Scholarships for Developing Countries (PhD, Masters and Undergraduate)

Scholarships for Developing Countries (PhD, Masters, and Undergraduate)

Undergraduate Scholarships for Developing Countries | PhD. Scholarships for Developing Countries 2024/2025

As a student, sometimes funding for education can sometimes take a slope as a result of some unforeseen circumstances. That is why most students’ dream is to access as many Scholarship funds as possible so that they can be assured of financial security for the duration of their school year.

Today we shall be looking at some Scholarship opportunities open for developing countries and how to access them. We believe these fully-funded Scholarships for developing countries will interest those looking for Commonwealth Scholarships 2024/2025, Masters Scholarships for developing countries, New Zealand fully funded Scholarships, or how to obtain the United Nations Scholarship Application form.

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List of Available Scholarships for Developing Countries Plus Why You Should Apply

Scholarship: L’Oréal-UNESCO Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talents Programme 2024

Eligibility / Requirements for this UNESCO Scholarship

  • This PhD. Scholarship for developing countries is for women scholars in the science and research field.
  • The United Nations Scholarship Application form for this UNESCO Scholarship can only be accessed by eligible citizens of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The organization will accept Scholarship Applications from candidates not older than 40 years of age for P.h.D. and 45 years for Post-Doctoral.
  • You must show proof of outstanding academic accomplishment before you can be considered for this Scholarship.
  • Successful Applicants will receive over $10,00 for both P.h.D. and Post-doctoral Applications.

Scholarship: New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships (Masters and PhD.) 2024/2025

Requirements for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships (Masters and PhD.) 2024/2025

  • New Zealand fully funded Scholarships for developing countries. Is among the few Masters and PhD. Scholarships for Developing Countries 2024 – 2025 in Europe that are open to Africans.
  • It is a Commonwealth Scholarship 2024 – 2025. Therefore only citizens of Commonwealth member Nations are eligible to apply.
  • Ensure you have all the immigration requirements that can gain you access to New Zealand if you eventually get this Scholarship.
  • Tuition, Student up-keep, medicals, e.t.c would be covered by the Scholarship we advise those wishing to further their Masters and Ph.D studies to apply.

Scholarship: New Zealand Development Scholarships 2024 – 2025

Requirements for New Zealand Development Scholarships 2024/2025

  • With the increasing influx of interest, officials disclosed that preference. Would be given to those that intend to study courses in the field of Agricultural Development and Renewable energy sciences.
  • It is among the Undergraduate Scholarships for Developing Countries because Candidates wishing to pursue undergraduate courses are also welcome to apply.
  • Similar to the World Bank Scholarship for developing countries, if you are not a citizen of the qualified developing countries your Application will not be accepted.
  • As Undergraduate Scholarships for Developing Countries, Candidates must not be less than 18 years of age.
  • You must be academically sound especially those for the Masters and P.h.D. Application.

Scholarships: IFCN Education & Research Scholarships 2024 for Young Clinical Neurophysiologists (Canada)

Eligibility for this Scholarship Program in Canada

  • The Scholarship as it was disclosed to us has both the Undergraduate and Research categories.
  • This Scholarship in Canada is meant strictly for students from third-world and developing countries.
  • The Scholarship is worth over $25000 which will cover both tuition and welfare throughout the duration of the course.
  • It is also important for Interested Persons to note that the call to apply is only open to neurophysiology students.

How to Apply for Developing Countries Scholarships

  1. Apply via the Scholarship Portal

    Above all, interested Persons who have read the requirements and wish to apply. Should proceed to the Application portals below and apply for their choice of Scholarships.

    IFCN Education & Research Scholarships 2024/2025 for Young Clinical Neurophysiologists (Canada) – Apply HERE
    New Zealand Development Scholarships 2024/2025 – Apply HERE
    New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships (Masters and PhD) 2024/2025 – Apply HERE
    L’Oréal-UNESCO Sub-Saharan Africa Young Talents Programme 2024/2025 – Apply HERE

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