How Much Is Software Engineer Salary In Massachusetts?

In this discussion (Software Engineer Salary In Massachusetts). We will also be considering the following sub-topics: How Much Do Software Engineers In Boston Make? Is Boston Good For Software Engineers? Do Software Engineers Have a High Salary? What Is The Starting Salary For A Software Engineer? so let us get started.

Software engineers are computer science experts who apply their understanding of engineering concepts and programming languages to create software, games, and network control systems.

According to the US Department of Labor, there will be well over 1 million software engineers employed in 2020.

As more of us rely on smart gadgets, the demand for software engineers will only grow, with a 22 percent increase in job opportunities by 2030.

The field of software engineering is vast. Developers have a wide range of technical skills, including constructing computer information systems, managing network security, and generating customer-facing websites.

Software engineers are classified into two types: applications software developers and systems software developers.

Applications Software Developers


  • Client-focused
  • Software design for the final client to communicate with
  • Develop apps that work with iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and more
  • Conduct requirements analysis
  • Change software and release regular updates

Back-end or front-end?

  • Both

Who do they work with

  • Graphic designers project managers, marketing and customer service staff

Systems Software Developers


  • Create Operating systems as well as networks to support applications with a user interface
  • Responsible for both hardware and software requirements
  • Integrate various software products on one platform
  • Most often, they are general IT managers or system architects
  • Develop and apply IT standards
  • Documentation for IT should be maintained and updated to the latest technologies.

Back-end or front-end?

Most of the time, the back-end

Who are they working with

Data science specialists as well as senior system developers, architects, and high-level management.

Software Engineer Salary In Massachusetts

The average annual salary for a Lead Software Engineer in Massachusetts is $129,323. In case you need a quick pay estimator, that comes out to about $62.17 per hour. This amounts to $2,486 every week or $10,776 per month.

While Moden News has wages as high as $202,609 and as low as $72,552, the majority of Lead Software Engineer salaries today fall between $119,845 (25th percentile) and $163,377 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) in Massachusetts making $184,874 yearly.

The wide range of average salaries for Lead Software Engineers (up to $43,532) implies that there may be numerous potential for income increases and promotions based on experience, location, and skill level.

The Lead Software Engineer job market in Massachusetts is not very active right now because there aren’t many organizations hiring, according to recent job posting activity on

Out of 50 states, Massachusetts has the seventh-highest salary for Lead Software Engineers.

As millions of current jobs are listed locally across America, regularly searches its database to determine the most precise annual salary range for Lead Software Engineer positions.

How Much Do Software Engineers In Boston Make?

In the Boston, Massachusetts, area, the expected yearly compensation for a software engineer is $111,567, with an average salary of $95,332 per year. These figures show the median, or the midpoint of the ranges, from our unique Total Pay Estimate methodology, which is based on data about wages gathered from our users. The extra compensation is thought to be worth $16,235 annually. Cash bonuses, commissions, tips, and profit sharing are all possible forms of additional compensation. The values in the “Most Likely Range” fall between the 25th and the 75th percentile of all the payment information that is currently available for this role.

How accurate do you think $111,567 is?

Is Boston Good For Software Engineers?

Software engineering positions may be in high demand, but when the cost of living is taken into account, Boston’s pay for these positions trails other tech-heavy cities like Seattle and San Jose.

The report from the jobs website compared the median base pay for software engineers in 25 cities across the nation with the cost of living. Glassdoor used “real adjusted salary,” which was calculated by comparing the local median base salary for software engineers in each city to that city’s official cost of living statistics from the federal government.

With a real adjusted salary of $90,171 for software engineers, a cost of living 10.9 percent higher than the national average, and 1,965 open positions, Boston ranked No. 7 in the nation. When the cost of living is taken into account, the median base pay for those positions in Boston is $100,000, according to Moden News.

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Seattle ranked first with a real adjusted salary of $105,735 and 4,205 available jobs. According to Glassdoor, Seattle’s cost of living is 7.1% higher than the national average.


The following are top cities in terms of Software Engineer pay, as well as the real adjusted salary in each of the cities, based on Glassdoor:

  1. Seattle $105,735 (+7.1 percent higher than the National average costs of living)
  2. San Jose: $100,989 (+21.3 percent higher than the national costs of living)
  3. San Francisco: $99,751 (+20.3 percent above the average of the national price of life)
  4. Madison, Wisconsin: $97,236 (-2.3 percent lower than the average cost of living in the country.)
  5. Raleigh, North Carolina: $94,142 (-4.4% ) less than the average national cost of living)
  6. Austin Texas: $91,185 (-1.3 percent lower than the average cost of living in the country.)
  7. Boston The cost of living in Boston is $90,171 (+10.9 percent higher than the average national price of life)
  8. Sacramento $189,669 (+2.6 percent above the average national price of life)
  9. Portland, Oregon: $89,374 (+0.7 percent higher than the average national price of life)
  10. Atlanta Cost: $89,286 (-4.8 percent below the average cost of living in the country.)

