Top 4 Things You Should Avoid In order To Get A Job

Are you in search of a new position? Or perhaps your first job ever? There are certain steps to keep in mind while applying to jobs to make you stand out from others with similar education or professional experience.

In the last decade, an explosion in technology has had a profound impact on the economy, with the greatest growth and increase of the internet since the end of the 1990s. In addition, the Covid-19 epidemic has altered the way we perceive “work.” In the US the rate of unemployment was 14.8 percent in the month of April of 2020. While that percentage has decreased by 4 percentage points in the month of January remote work has increased by 15.4 percent, signaling that the changes have occurred to our homes, concepts of environment and space as well as relationships and overall health

With a booming economy, employment growth is continuing to increase. This is a great moment to begin applying for jobs and develop the necessary skills for your career of choice. This article gives effective suggestions and top practices to land an interview.

Top 4 Things You Should Avoid In order To Get A Job

Hey graduate, you are wondering why you are yet to get a job in Nigeria so far right? This topic is going to address it, and also give you possible solutions to your issues. I currently operate 2 jobs simultaneously and believe me that content writing is making it the third.

I will tell you a brief story: 3 years back I finished service and I wandered through the streets of Ibadan looking helpless. What else could I do to get a job right now? I would always ask myself. I decided to go teach in the secondary school where I taught part-time, and they willingly accepted me – after all I would be paid 17k for a month.

In addition, I financed my housing already with a little help from my parents, so I was safe for the next year. I continued teaching and being a good teacher to my students, we were even owed despite the small amount of cash paid to us.

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“Something has to change” I screamed one night. Whatever changed was the beginning of my good stories. “What should I learn that would make the whole difference in my life?” I asked myself.

I knew I was a good talker, so I decided to become a sales consultant despite my Engineering background. The first thing I did was attend professional sales training, and I was awarded a certificate after the training – which I added to my CV almost immediately.

A few months down that line, I applied for a job in Lagos and I was employed with a salary above 50k – I knew nobody.

It was an IT firm and so I kept working hard. Along the line, I discovered that our IT guys were paid 2x the amount paid to us. Whatever the reason for that, I wanted to earn high too…I picked up an IT skill and learned it in and out.

And this was where it started. According to whoever has higher pay, I now move from job to job – No loyalty to anyone!

What happened?

I won’t tell you, but I will show you the Top 4 Things You Should Avoid in In-order To Get A Job

No Connection

As a Sales Consultant, I have learned that you might have friends, but none of them will buy your product. The reason is that you haven’t given them a good reason to buy.

You may know several influential people, but they won’t give you a job because you haven’t asked and told them why you need a job. People closer to me once a vacancy that I have influence over pops up, I fix them there – qualified or not.

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If you are at home waiting for a miracle to fall from heaven, you might be dreaming. You better pick up your phone and make those calls to influential people you know or people you know. Any one of them is good for you.

You Have No Value to Offer

Funny when I see people who are hoping that skills like

  • Working under pressure
  • Ability to work as a team
  • Analytical and Numerical skills, etc would give them a job. It rarely gives jobs and might never just be enough to land you a well-paying job.

You have to have something of value to bring to the table. Examples of such could include;

  • Propelling brand visibility, corporate growth strategies, and high-level marketing initiatives to stimulate revenue growth and outperform defined objectives for Online Wisdom Limited
  • Advanced use of excel sheet to create and tabulate data…

Research has shown that a skill like learning Advanced Excel covers virtually everyone with a degree. Advanced Excel is one skill that companies are looking out for in the CVs of candidates, not you being able to work as a team or under supervision (You can check out more about advanced excel here and its training schedule).

You have no definite Goal

If you ask a majority of graduates what career they want to build, they would end up giving you 4 options. Why should you be confused at this stage of your life? Don’t you intend to get a job? This post should help you achieve your goals.

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You can have various skills, but not knowing a career path shouldn’t be found in your life at all. You should have a goal of what you intend to achieve, the career you wish to undertake, and the necessary things you need to do to equip yourself with the skills needed.

That is the reason lawyers attend law school after 6 years in the university – they specialize. If your course doesn’t have professional courses like ACCA, ICAN, pick up a skill that is relevant to your career and learn it!


Never Learning

Two years after graduating from school without a job, your CV still looks just like after you left school. You believe that you don’t need to learn anything else aside from what you have been taught at school. I hope you really need to get a job.

Do you know that companies spend millions training their staff every year – despite they have the job already? I wonder what happens to you without a job, how do you intend to get a job?

2 out of 10 people might disprove the above ideas, but is 2 in 10 a majority?

Stand up, Dust yourself, and work on yourself.

I will leave you with this quote: “I work on myself all the time; even if I don’t get paid, but this is the best job that gives me the best job.”

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