How much is teacher salary in Louisiana

Lessons are planned and teachers give teaching to assist pupils in learning grade-level concepts and abilities in topics like mathematics or language arts. A bachelor’s degree in education or the successful completion of an alternative teaching program are both requirements for becoming a teacher in Louisiana. The major thing that motivates many is the incentives and salary associated with the job. So, how much is teacher salary in Louisiana?

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Additionally, in this article, we shall explain how to become a teacher in Louisiana as well as the average teacher salary in Louisiana.

What does a teacher do?

In order to aid pupils in gaining new skills and knowledge, teachers instruct them. To assist pupils in meeting the criteria and requirements of their grade level, teachers arrange lessons for the classroom and coordinate extracurricular activities like field excursions. Teachers assign, grade, and assess students’ progress on their courses.

They frequently focus on a certain subject or grade level. While high school teachers focus on a particular subject, like chemistry or social studies, primary school teachers teach a variety of subjects. Regardless of the grade level or subject they teach, teachers carry out the following tasks:

  • Create instructional resources and information, such as homework assignments, study guides, and tests.
  • Provide education in the classroom using lesson plans and planned activities.
  • Assignments such as essays, tests, or projects should be assigned, collected, and graded.
  • Control classrooms to give children a secure, productive learning environment.
  • Keep track of the development and progress of your kids.
  • Together with other educators, instructors, or administrators, decide on the curriculum that is acceptable for each grade level.
  • Inform parents or other caregivers about any changes to the student’s development or needs.
  • In order to assess whether pupils can advance to the next grade level, teachers must evaluate students’ abilities.
  • As required, carry out additional tasks, including supervising students during lunch or running extracurriculars.

How to become a teacher in Louisiana

These steps below influence teacher salary in Louisiana. If you take up the process to the end, you will be among the highest earners in the state.

1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree

All prospective teachers are required to hold a bachelor’s degree by the Louisiana Department of Education, which sets the requirements for teacher preparation in the state. Plan to obtain your bachelor’s degree in education if you are a high school or current college student.

In Louisiana, general education courses, 180 hours of fieldwork, student teaching or internships, and a certification area of specialization, such as early childhood education, are all included in these undergraduate programs. It is customary to double major in education and the topic you want to teach in high schools, such as math.

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2. Finish a teaching preparation program

You can still work as a teacher in Louisiana even if you already hold a bachelor’s degree in a subject other than education. To prepare for a career as a teacher, you can complete a teaching preparation program under this alternate route. You have the option of finishing one of three programs:

Program for Practitioner Teachers: Through this route, working professionals or recent graduates can obtain their Level 1 Professional Certificate for Teaching while also working full-time as a teacher.

Program for master’s degrees: Participants in this program can simultaneously work toward their master’s degree and their teaching certification. Candidates who successfully complete the program receive a Level 3 Professional Certificate.

Certification-only program: The third program provides students with a less demanding route to getting their teaching certification through part-time study and teaching. Candidates for this program receive a Practitioner License, which enables them to work toward a Level 1 Professional Certificate while simultaneously teaching.

It is not essential to finish a teaching preparation program in Louisiana if you receive a bachelor’s degree in education because your undergraduate program already offers this training.

4. Apply for certification

You can apply for your teaching certification once you’ve satisfied the educational and testing criteria. Send an application package to the Louisiana Department of Education once it has been completed. They must include the following documents with your application packet:

  • Proof of your bachelor’s degree or proof that you’ve finished a teacher training program
  • Your necessary Praxis exam outcomes
  • A finished application form
  • Process charges

5. Renew your certification

As your teaching career progresses, you might gain greater credentials because Louisiana has a tiered system for certificates. The Level 1 Professional Certificate, which is good for three years, is what new teachers in Louisiana start off with. You can renew your certification or apply for a Level 2 Professional Certificate after three years by speaking with the human resources department of your school district. If you meet requirements for teaching effectiveness, school systems may submit an application on your behalf for a higher certification.

You may decide to pursue a master’s degree in education after receiving your Level 2 Professional Certificate. You can ask your company to be taken into consideration for a Level 3 Professional Certificate if you receive this degree and have five years of experience in your field.

How much is teacher salary in Louisiana

In Louisiana, the average yearly income for teachers according to BLS (Bureau for Labour Statistics) is $55,635. Depending on their city, level of experience, and grade, their average salary can change. In Louisiana, their employers frequently provided benefits including health and dental insurance, retirement plans, professional development opportunities, and paid time off to teachers. The total salary for teachers in Louisiana may include these benefits.