Do Software Engineers Have a High Salary?

So there’s a question on everyone’s mind: Why are software developers so well compensated?

When compared to other jobs, most software engineer roles paid more money. It appears that not only am I perplexed, but so are many others. There is a Google search suggestion indicating that many people are also interested in it.
My personal experience prompted me to ask the question. In comparison to my peers who graduated at the same time as me but work in various sectors, I can confidently assert that software engineers earn more.

According to CNBC1, the average American annual salary is $56,516. (in 2015). According to Fox Business2, the average American salary in 2020 will be $49,764. Meanwhile, according to Salary.com3, software engineers make an average of $69,427 as of July 27, 2020. Indeed4 reported a payment of up to $104,907 per year, whereas LinkedIn5 reported a higher figure of $112,000. Almost three times what Fox stated.

So, why are they so well compensated? What characteristics or values do they bring?

Last night, I made a QUESTION poll on Instagram to ask my fellow engineers what they thought about this specific topic. I’d want to share the answers in my narrative, along with my own thoughts.

1. Demand vs. Supply

It’s a straightforward supply and demand situation. Technology has advanced greatly in this digital era during the last few years. Many tiny technical startups arise with a diverse set of concepts. As a result, software engineers are in high demand. Not only startups but also many “established” businesses are in desperate need of software programmers. Media businesses, banks, and even the entertainment industry, for example, are beginning to adapt to the digital world by developing mobile apps and websites.
Meanwhile, the supply of engineers is insufficient to meet the demand. Adding to the mix, not only established organizations are planning to become digital — but huge technology startups are also recruiting more personnel every year. Due to limited resources, some are even willing to hire talent from across the country. We began to notice a trend in Silicon Valley where they are willing to hire a truly competent engineer from the Pacific coast.

We haven’t discussed demand in other areas such as government organizations, software houses, consulting firms, and so on. The supply just cannot keep up with the industry’s demand. That is why software engineers are considered highly valuable.

2. Increased Responsibilities

Engineers’ responsibilities are one of the factors that lead to their high payments. Technology is at the heart of a tech beginer’s operation. Who is in charge of all that technology? It’s the engineers’ fault. This means that engineers have a direct impact on the business.

Engineers are in charge of creating the product, and the system should be dependable and scalable so that the company can continue to operate for many years. A single hour of server downtime can cost a business millions of dollars. Amazon could lose $1.6 billion in sales due to a single second of downtime6. That is an incredible figure! The system’s quality determines the company’s revenue. As a result, engineers who create the system in the first place are regarded as having value for the company.
Engineers are also expected to be available at any time and in any location if an issue arises, even on the weekends. There is no downtime. The problem would have to be resolved as soon as possible. As previously said, the longer the problem remains the greater the company’s loss.
Making direct business impacts, keeping the system reliable and scalable, and always being ready given the time and place are just a few of the many tasks a software engineer has.

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3. Flexibility

The technology world is always changing. What we knew a few years ago may no longer be applicable today. There was no such thing as smartphone apps ten years ago. Good engineers must stay up with new emerging technology and constantly refresh their knowledge. To put it another way, they must be technologically adaptable.
Other jobs may have used the same principle or knowledge for decades. That, however, is no longer valid in a world of technology that has evolved so much in the last decade. Because software engineers must always stay up with the modern world and the latest technology, they must work twice as hard. Engineers are paid not only for completed work but also for “future work” that may be required if they “keep improving themselves.”

So there you have it! Three factors contribute to software engineers’ high pay: limited supply for demand, high responsibility, and the effort to be adaptable.

I hope you like the story!

What Is The Starting Salary For A Software Engineer?

As of, the average entry-level software engineer pay in the United States was $74,857, with a salary range of $68,401 to $82,133. Salary ranges can vary greatly depending on a variety of things, including schooling, certifications, supplementary talents, and the number of years you have worked in your field. has more online, real-time compensation data than any other website, permitting you to pinpoint your exact wage target.

What Degree Do You Need For a Software Engineer?

According to Frederick, “most software engineering jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree.” A bachelor’s degree in software engineering is ideal, but studying computer science or other STEM programs like math, science, or engineering may also be beneficial. And, because communication and teamwork skills are as important in this field as they are in any other, “knowing how to present oneself well on camera and converse with others in a synchronous online meeting is a must,” according to Frederick.

