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Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Have A Job Yet And What You Can Do About It

Top 10 Reasons You Don’t Have A Job Yet And What You Can Do About It

Do you know that 11.5million Nigerians are unemployed and the government is to be blamed?

Raise up your hands if you believe this.

If you just raised up your hand, I will advise you to simply print this article and make it your companion.

This is because you are just been told the worst lie in history. The government is not to be blamed for your lack of a job. Your parent is not to be blamed even though I will blame them for a different reason.

You are simply the reason to be blamed for your lack of a job.

In this article, you will learn the top reasons why you don’t have a job yet and what you should start doing about it right now.

Let me tell you a story.

In the past, I used to think that getting a job was the hardest thing in this life but after a few years in this world by carefully avoiding the things in this article, I have been able to get the kind of job I want.

Now let’s look at the top reasons why you don’t have a job yet.

1. Yourself

Okay. This is my first reason why you don’t have your job.

Your entire life suck. Secondly, You don’t know precisely what you want. You see, unless you can identify the type of job you want, you will be confused.

Another way you suck is you see a job as a way out. Getting a job won’t make you happy. What will make you happy is getting is building a career? So instead of trying to get a job, you simply start blaming everyone and everything around you.

You suddenly realize that the cost of a dollar has gone up. Do you know that despite all the hullabaloo, people still get jobs every day?

So get out of your self-pity and identify the kind of job you want. Dust your CV. Package yourself and simply start your job search again.

2. You don’t have the necessary skills

How many people want a job at Chevron?

I bet you do but do you know what department you want to work in. I’m not sure everyone has an answer to that.

Most of us want jobs we don’t have the necessary skills for.

For example, if you want to build a career in digital marketing, do you have analytic skills? Are you familiar with SEO, Social media marketing, etc? For you to have the job you want, you need to know the skills required and build proficiency in your desired job requirements.

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One way to do that is to ask people in the industry what qualifications they had. When I was looking for job years back, I look at the skills people in the industry have and I started learning them.

As a growth hacker, when I was learning to get a job on growth hacking, I also started looking at what skills people in the industry have and slowly started building skills in it.

So ask yourself these questions.

What are you passionate about?
What skills do you need to have in order to be successful in that career?
Now go build those skills.

3. You looking for Jobs of the past

I’m sorry to disappoint you but all those jobs you are looking to build a career in are disappearing gradually.

Today, Freshbooks is taking away the role of accountants for small businesses and lots more. Jobs are disappearing fast. Machines are taking away jobs at factories and in many companies and if you think you are immune, even automated recharge card buying is taking away jobs from recharge card sellers.

Do you know that the job skills employers are recruiting for in the past 3 years did not exist 10 years ago? You can check LinkedIn 2016 and 2017 surveys.

If you want to know the jobs you should be seeking to build a career in, then signup at and we will send you a free checklist.

4. Your LinkedIn profile sucks

Of course, employers recruit every single day but they don’t do it the traditional way again.

Today recruiters are using social media platforms like LinkedIn to recruit talents but you are still depending on job boards. Job boards like ours are replacing newspaper advertisements so if you are still going to the newspaper stands every morning, you wasting your time.

Go set up a professional LinkedIn profile and start getting active on it.

5. Your CV is dead on arrival

Do you have a CV?

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I bet you do but I think the right question should be “Will your cv pass the 6seconds rule”

I remember when being interviewed for a job. Now I was simply lucky to be called for the job interview.

During my discussion with HR, she said she didn’t even want to call me because my CV did not reflect m experience.

This doesn’t mean you put the number of years you have worked on your CV. What if you don’t have any experience and you are not fresher?

Rather what you need is to have a CV that can get your feet through the door into the interview room. Once there, you can now show them the stuff you made up of.

6. Your interview skills are old

If you have attended some interviews and you have not been made an offer, then two things are wrong.

You either are

Applying for the wrong jobs
You messed up at the interview.
There is a level of skills required to pass a job interview. I won’t go into many details here. You can’t begin by reading these interview don’ts.

7. You don’t network

Do you know that 60% of jobs are not advertised? This is because they are filled internally. According to one source, I can’t quite remember who said it first, your life is worth 5times the number of people who are in your current network in the next five years.

So who is on your contact list?

Did you keep in touch with your friend with who you served together? Did you remember to say thank you to that boss you worked with last? Is your mentor?

Luckily today’s means of networking are getting better. Do you know that my first interview at a growth startup was through a friend? Of course, I did not get the job but you can begin to understand if I did not keep in touch with the guy. And mind you, we met on LinkedIn.

So instead of spending time on Facebook, Snapchat, etc, get serious with your LinkedIn profile.

8. You believe more in luck than getting your hands dirty

There is a place for God, there is a place for luck but seriously both God and luck will only happen if you take your career seriously. This means you might learn to improve yourself. You must get out there and go search for the job.

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If you want to climb leadership in your career, you must improve your skills. Instead of complaining about who got a promotion, a layoff, or spending all your life fasting, you must be winning to improve yourself.

Look for one skill that is crucial to your job or that is central to the need of your company. Now become an expert in it.

9. You want to start at the top

I’ve met people who want to start as the MD of the company where they want to work. This is possible. I strongly believe that if you can dream it, you can become it but except your father is the owner of the company, you may have to start from the most available position.

If the MD position is vacant and you can get it, go for it but if not and you know you need the job, nothing stops you from starting as a HOD, then by proving yourself, you can work yourself gradually up the ladder.

Want to get a job in customer service? Look for a company and become a customer service intern first and take it up from there.

I have met people who today are HR professionals but they started as an intern in the company they were working for.

10. You don’t have people skill

Finally, you need to have people skills. You need to learn how to get along with people and get what you want. Like Brain Tracy would say “life is a negotiation”. You need to develop your interpersonal skill. These include learning the art of communication and the first basic rule for any meaningful communication is to learn to listen first.

Learn to communicate well, learn to lend a hand to people, learn how to get along with everyone even that gateman or cleaner you meet every day on the road or at your place of work.

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