How much is teacher salary in Lithuania

If you’re an ESL or qualified teacher looking to work overseas, Lithuania might be the ideal destination. In this update, we shall outline teacher salary in Lithuania, the salary of teacher abroad, and the average teacher salary in Lithuania, among many other inquiries.

As the younger generation becomes more and more interested in learning English to improve their career prospects, there is a relatively high demand for native English-speaking teachers in Lithuania. As a result, there are many opportunities for foreign teachers to find teaching jobs in Lithuania at both private language schools and international schools.

Teaching in Lithuania

Private language schools and foreign schools in Lithuania offer numerous chances to teach English. Urban locations like Vilnius, the country’s capital, are where these schools are predominantly located.

There is a rising need for TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified instructors at private language schools in Lithuania. ESL teachers may have more employment options because Lithuania is often a less popular location for TEFL instructors.

When applying for teaching positions in Lithuania, the TEFL Online Certificate from the University of Toronto can provide you with a competitive edge over other applicants.

Incentives and Benefits of Teaching in Lithuania

Teaching Benefit TypeTeaching Benefit Details
Annual Teacher Salary in LithuaniaTeachers at private language schools can expect to make up to $1,000 per month, while those at international schools can expect to make up to $2,500 per month.
Working HoursInternational schools will often cover your costs, including airfare and initial accommodation.
VacationAside from the summer holidays (June to September), there are breaks throughout the year (fall, Christmas, Easter, and February).
Health InsuranceNot typically provided.

They accept applications for teachers all year round at private and public language schools in Lithuania. The start of the academic year is in September and lasts until early June.

Qualifications to teach in Lithuania

For the best chance of employment, teachers looking for positions at private language schools in Lithuania should have, at the very least, a Bachelor’s degree and an internationally recognized TEFL certificate.

Teachers in Lithuanian international schools are frequently required to hold an advanced degree in education, besides a teaching certificate and suitable teaching experience. In line with this, foreign schools in Lithuania pay more than private language schools do.

Visas for Teachers in Lithuania

Since Lithuania is a member of the European Union, individuals from the EU do not require a visa in order to teach there. To teach in Lithuania, if you are not an EU citizen, you must apply for a work permit.

Living in Lithuania

Salary, working conditions, teaching schedules, and other factors can differ from one Lithuanian school to the next. Teachers should anticipate living comfortably regardless of where they fall on the pay scale because the cost of living is very cheap in Lithuania.

Due to the more stringent criteria, foreign schools in Lithuania frequently provide instructors with attractive pay and benefits packages, as well as fantastic chances for professional growth.

There is a lot for teachers to do in their spare time in Lithuania. The small size of the nation makes transportation very affordable. Vilnius, the country’s capital, is the ideal place for a city holiday because of its baroque Old Town and vibrant restaurant and nightlife scenes.

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Check out the country’s breathtaking national parks and beaches, as well as the many outdoor activities available in the more rural parts. You’ll quickly feel at home since Lithuanians are known for their warmth!

How much are teachers paid in Lithuania?

Teachers’ salary in Lithuania is roughly 3,470 LTL per month. The lowest average wage is 1,660 LTL, and the highest is 6,330 LTL (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the typical teacher salary in Lithuania which also includes housing, transportation, and other amenities. The pay for various Teaching / Education occupations varies greatly.

Salary Levels
In Lithuania, the minimum average monthly wage for teaching and education positions is 1,660 LTL, and the maximum monthly salary is 6,330 LTL (maximum average salary, actual maximum is higher).

Average Salary

With a typical salary of 3,680 LTL per month, 50% of those employed in teaching and education make less than this amount, while the other 50% make more than this amount. The median represents the middle wage value. In general, you would want to be in the group earning more than the median pay on the right side of the graph.

What is a good salary in Lithuania?

The level of experience has the biggest impact on compensation. Naturally, the salary increases with the number of years of experience.

Across all industries and specialties, individuals with two to five years of experience make 32% more money on average than new hires and juniors.

Professionals with more than five years of experience typically make 36% more money than those with only five years or less.

The difference in experience-based pay between locations varies greatly, and it also relies on the professional field. The information shown here is the average of many different jobs added together. Select a specific job title to see precise data.

The teacher salary in Lithuania rises by 21% once you reach the ten-year milestone and by an additional 14% after you reach the fifteen-year milestone. These numbers are just provided as suggestions. When you take into account each job title separately, the numbers become more significant.

Average teacher salary in Lithuania by Certification

What is the average teacher salary in Lithuania? You will be wondering. Although it is common knowledge that higher education results in higher salaries, how much more can a degree increase your take-home pay? Below are the results of a comparison of the earnings of professionals working in various jobs at the same level but with varying levels of a college education.

Teacher salary in Lithuania changes based on schooling vary greatly from place to place and also relies on the career field as well. The information shown here is the average of all occupations combined. Select a specific job title to see precise data.

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Workers who have earned a degree or diploma often make 17% more money than their contemporaries who have simply completed high school.

Salary awards for professionals with a master’s degree are 29% more than for those with a bachelor’s degree.

