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As the leading communication service, provider in South Africa, the Telkom network is the backbone that connects most, South Africans daily.

Both from banking to the broadcasting system we’re the brand that met the connective, needs of South Africans for the past two, decades. And also an SA SOC limited which is a South African wireline and wireless telecommunication provider and also operating in more than 28 countries across the African continent.   

Telkom has been the foundation of South African communication for more than 140, years and has built an unsurpassed, footprint and opportunities for coppers, fibers, and wireless technologies in the country.

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 About Telkom

Telkom is committed to giving its customers seamless connectivity for a Better Life. Also, Telkom offers crystal voice solutions over both fixed and mobile networks which, makes the company truly differentiated as the converged operator in south Africa.

Telkom’s managed data solution is used by most of the large global companies in South Africa. And offers broadband internet access with voice service care to most, residential and business customers in the country.

They also focus to improve the customer’s experience. Hence involving its accord relationship from just a service provider to being an integrated partner to all businesses, homes,s, and wholesale.

Telkom SA is also the incumbent telecom careers in South Africa and has been busy looking for expansion, which the former government monopoly maintains more than four million access lines that provide local access, and data network service for residential and commercial customers.

Benefits of working with Telkom Company

Below are equally the outlined benefits one can stand to gain while working with, Telkom company in South Africa.

  • Telkom provides insurance, health, and wellness
  • They offer a motivating and exclusive work please that recognizes, develops, and retains talents with the promotion of one‘s well-being.
  • They offer fallibility and more vacation time to their employees.
  • They offer mental health benefits to their workers.
  • They offer a productive and comfortable place to work, depending on the business unit.
  • They offer a productive and fun place for working out.
  • Offer excellent working and good experience for 12 years.
  • They offer compensation insurance rates to their workers
  • Your new way’s to connect with clients and customers.
  • They offer better international communication.
  • Reduce misunderstanding and carelessness.
  • They also increase togetherness between collogues.

List Of Available Telkom s Careers In South Africa

Below are available Telkom vacancies in South Africa, Read and understand the description to no the one that will be able to suit you very well.

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Job Title: Technical Officer.

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Technical Officer

They perform acceptance, commissioning, assurance, and preventative maintenance on core and access telecommunications technologies.

They also help in the repair and maintenance of Telkom business equipment voice. And nonvoice to satisfy customers’ needs, both with masks and Tower climbing, etc.

Our customer experience department is looking for talented individuals who can offer their experience in the Telkom company.

Telkom Technical Officer Requirements

  • As a technical offer, you must have a valid driver’s license.
  • You must be sure you don’t have color-blind.
  • No fear of height, examples like towers and masts.
  • You must be hardworking and be able to work after hours, including overtime, and call and stand by.
  • You’re expected to be the type that can function in a stressful environment.

Job Title: Data Engineering

Location: South Africa

Job type: Full time 

About Data Engineering

As an engineer, you’re expected to maintain a data integration solution with the ability to move data into databases and other good locations while tracking data quality,  according to measurements set by the owner.

They also build systems that collect, store, manage, and convert raw data into usable information for the data scientists and the data users to understand and be able to interpret, thereby making it acceptable for the organization to use.

They also work in conjunction with data science teams, thereby improving data transparency and enabling businesses to make more trustworthy business decisions. And can be a stressful job with many tools and techniques to choose from.

Telkom Data Engineer Requirements Are,

  • You must be experienced with pypark and other big data technologies.
  • You should be experienced with task and workflow automation.
  • Make sure you have experience with the Google cloud platform and its product.
  • You must be experienced with models designs around the project release.
  • You should know how to keep track of all the changes and progress you make.
  • Must be experienced with OOP and automated testing in python.
  • You must be anxious about people’s laws and privacy and cooperate with data
  • You must have experience in how to use the relevant tools.

Job Title: Specialist: Consolidations & Group Statutory Reporting

Location: Hybrid. Work Location is Centurion

Job Type: Full Time

About Consolidations & Group Statutory Reporting

This specialist will be responsible for creating and analyzing monthly, interim, and yearly financial statements for the company.

