested in pursuing careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, marine, CNC machining, and welding technicians. UTI has graduated over 200,000 students throughout its 50-year history. Universal Technical Institute’s reputation is unquestionably built on the quality of our training and instructors and their industry relationships, and the career success of UTI graduates. UTI teaches what the industry says is most important. 

You can finish an entry-level technician program in about a year, add manufacturer training, and graduate in 18 months. The ASE Education Foundation, a division of the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, has accredited its auto, diesel, and collision repair training programs (ASE). Graduates are well prepared to take ASE exams and can use our training to replace one of the two years of work experience required for ASE certification.

What Courses Are Available at UTI?

1. Vehicle Technology 

A 51-week vehicle technology and manufacturer-specific advanced training (MSAT) program from BMW North America, the International Truck and Engine Corporation, Porsche Cars North America, Inc., Nissan USA, and Volvo Cars of North America, Inc. 

2. Diesel/Industrial Technology

Students learn to service Class 3-8 diesel trucks, including air brakes, fuel systems, drivetrains, and advanced diagnostic systems, in this 45-week course. Transport cooling and hydraulic applications are among the topics covered in the course. 

3. Collision Repair and Refinish Technology 

A 51-week course based on the industry standard “I-CAR Enhanced Delivery” leads to ASE / NATEF Master certification in five common body repair areas. Freightliner, International, Detroit Diesel, Cummins, and Caterpillar are among the companies that UTI works with. 

Is UTI a Trade School?

UTI is not an automotive college or a school for auto mechanics. It is a competency-based trade school that offers a variety of transportation technician training programs, including B. an automotive apprenticeship, which can be completed in as little as a year. The courses are geared toward automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, ship industries, welding, and CNC machining. The practical experience in these programs is geared toward preparing students for Technician 1 so that they can learn about products from leading manufacturers in these fields.

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The following states in the United States are where UTI conducts its research. Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Texas are among the states with the largest populations. There are nine UTI school locations across the United States, the company offers bachelor’s, diploma, and certificate programs. It also offers manufacturer-specific training programs (MSAT) in 18 special training centers, which the manufacturer or dealer sponsors.

The following brands, which specialize in various areas of production and maintenance, are used by the company:

1. NASCAR Technical Institute (NTI)

Mooresville, North Carolina, is home to the NASCAR Technical Institute, which is located in the heart of the Rennland. Engine construction, electrical, fuel, lubrication systems, body and chassis manufacture, and racing theory are among the topics covered at the school. Students learn about NASCAR’s history and rules and a pit crew training program.

2. Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI)

The school specializes in manufacturer-specific training for Volvo Penta, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki outboard engines, Mercury Marine, and other large ship manufacturers.

3. Marine Mechanics Institute (MMI)

The school offers coursework for manufacturer-specific vocational training for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Yamaha, BMW, and Harley-Davidson. MMI is an excellent school for someone who is practical. They offer every conceivable motorcycle-related course. The instructors are very approachable and ensure that class time is enjoyable and educational without deviating from the main purpose of your visit.

What Prerequisites Must I Meet To Attend Universal Technical Institute?

After you’ve decided to enroll in one of the UTI school locations, you’ll need to meet some admission requirements to be considered for admission to our business school. Review the following requirements and speak with a representative from the approval department if you have any questions.

1. Age Requirement

A potential student must be at least 16 years old to be accepted. Please keep in mind that all students under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the enrolment agreement.

2. Admission Requirement

Before the start of the class, the school determines with reasonable certainty that the applicant possesses the necessary qualifications to complete the training. Before the class begins, the applicant’s enrolment agreement and any other relevant information will be reviewed. After accepting a matriculation contract, all students are admitted to the UTI subject to a reservation. The conditional status will be maintained until the student’s documentation has been determined to be acceptable.

Allowing a reasonable lead time (ideally at least 30 days) for both the assessment of submitted documents and the notification of a planned school move is strongly recommended.

