How Much Is Teacher Salary In Mexico

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A university degree and a TESOL certification are the minimum requirements for teaching English in Mexico. Private language schools may accept teachers with certificates, while others will only require native-level fluency. Some universities also require a Master’s Degree. However, a bachelor’s degree is sufficient to teach in Mexico.

The TESOL certificate program is a one-month intensive program that provides a basic understanding of language teaching methods and allows the participant to practice teaching by doing some observation. Employers in Mexico will accept the courses offered by many organizations worldwide.

After completing my TESOL certification at the School for International Training, Vermont, I found my first job as a translator in Mexico via an internet job site. I also confirmed the job while I was still in the States. This provided me with peace of mind. I knew exactly what I was doing and where I was going. I also had contacts that helped me to get settled.

Some people prefer to travel to a place first and then search for work once they are there. This approach has the advantage that teachers can meet potential bosses and get to know the teachers in person. You may also find it helpful to see the school’s facilities and resources in person rather than hearing them over the phone or by email.


Schools often prefer to meet with teachers to conduct interviews. Many employers rely on a steady flow of teachers to their doors, so many positions in Mexico are not posted online. A teacher already living in Mexico has far greater access to job opportunities than someone searching the Internet back home.
Suzanne Bacon from San Diego traveled to Guanajuato, central Mexico, with Jared, her boyfriend. They did not have a job in mind. They immediately set out on foot with their resumes and went to three language schools and the local university. Suzanne says they each received job offers from all three language schools very quickly. “I believe that the key to success is here. People who think about going to school but do not do it get lots of emails. It is great to be there in person.

How To Get A Teaching Job In Mexico

I jumped at the opportunity to study abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico. It was the best decision of all my life. After graduating from university in the U.K., it was clear that I wanted to return to the country that had given me so much and warmly welcomed me.

I was passionate about teaching, and teaching English abroad was the best way to get started and gain experience. Only when I began looking for work did I realize the number of opportunities to teach English abroad. Moreover, it was not until I got there that I realized how many native English speakers were doing it. It can be overwhelming to apply for work and find it. These are some tips to help you get started.

Why Is Teaching Jobs So Popular In Mexico

Mexico’s white-sand beaches, clear turquoise waters, and historic charm make it a popular holiday destination. Mexico City is one the America’s most dynamic cities. It also has the most significant number of museums in the world. Mexico is home to many fascinating ancient civilizations left behind in archaeological ruins. It is also a paradise for food lovers.
The demand for English language skills is increasing as Mexico develops. Many English teaching jobs allow teachers to choose the environment that suits them best. There are many options for teaching English in Mexico, from a large university in Mexico City to a preschool in a coastal town.

Many schools will train applicants without any experience. This allows aspiring teachers to take the first step on the career ladder and has many opportunities to advance. English teachers can earn a good salary, especially if they have more experience and are in higher-demand positions.

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Qualifications to Teach in Mexico

There are many English teaching jobs available in Mexico. This is because there are many to choose from, no matter your experience level or qualifications. Specific qualifications can increase your chances of landing a teaching job.

  • Fluency is required in English – To teach English in Mexico, you must be a native speaker. Although this is not always true, it can be a significant advantage. However, applicants who speak fluent English as a second or third language may also be able to find work.
  • Bachelor’s Degree — Most teaching jobs require a bachelor’s degree, but this does not necessarily have to be teaching English.
  • Teaching Qualification – A TEFL certificate, TESOL, or CELTA certificate or Qualified Teachers Status will likely help you get a job. A TEFL program in Mexico can be completed quickly, and you will get a job. Check out the Go Overseas TEFL Courses page to get started.
  • Spanish Language – Although most schools use English in the classrooms, it is helpful to have to work Spanish knowledge for communication with co-workers and life in Mexico.

When to Apply for a Teaching Job in Mexico

Mexico’s academic year begins in August. University semesters start in August. Although many schools are open all year, it is advantageous to be able to start within one of the months. Although the application and hiring process is quick, processing visas can take a while, especially during holidays like Christmas. Be sure to allow plenty of time.

Types of English Teaching Jobs in Mexico

It is helpful to clearly understand what type of work you want when applying for English teaching jobs in Mexico. You should also consider your location, age, working hours, and the student’s location.