Private School Teacher Salary in Louisiana

In Louisiana, private school teachers do not earn as much as their counterparts in the public schools. A private school teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana earns an average yearly pay of $30,671, according to This is almost $10,000 less than the private school teacher average pay in the country.

In Louisiana, the average yearly salary for public school teachers is $56,940. This salary gap is most likely caused by the fact that teachers in private schools are not compensated by the state and are not obliged to hold a bachelor’s degree or a teaching certification.

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Since most private school teachers lack the educational credentials needed to work at a public school, their salaries are not comparable. With half of their monthly pay going to rent alone, it would be difficult for a private school teacher in Louisiana to make ends meet due to the high cost of living. In terms of income, a private school teacher’s pay in Louisiana is seen as being just above the poverty level.

High school teacher salary in Louisiana

The average salary for a high school teacher in Louisiana is $30,008 per year. That comes out to roughly $14.43 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This amounts to $577 per week or $2,500 per month.

While salaries range from as low as $12,481 to as high as $46,803, the average salary for a high school teacher is currently between $25,741 (25th percentile) and $39,392 (75th percentile), with the top ten percent of workers in Louisiana making $46,023 each year.

High school teachers have an average salary that ranges widely (up to $13,651), showing that there may be many prospects for growth and improved pay dependent on skill level, region, and years of experience.

The subject taught also influences salary range. Some special art and science subjects can also attract higher pay. Music teachers, ballet dance teachers, and general aerobics instructors in school are among the top earners.

Additionally, teachers of international languages like Spanish, Italian, French, and some special African languages earn high teacher salaries in Louisiana. The state legislation on teachers’ welfare also entitles them to some incentives and healthcare benefits of teaching.

Special Education Teacher Salary in Louisiana

What is Special Education Teacher Salary in Louisiana? The average yearly salary for a special education teacher is $41,039. That comes out to roughly $19.73 an hour, in case you need a quick pay calculator. This is the same as $789 each week or $3,419 every month.

While earnings for Special Education Teachers range from $32,762 (25th percentile) to $46,803 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $59,674 yearly in Louisiana, ZipRecruiter only reports salaries as high as $74,106 and as low as $18,331.

The wide range of Special Education Teachers’ typical salaries—up to $14,041—indicates that there may be numerous prospects for wage increases and promotion based on experience, location, and skill level.

English Teacher Salary in Louisiana

In contrast to other states, Louisiana is separated into parishes. There are more over 70 educational districts spread across these parishes. The length of the academic year is 128 days. In Louisiana, the starting salaries for entry-level beginning teachers with bachelor’s degrees range from $27,102 in Jackson Parish to $50,100 in DeSoto Parish. According to the state-mandated teacher compensation schedule, the starting wage for a teacher in the entire state is $38,64. These averages will undoubtedly alter as the factors do.

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A fifth-year English teacher in Acadia Parish, for instance, would make $40,259 if they had accomplished the teaching program and had a bachelor’s degree. They would be making $40,805 if they had maintained their study at that time and added a master’s degree while teaching English.

The same numbers have an even wider range in Jefferson Davis Parish. A master’s degree costs $42,331 and a bachelor’s degree costs $40,678. If you add further education, you can make even more in these and other institutions. For comparison, the following two institutions indicate the starting pay for an English teacher in high school with a bachelor’s degree and a postgraduate degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do teachers in Louisiana make an hour?

Below are salaries based on years of experience in Louisiana

Years of experiencePer hour
1 to 2 years$17.75
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years$20.70
More than 10 years$23.78

How do I become a high school English teacher in Louisiana?

A bachelor’s degree in the topic you want to teach and successful completion of a teacher preparation program with a student teaching component are prerequisites for becoming a high school teacher in Louisiana. Before you may work as a high school teacher, you must also complete the necessary Praxis tests.

Can you teach in Louisiana without a degree?

To teach, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree in every state. Louisiana calls for an education curriculum, fieldwork, student teaching, and a certification area of focus.

What is a Level 2 teaching certificate in Louisiana?

You must have taught for at least three years in your field of certification in order to progress to this level of certification. Additionally, the Louisiana Teacher Assistance and Assessment Program will be required of you, and you must pass it (LATAAP). Level 2 licenses can be renewed after five years of validity.


The bottom line is, teacher salary in Louisiana differs among many teachers and it is largely dependent on certification, experience, type of school, and many other factors. It is a rewarding career with a steady growth rate.

You can start with a low-grade certificate and advance with training and other certifications. Special education care certificate holders are among some of the most desired teachers in Louisiana. If you have such a certificate, your teacher salary in Louisiana will perk well above average.

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