Finally, while working in the same field, PhD holders typically earn 23% more than Master’s degree holders. Many people pursue further education as a means of transitioning into a profession with a better income. The statistics appear to support this strategy. The average pay rise while changing employment is roughly 10% more than the typical wage increase.

Your situation and experience, among many other things, really influence the choice. Putting all other factors aside, the return on investment is unquestionably worthwhile if you can pay the costs of higher education. In about a year, you should be able to recoup your expenses.

Which country pays teachers highest salary?

We know salary in Lithuania to be quite competitive. But, which country pays teachers highest salary? Ever come across a teacher making more than $138,000 annually? Perhaps you should speak with educators in Luxembourg, where lower secondary teachers begin at a starting wage of $79,000 in comparable US dollars. With a beginning pay that exceeds the maximum teacher wage in almost every other country, Luxembourgian teachers earn 30% more than teachers in any other country. At the bottom of this graph, in stark contrast, teachers in Estonia are paid at or just above their maximum earning capacity.

Germany and Denmark, who both make close to their maximum earnings potential with their starting salaries, are other major players in the teaching industry. In Canada, the US, and New Zealand, teachers make close to their top wage after fifteen years of experience and reach their maximum pay at the conclusion of their careers. Mexican teachers are at the bottom of the scale, making barely 30% of their earning potential with their starting pay.

Salary of teacher in Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, a person who works in teaching or education normally makes roughly 5,210 EUR per month. The lowest average pay is 2,500 euros, and the highest is 9,510 euros (the highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).

This is the typical monthly wage, which also includes housing, transportation, and other amenities. The pay for various Teaching / Education occupations varies greatly. The salary of teachers in Luxembourg is the highest in the world.

How much do students earn in Lithuania?

Before taxes, the minimum wage in Lithuania is between €300 and €320, so that’s probably what you can expect to make while a student (at first). The average pay after taxes, when you have a little more experience and skill, is about €650.

Many other variables equally affect it. First, will you be employed full- or part-time? (e.g. evening or extern studies vs full-time day sessions).

What kind of work? There is a strong probability that you can get part-time work in Vilnius or Kaunas as a student earning between 800-1200 EUR after taxes per month if you are studying computer science or programming. About half of that would be part-time work in a cafe or grocery store.

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Teacher salary in Lithuania for students is not as competitive as for graduates if at they accept you to teach.

What jobs are in high demand in Lithuania?

The most well-liked jobs in Lithuania are those in trade, manufacturing, and education, among other in-demand professions. It is important to emphasize that skilled employees looking for jobs are currently in more demand in Lithuania than handymen.

As a result, it’s challenging to work independently in your profession in Lithuania. It is preferable to look for in-demand careers on reliable websites where you can browse the full list of in-demand jobs in Lithuania right away.

  • Drivers of various motor vehicles
  • Construction workers (a variety of occupations, from a handyman to a foreman)
  • Engineering specialists
  • Doctors
  • Agricultural workers
  • Food workers

The following are occupations in the Republic of Lithuania that demand high professional skills and a staff shortage:

1. The production organization engineer
2. Printing technologist
3. Device maintenance engineer
4. Sewing technologist
5. Production Engineer
6. Aviation Engineer
7. Aviation mechanical equipment engineer
8. Mechanical Engineer
9. Constructor
10. Food and beverage technologist
11. Avionics Engineer
12. Graphic designer
13. Computer systems analyst
14. Business Information Technology Consultant
15. Consultant in computer system issues
16. Computer systems designer
17. Computer applications engineer
18. Computer software developer
19. Programmer
20. Engineer programmer
21. Software tester
22. Database Administrator
23. Information Technology Systems Administrator
24. Computer Systems Administrator
25. Network Analyst
26. Information technology and communications security specialist
27. Aviation technician

Seven Interesting Facts About Lithuania

  • Linguists thrive in Lithuania.
  • Forestland makes up almost a third of the country.
  • A well-known dish has the name of a German airship.
  • Lithuanians have a distinctive national fragrance called “The Scent of Lithuania”
  • The sport of basketball is particularly well-liked.
  • The last nation in Europe to adopt Christianity was Lithuania.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can an international student earn in Lithuania?

As of 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania’s gross minimum wage will be 730 euros per month.
It costs about 780 US dollars. By 2022, the minimum wage will be the same over the entire area of Lithuania.

How do I become a teacher in Lithuania?

Teachers in Lithuanian international schools are frequently required to hold an advanced degree in education in addition to a teaching certificate and suitable teaching experience.
In line with this, foreign schools in Lithuania pay more than private language schools do.

Do I need a degree to teach English in Lithuania?

Make sure you comprehend what is and is not necessary before applying to teach English in Lithuania:


  • TEFL accreditation. A four-year bachelor’s degree, regardless of the subject.
  • EU nationality.
  • Knowledge about the many English teaching positions that are offered.
  • Saving money for startup expenses.

English Teacher salary in Lithuania is actually among the highest.


Teachers’ salary in Lithuania is not as competitive as their Luxembourg counterpart. But, with improved certifications and experience, Lithuanian teachers can make even more.

The country is also open to international applicants seeking teaching jobs in Lithuania.

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