International Schools

Mexico has many private bilingual and international schools. These schools range from primary and pre-schools to high schools and colleges. They also are independent and can hire teachers, making it easy and quick. These schools also benefit from smaller, more close-knit teams, with school directors maintaining close connections with students and teachers.

Language Schools

Mexico has many language schools that specialize in teaching English. These schools can offer a range of languages and may teach individuals or small groups. The students could be any age, and the teachers will likely have more flexibility regarding their hours. Teachers may need to be able to teach at different levels, from business English to the basics.

Higher Education

Although native English speakers may be able to get a job as a teacher at a university or college, the requirements are usually higher. Candidates may require more experience, higher education, and teaching qualifications. A program like The British Council could also be offered to applicants.

Teacher Salary In Mexico

Teacher working in Mexico usually earns about 26,600 per month. 13,000MXN (lowest), to 41.500MXN (highest).

This is the average monthly income, including housing, transportation, and other benefits. Teachers’ salaries can vary depending on their experience, skills, gender, and location. Here is a breakdown that takes into account many factors.

Salary Range

  • Mexico’s teacher salaries range from 13,000 MXN monthly (minimum wage) to 41.500 MXN (maximum pay).

Median Salary

  • The median monthly salary for teachers is 27,100 MXN. This means that 50% of those who work as Teachers (50%) earn less than 27,100, while the rest make more than 27,100. The median is the average salary. The median is the middle salary value. You would prefer to be on the right-hand side of the graph if you are in a group that earns more than the median.


  • Two values closely related to the median include the 25th and 75th percentiles. The salary distribution diagram shows that 25% of Teacher (s) earn less than 18,100MXN, while 75% earn more than 18,100MXN. The diagram also shows that 75% of Teacher (s), while 25% earn more than 35,000, are earning less than 75%.

Teacher Salary In New Mexico

The average salary for a New Mexico School Teacher is $33,173 per year. If you do not know how to calculate your salary, it works out to $15.95 per hour. This works out to $637/week or $2764/month.

Recommended:  How Much Is Pharmacist Salary In Florida has seen salaries as high as $65,265 but as low as $17.404. However, most School Teacher salaries range from $25,670 (25th percentile) to $38,288 (775th percentile), with the highest earners (90th%) making $47.860 each year in New Mexico.

The average salary range for School Teachers is $12,618, which indicates that there are many opportunities to advance and receive higher pay depending on your skill level, geographic location, and years of experience.

According most recent activity, there is little demand for School Teacher jobs in New Mexico.
New Mexico is ranked 36th out of 50 States for Teacher Salaries. continually scans its database of millions, which includes School Teacher jobs, to determine the best annual salary range.

Teacher Salary In Mexico City

Teachers in Mexico City, Mexico Area, earn an estimated total salary of MX$48.705 per month. The average monthly salary is MX$19.150. These figures represent the median. Our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model is in the middle of the ranges. It is based on the salaries we have received from our users. Additional pay is MX$29,000. Additional pay may include cash bonuses, commissions, tips, or profit sharing. The “Most Likely Range,” which is a range of values within the 25th to 75th percentiles of all available pay data for this job, represents these values.

English Teacher Salary In Mexico

Many teaching opportunities are available to TEFL-certified Mexican teachers. Unlike most Latin America, Mexico offers many student groups, from students at universities and adults to business professionals and children.

ESL (English as an additional language) teachers spend their time teaching English in Mexico via one of these avenues:

  • While on a tourist or work visa, you can teach English at a university or language school.
  • Adults can learn Business English while on a tourist or work visa.
  • Online or private tutoring in-person English while you are on a tourist visa
  • Combination of any combination of the options above.

Your salary will vary depending on the teaching route you choose. The average salary for an English teacher in Mexico is $500 to $800 per month.

There are two options to supplement your income: private tutoring ($7-15 USD/hour, depending on where you live) or teaching English online ($5 to $20 per hour strong).

