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Study In Poland, Top Medical Universities in Poland and Their Tuition Fees

Study In Poland, Top Medical Universities in Poland, and Their Tuition Fees

Poland officially the Republic of Poland is a sovereign country in Central Europe. It is a unitary state divided into 16 administrative subdivisions, covering an area of 312,679 square kilometers (120,726 sq mi) with a mostly temperate climate. With a population of over 38.5 million people, Poland is the sixth most populous member state of the European Union. Poland’s capital and largest city are Warsaw. Other cities include Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk, and Szczecin.

Are you interested in a medical study in Poland? If yes, here’s an opportunity for you, as each year, more and more students are choosing to study abroad in Poland. These students are drawn to its high-quality education institutions, low tuition fees, and equally low cost of living.

Medical schools, in Poland, in particular, are drawing an increasing number of international students. Many international students who have been unable to get into a medical program in their home country choose instead to study medicine in Poland. Although these courses are taught in English, Polish-speaking skills are likely to become necessary by the end of the program, when students begin consultations with patients.

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Here, you will be given a list of the best medical universities in Poland with affordable tuition fees. You will also be provided with a link that will help you get more information from the school.

Wroclaw Medical Academy

The faculty of medicine is the oldest and the largest faculty of the Wroclaw medical university. It was established in November 1945 as one of the six faculties of the University of Wroclaw and Technical University.


First-year – 12,000 euros per year

Second to the sixth year – 8,000 euros per year

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Gdansk Medical Academy

The medical university of Gdansk provides education to over 6000 students, Ph.D., and postgraduate students. International students constitute 10% of MUG students and represent more than half of all international students studying in Gdansk.


First-year – 10,000 euro

Second to the sixth year – 9,302 euro

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Lodz Medical Academy

The Medical University of Lodz is the largest state-owned medical university in Poland whose mission is;

  • Educating students in Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and medicine-allied disciplines.
  • Educating research staff and conducting research work.
  • Participating in health care programs set by the social health care system.


First to the fifth year – 11,000 euros per year

Sixth year – 10,000 euros per year

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Medical Academy in Warszawa

The faculty of medicine was established in 1993 at the medical university of Warsaw. The faculty offers two programs:

  • A  6 – year program for high school graduates and,
  • A  4 – year program for college/university graduates
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At the end of each program, the graduate is awarded the MD degree and receives a medical diploma recognized in the European Union, USA, Canada, and most other countries of the world.


6-year program

First to the sixth year – 11,100 euros per year

4-year program

First to the sixth year – 14,400 euros per year.

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