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The person will see to it that International Financial Reporting Standards are followed while reporting the financial results of subsidiaries (IFRS).

The job coordinates with Business Units, Subsidiaries, Internal Auditors, and External Auditors. Experience with SAP and Hyperion is required.


  • 3+ years post-article experience, 2 of which must be in a statutory reporting role.
  • You must know how to prepare merged financial statements.
  • Expertise in IFRS, especially in the application and accounting consolidations, cash flows, acquisitions, disposals, and equity accounting.
  • Hyperion, and SAP experience

Job Title: Senior Manager

Location: South Africa

Job type: Full time

About Telkom Sinor Manager,

Sinor managers highly engage to direct and support data science project delivery thereby providing solutions and solving, business problems using mathematical learning equipment machines.

They also program solutions, using data science programing language and also with the approval of recruitment s in the company.

Requirements Are,

  • Experience in managing software development.
  • You must have experience and understanding of techniques for the project.
  • You must have the ability to build an application within an enterprise environment.
  • Have a solid understanding of software functions.
  • You must be an excellent writer.
  • You must a good communication and verbal skills.
  • A good record of successfully delivering software.

 Job Title: project coordinator

Location: Durban in South Africa

Job type: Full time

About Telkom project coordinator

Project coordinators manage, coordinate and execute all voice and nonvoice projects, programs, and orders end-to-end within the NEB environment.

Requirements Are,

  • You must have experience in using computers for varieties of tasks.
  • Must have the ability to work effectively and independently as part of a team. Before applying for this job, that’s one of the Telkom vacancies in Durban.
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in business or other related fields of study.
  • You’re expected to have at least,  three years of experience. Before applying for this job, that’s one of the Telkom vacancies in Durban.

Job Title: ASM

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Area Sales manager

The area sale is required to work with the office administration team on all admin_ related tasks including completing required reports and also attending customer days and banners group meetings for customers, in their area.

You’re also expected to negotiate sales for customers and visit them to support the store to ensure that, they are performing at the required standard.

You’re also expected to see that stock levels are, maintain and well-monitored. 

Requirements Are

  • You’re expected to have experience with the FMCG industry which is essential.
  • You should have experience with sales and marketing benefits.
  • You’re expected to reside around the area.
  • You’re expected to have connections in the FMCG industry.

Job Title: Customer Service Representative

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Location: South Africa

Job Type: Permanent

About Customer Service Representative

They are responsible for maintaining a good positive and professional attitude towards the customers, thereby responding quickly to the customers regarding the product and websites of their company and seeing that customers’ problem’s complaints are being resolved.

They also take all queries from start and pay attention to details that can enable them to solve strong problem skills and keep records of customers’ comments and interactions.

And coordinating with their colleagues to see that customer satisfaction is being provided. And also to attend a weekly meetings and contribute to departmental meetings.

Requirements Are,

  • You’re expected to stay calm when customers are stressed and upset.
  • You must have the ability to follow up on queries.
  • Must have the ability on how the customer service department operates.
  • You must have experience working on a customer service system.
  • You must have experience in how to work with social media and websites.
  • Have good communication and social skills.
  • You must be good at English vocabulary and writing.

Job Title: Administrator

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Telkom Admin Vacancies

They play a role in fixing and improving business networks that connects data and various voice communications including computer, telephone, etc.

They’re also responsible for receiving logs and addressing reports along with reported problems. And assisting telecom Managers with enquires and solving problems.

And also to all overall administration of the telecom department to see that, they are all well managed.

Requirements for these Admin Job, that’s Among the Telkom Jobs

  • You must have the ability to work with teams, before applying for this job, that’s among the Telkom admin vacancies.
  • Strong terms management and decision making.
  • Adaptability and accountability.
  • You must have the ability to respond to common queries. Before applying for this job, that’s among the Telkom admin vacancies
  • You’re expected to have extraordinary interpersonal skills.

How To Apply for Telkom Vacancies In SA

  • For you to apply, you must have to visit the Telkom Career website here:
  • Secondly, Read the following steps and create an account with them,
  • Browse the available vacancies and apply online.

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