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Top 10 Reasons Your Boss Wants You Out Of The Job

Top 10 Reasons Your Boss Wants You Out Of The Job

If you are an employee that has been wondering if your Boss really likes you or if he or she wants to relieve you of your duties. Then not to worry, simply go through these ten valid reasons, so you can be sure of what you feel.

Here are ten signs your manager is planning to replace you:

1. Out of nowhere, your boss assigns you to cross-train another employee on your duties. That’s a sign they don’t want you around anymore!

2. Your manager used to include you in planning sessions and share their ideas for the future with you — then one day, the brainstorming stops and you don’t know why.

3. Your boss stops inviting you to meetings you always attended. It’s an obvious slight — so obvious that other people ask you “What did you do to get on the boss’s bad side?”

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4. Little by little your manager starts pulling your most interesting and high-profile projects away from you and reassigning them to other people.

5. You had a plan for the new year already approved, but now it’s like that plan never existed. Your boss pretends they have no idea what you’ll be working on next year.

6. You used to deal with high-value clients and work closely with your manager. Now your boss is freezing you out and will only communicate with you via email, or via an intermediary.

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7. You can’t get in to see your manager. They won’t meet with you.

8. Your email messages to your boss go unanswered for weeks. When you stop your manager in the hall and ask them something they say “I’m too busy for that. Get on my calendar” — but your meetings always get canceled.

9. Your co-workers keep stopping by your desk with confused looks on their faces to say “The boss asked me to set up a time when you can show me how you prepare the month-end package. Can we set up a time?” They don’t know why the boss gave them that assignment, but your gut knows why!

10. Your trusty instinct is telling you “My boss wants me out of here.” Above all, listen to your gut — it will never steer you wrong.

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Do the best you can to get severance pay or a letter of recommendation (for ‘proper’ companies). For most Nigerian companies, that might not be possible so, start dusting your network.

Better still, ALWAYS have a side hustle. It works as a cushion when some bosses go crazy.

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