Tax Topic 152 Good or Bad | What it Means and Other Information

Topic 152: Taxes: Good or Bad? When using the IRS “My Return?” website to check the status of their refund, certain taxpayers may discover the IRS reference code Tax Topic 152.

A catch-all/informational message about the timing for refund processing is included in Topic 152. Additionally, the taxpayer is not required to perform any additional actions.

If you’re making changes to your return, claiming a refund, or filing an injured spouse claim. Your return may be held for longer than 21 days if tax has been withheld.

After the processing is finished or a mistake is found. The focus will shift to one of a number of additional potential tax issues.

This article will look into Tax topic 152 Good or Bad, the tips about Tax topic 152, and many more.

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Processing Tax Codes with IRS:

The IRS follows a set of rules and regulations for processing tax returns, in order to distribute refunds across various internal systems, the process returns, and handle issues. These problems and their remedies are described using tax codes.

These codes allow taxpayers to communicate and gain insight into information regarding the status of their tax returns. Additionally, there are processing delays that affect when a refund will be issued and why it was smaller than anticipated (offsets).

152 or 151: Which is better?

When you access the WMR website or use the IRS2Go mobile app, you might get a notification instructing you to look up IRS Tax Topic 151 or 152 in relation to your return. What do these phrases actually signify, though?

You’re basically getting a tax offset, which could result in a lesser return than you anticipated, according to Tax Topic 151.

Your refund will likely be delayed, but you will receive an official IRS letter or report outlining the precise offset and adjustments to your tax return, as well as information on how to challenge this action.

Even though it’s not ideal, the IRS has completed your return, and your modified refund (if any) should be on the way soon.

On the other hand, Tax Topic 152 says that you will receive a tax

Is Tax Topic 152 Good or Bad?

Tax Topic 152 is noteworthy because it attempts to inform a taxpayer who has requested a refund that their application has been approved and that their refund would be provided to them via direct deposit, check, or letter as soon as is practical.

What Do I Do If My Tax Return is Taking a Long Time?

It takes longer than expected to process your tax return for two reasons: Your tax return filing may be wrong for a number of reasons, including incomplete data, additional identity fraud/verification (see below), incorrect social security numbers, or information from related sources (work, ex-partner).

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To ascertain the official standing of your return, use the IRS tax tool where’s my refund (WMR) or the IRS2Go mobile application (see estimated IRS refund schedule).

It gives you the most recent information on the progress of your tax refund and is updated every day (overnight). Within 21 days, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants to process more than 90% of taxpayer refunds (not business days).

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Why Are My Bars No Longer Visible on the WMR?

When the IRS website is overloaded with requests, a technical problem arises.

One of the most frequent causes of bar disappearance or lack of bar is the IRS website being congested and faltering as a result.

Even if you have used all of your bars or may have just one left if you get the Tax Refund Information Notice 152 on your tax statement, you will still receive your refund.


Simply stating that you have a tax offset could lead to a smaller return than expected, according to Tax Topic 151.

Your specific tax return adjustments and offsets will be detailed in an official IRS letter or report that also includes information on how to appeal.

This notification verifies the payment alternatives, even though Tax Topic 152 states that you will get a tax refund in accordance with IRS processing standards (often within 21 days).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tax Topic 152 Something I Should Worry About?

 No, your transcript may include the IRS tax code 152. If you have any questions, please contact your IRS representative. Additionally, you can consult a tax specialist for additional information.

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Does tax Topic 152 mean direct deposit?

Tax Topic 152 contains generic payout information that is typically displayed when funds are deposited directly into your bank account. Your message only indicates that your information is being processed.

When Should I be Concerned after Reading Tax Topic 152?
If the Tax subject changes to 151, your return is being audited.

While audits might be intimidating, they are conducted on numerous levels, and for the majority of taxpayers, an audit merely entails an IRS agent manually verifying their return and providing them with a letter containing errors, revisions, or a payment request.


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