3. Entry Requirements

Students must submit the following documents to meet the school’s entry requirements before beginning or re-enrolling, and UTI must accept one of them:

  • State-recognized high school diploma based on state standards (documented with a copy of the diploma, a high school diploma, or DD form 214 showing proof of graduation). Diplomas and certificates are assessed as soon as they arrive. UTI examines diplomas for validity and reserves the right to refuse to accept any that are deemed invalid. 

To meet the admission requirements, Tennessee-based students attending MMI-Orlando or UTI-Houston, as well as all NASCAR Tech students, must submit copies of their official high school credentials, not copies of their high school diplomas; or

  • GED or state-recognized equivalent exam issued by the state. To meet the eligibility requirements, students residing in Tennessee who are enrolled in MMI-Orlando or UTI-Houston and all NASCAR Tech students must submit copies of their official GED certificates, not copies of copies of their certifications.
  • Proof that you completed a post-IV program before July 1, 2012, in accordance with the Ability to Benefit (ATB) program (documented with a copy of the official ATB test results and transcript)
  • Successful completion of a post-secondary course (associate degree and evidenced by the submission of an official college certificate);
  • Successful completion of a state-approved homeschooling program. Government requirements determine the documentation for homeschooling that UTI requires for review.
  • A copy of the credential is required if school attendance was completed in a state that offers secondary school diplomas. If the state does not have such requirements, additional documents must be submitted for review, including a certificate listing all courses, grades, and completion dates, as well as a notarized declaration.
  • The registrar or a representative from the campus will review the home school documents and notify the applicant if more information is needed.

4. International Student Requirements

Foreign educational documents from outside the United States or its territories that cannot be immediately verified as valid proof of high school graduation by a university official must be sent to an external assessment agency for evaluation at the expense of the potential student. Applicants for the Cummins Engines and Cummins Power Generation programs must meet all of the following requirements in addition to the general admission requirements listed above:

  • You must be a UTI or NASCAR Tech graduate or a NASCAR Tech student in his current UTI or NASCAR Tech program with no more than ten courses.
  • possess a current vehicle record (MVR);
  • have no current MVR beliefs about driving while inebriated or under the influence of drugs; and
  • Meet with the Advanced Training Manager for a personal interview. (Applicants at Cummins Engines and Cummins Power Generation meet with a student development advisor on campus instead.) Only applicants who meet requirements 1 through 3 are eligible for an interview.
  • Admission to the program is not guaranteed if all admission requirements are met. If qualified applicants outnumber the number of available spots, the institution chooses the best candidates based on their GPA, attendance, and interview responses.

5. Non-matriculating Students’ Requirements

A GED or state-approved equivalent exam is not required for students who do not enroll in a full, approved program. If a student later decides to enroll in a full program, they must meet all of the above admission requirements. Germany is a good option if you want to attend a technical school outside of the United States. 

UTI School Costs

The UTI school costs for the 2021 academic year were $46,250. The automobile/Automotive Mechanics Technology/Technician program is the most popular Universal Technical Institute Pennsylvania program.

What Happens After I Complete My Studies at UTI?

Every campus has local employment specialists who can assist you in finding a local job that will help you cover your living expenses while not interfering with your studies. We have a team of experts who work with national dealers, dealers, and other employers of all sizes across the country to find potential job opportunities for graduates. Although employment cannot be guaranteed, we will do everything to help you. 

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As a result, four out of every five UTI graduates find work in their field of study within a year of graduation. Ten years after graduation, the average income is $50,600.

What is it like to be a UTI instructor?

Instructors at UTI bring real-world experience to the commercial schools’ classrooms and laboratories. They are pleased to go above and beyond. They also assist students in preparing for careers in the automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, shipping, CNC machining, and welding industries. The Universal Technical Institute’s average salary ranges from approximately $39,691 per year for an employment specialist to $76,419 per year for a registrar. 

The average hourly wage at Universal Technical Institute ranges from $15.42 for the receptionist to $27.62 for the instructor.