Even better if you already have an associate degree in a related field. You could put your education to use as a computer programmer. Time in the field after that could help you advance to the position of software engineer. Frederick recommends having “strong programming skills and an understanding of how to apply software engineering techniques” regardless of your chosen path.

“It’s even better if you have experience with agile methodologies for software development,” she said. Today, many software development teams use agile methodologies such as Scrum. “Online work, open-source code development, freelancing, internships, and their own projects” can also help students obtain experience, according to George.

Regardless of your path, a solid programming background is required because “a person becomes a software engineer by gaining a deep understanding of programming coupled with a deep understanding of the principles of software engineering,” according to Overmyer. This is usually accomplished by a combination of education, training, and experience.”

When it comes time to enter the job market, remember to emphasize your transferrable abilities. “Most businesses want to see a portfolio of software projects that demonstrate your overall abilities,” Frederick explained. “It is always crucial to have good teamwork and communication abilities.”

What Qualifications Do I Require to Work as a Software Engineer?

A bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, information technology, or similar relevant discipline is required, as well as a strong knowledge of programming and technical skills. “Knowledge of at least one scripting language, such as Python or JavaScript, and one object-oriented language, such as Java or C++, is required,” Frederick says.

Those technical skills, however, will be useless without an “innate curiosity about how computers and software work and can be used to solve problems,” according to Overmyer. “The desire to solve real-world problems in a systematic way” is also important.

It will also help if you have the education and experience to demonstrate that you can be a valuable contributor and team player. After all, a large part of the software engineer’s job is to help clients install and use new software, so strong interpersonal skills are essential. “You should also learn about software versioning software and how these applications manage and control changes to software from a large number of contributors,” Frederick advised.

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Following that, you should have a portfolio “with examples of developed code” to show prospective employers, according to George. “Employers want to know if you have relevant experience.”


In terms of knowledge required, basic software development processes, as well as how to acquire, model, and structure problems encountered by end users and organizations, are critical. “How to translate end-user or institutional requirements into technical requirements, as well as how to construct, produce, and test software in development,” Overmyer added.

And, according to Overmyer, the best approach to learning how to be a software engineer is to “learn how to write really well in a modern programming language.” “The easiest way to do that is to take a course, then write a lot of programs.” Combine that with a study of software engineering principles and how to apply them to various types of software programs in various contexts, and you’ll be in high demand.”

How Much Does A Google Engineer Earn?

The average monthly salary for a Google Software Engineer in the United States is $9,287.

While Moden News reports monthly incomes as high as $14,333 and as low as $2,875, the majority of Google Software Engineer salaries in the United States now vary between $8,250 (25th percentile) to $10,250 (75th percentile). The average pay range for a Google Software Engineer varies significantly (by up to $2,000), implying that there may be several prospects for growth and increased income dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience.

According to recent job posting activity, the Google Software Engineer job market in Lagos, NG, and throughout the state is not very active, since few organizations are presently hiring. A Google Software Engineer in your area earns $9,315 per month on average, which is $28 (0%) more than the national average monthly pay of $9,287. Google Software Engineer salaries are ranked first in all 50 states.

Moden News regularly checks our database of millions of active jobs published locally throughout America to provide the most accurate monthly salary range for Google Software Engineer positions.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Boston?

The average monthly cost of living in Boston for one person is $2,899 USD. This places it in the top 1% of the world’s most costly cities! It is also the 26th most expensive city in the United States (out of 2,202 cities). And also the 31st most expensive city in the world (out of 9,294).

According to several sources, the cost of living in Boston is approximately 48% to 62% more than the national average. Whatever the exact figure, there is no doubt that Boston is an extremely expensive city.

How Many Hours Do Software Engineers Work?

You may have heard that software programmers must work 60 or 80-hour weeks and thought to yourself, “that’s absurd!”. You are correct! As it turns out, software engineers typically work standard hours. Similar to other job roles in various industries, with the exception of occasional overtime.
On average, software engineers work 8-9 hours per day and 40-45 hours per week. However, if you work for a startup or are nearing a deadline, you should plan to work overtime and weekend shifts. Also, as a senior engineer, you may need to work longer hours to assist and supervise your team members.

The data presented above is for the United States. For example, I work in Europe in Austria and work 38.5 hours a week, with 25 vacation days per year. The disadvantage is that I am not paid nearly as much as a senior programmer in the United States.

In this essay, I’ll provide a brief review of the elements that influence how many hours software developers work in order to dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions about work culture. For those interested in becoming a software engineer, I’ll also offer advice on how to improve work-life balance.

Finally, visit the Moden News homepage and also check out our Salary category, for more essential information.

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