High School Teacher Salary In New Mexico

The average salary for a New Mexico High School Teacher is $33,640 per year. In case you don’t have a salary calculator, it works out to approximately $16.17 per hour. This works out to $646/week or $2803/month. has seen salaries as high as $52,212, and as low as $13,923, but the majority of High-School Teacher salaries range from $28,716 (25th%) to $43,509 (7th%) with top earners (90th%) making $50,000.

The median pay for High School Teachers is $14,793, which indicates that there are many opportunities to advance and receive higher pay depending on your skill level, geographic location, and years of experience.

According to’s most recent activity, there is little demand for High School Teachers in New Mexico.

New Mexico is ranked 43rd out of 50 States for high school teacher salaries. continually scans its database to determine the best annual salary range for High-School Teacher Jobs. It has millions of jobs posted locally across America.

Teacher Salary In Albuquerque

The average hourly teacher in Albuquerque earns $40,001 per year. If you do not have a salary calculator, it works out to $19.23 per hour. This works out to $769/week or $3333/month. has seen salaries as high as $56,693 but as low as $15.874. The majority of hourly teacher salaries range from $26,759 (25th%) to $56,693 (775th%), with the highest earners (90th%) making $56,693 per year in Albuquerque.

The hourly teacher’s average salary range is as high as $29,934. This suggests many opportunities to advance and receive higher pay depending on your skill level, experience, and location.

According to most recent job postings, there is a very active hourly teacher job market in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. continually scans its millions’ database, including Hourly Teacher jobs, to determine the best annual salary range.

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Teacher Salary In Santa Fe New Mexico

Santa Fe, NM Teacher salaries average $53,253, but range between $44,533 to $64,914. The salary range can vary depending on many factors, such as education and certifications. Also, the number of years you have been in your job. has the most accurate online compensation data and is the best website to help you decide your exact target pay.

Level 3 Teacher Salary In New Mexico

SANTA FE (New Mexico) – On Tuesday, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a bill that guarantees raise for teachers in New Mexico.

Terry Claar, an English teacher at Centennial High School with 23 years of education experience, said, “this raise is a light of hope.” It is a good start. It must go further.

Clear stated to ABC-7 that she has seen colleagues leave the profession due to the low salary. Because their jobs were so low-paying, Claar and her husband, a teacher, worked most summers.

She said, “I do not want the process to stagnate.” It is a great place to start. However, let us not stop there. We want new teachers to join the classroom and our veterans to stay.

Senate Bill1 increases the average salary for New Mexico teachers by 20%. The three-tier licensure system will increase the state’s minimum teacher salaries to $50,000, $60,000, and $70,000.


Three-tier licensure systemTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Minimum salary levels$50,000$60,000$70,000

Sean Barham, executive director of human resources for the district, stated that teachers are not a profession. “It is fantastic that we can give some of that well-deserved money to teachers.
A Las Cruces Public Schools spokeswoman wrote, “What a historic moment for our teachers.” Teachers in the classroom are the most critical profession in the workforce. Their impact is more significant than any other. They owe us this respect regarding their immense responsibility for our students.
The Governor’s Office estimates that the average teacher salary will rise to $64,006 once the raises are in effect.

High School Teacher Salary In Mexico

Mexico’s average gross salary for high school teachers is $291,509 (or $140 an hour). They also receive an average bonus of $7,000. Salary estimates are based on salary survey information collected directly from Mexican employers and anonymous employees. A secondary school teacher with 1-3 years of experience earns an average salary of $211,410. The average salary for a senior-level high school teacher (8+ years of experience) is $359,993.

International Schools In Mexico Teacher Salary

Teacher salaries at International American School can range from MXN$23,327-MXN$25,667. This estimate is based on 1 International American School Teacher Salary Report(s). These reports were either provided by employees or calculated using statistical methods. Check out all teacher salaries to see how it compares to the market.


What is the highest salary for high school teachers?

Our data shows that the highest salary for a High School teacher is MX$NaN per year.

What is the lowest salary for high school teachers?

Our data shows that the lowest salary for a High School teacher is MX$NaN per year.

How can high school teachers increase their salaries?

There are many ways to increase your salary as a high school teacher. Change in an employer: You might consider a career change to a new employer more willing to pay you for your skills. Higher Education: This role may offer the opportunity to earn more and be promoted. Management Experience: This experience is beneficial if you manage a team of junior high school teachers.

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