UTI School Reviews

To help build a standard curriculum, UTI has relationships with leading manufacturers, aftermarket parts companies, performance shops, and students. Universal Technical Institute’s students have this to say about it. Universal Technical Institute, in my opinion, is a very welcoming school. This is because admissions representatives sit down with you and talk about your interests, giving you an idea of what the courses will be like and what benefits you will receive while you are enrolled.

“My time here has been fantastic so far, and I planned to return on July 20, 2020. I’ve already spent three weeks here as part of a summer ignite program that allows me to finish a class without repeating it. I also passed the class. This university is incredible and will truly prepare me for the rest of my life, but I need this scholarship to help defray the UTI school costs.” – Niche.com

“Universal Technical Institute has a wide range of career opportunities. They assist you in obtaining the education you require and securing a job once you have completed your certification requirements. UTI is something I would strongly recommend.” – Freshman

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“I’ve only recently begun my studies. The professors are pleasant, direct, and enthusiastic about their work. The only thing I’d like to see changed is a more user-friendly navigation system. I was slightly perplexed as I walked through the halls. It would be fantastic if there were better maps on the walls to help people navigate the facility.” – Freshman.

Is Universal Technical Institute (UTI) a Good Investment?

You must graduate from a reputable school for your career path. UTI is a leading provider of professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, marine, CNC machining, and welding technician training programs. More than 200,000 students have graduated from this institution since it opened its doors. They’ve built a reputation for providing high-quality training and instructors, and their key industry connections ensure that graduates have successful careers.

These connections with leading manufacturers, aftermarket parts companies, and performance shops help to shape UTI’s curriculum and ensure that they stay on top of the latest trends. Companies that partner with UTI do so for a reason: they trust UTI to train their technicians. Because of the manufacturers’ and aftermarket relationships, you’ll be able to learn the most up-to-date techniques in labs with similar technology and equipment to those used in the field. 

All of UTI’s instructors have worked as technicians in the field for many years. Furthermore, they genuinely care about your success.

What Happens After UTI Graduation?

On each of its campuses, UTI has local employment specialists. Because they work with national dealers, dealers, and other employers of all sizes across the country to identify potential jobs for graduates, these specialists can assist you in finding a local job. In this regard, four out of five UTI graduates find full-time jobs within one year of graduation, earning an average of $50,600.

Is It Possible for Me to Teach at UTI?

Yes, if you meet the requirements. Instructors at UTI bring real-world experience to the classroom and laboratory. They help their students prepare for careers in the automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle, shipping, CNC machining, and welding fields. At UTI, employment specialist instructors make around $39,691 per year, while the registrar makes around $76,419 per year. A receptionist earns about $15.42 per hour.

Contact Information for UTIs

Universal Technical Institute

3030 W Deer Valley Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027, United States.

Click on the link www.uti.edu to learn more about Universal Technical Institute.


Consider applying to Universal Technical Institute if you want to study at a school that provides you with high-quality, hands-on training, experienced instructors, cutting-edge technological facilities, and a strong portfolio to help you find work after graduation. Now is the time to take advantage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does UTI school cost?

UTI school costs for 2021 were $46,250.

Is Universal Technical Institute a for-profit organization?

(UTI) is a private for-profit technical college system that operates across the United States.

Is UTI a scholarship-granting institution?

Yes, At UTI PA, 59 percent of enrolled undergraduate students receive grants or scholarships, with the average aid amount being $4,557.

Is Universal Technical Institute a for-profit organization?

The Universal Technical Institute is a for-profit private technical college system that operates across the United States.

What is the student-to-faculty ratio at UTI?

The school has a total of 1,086 students and a student-to-faculty ratio of 37 to 1. (2.70%).

Which companies does UTI have a partnership with?

Many of the world’s leading automotive companies have backed UTI and provided equipment. The following items are included in the list:

  • I-CAR
  • DuPont
  • Snap-On
  • Cummins
  • Toyota / Lexus
  • Harley-Davidson
  • Audi of America, Inc.
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc
  • BMW from North America
  • Volkswagen from America, Inc. 
  • Volvo Cars from North America, Inc.
  • Porsche Cars from North America, Inc.
  • International Truck and Engine Corporation

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