Social Media Jobs in Lagos | Social Media Specialist Job Description

Social Media Jobs in Lagos | Social Media Specialist Job Description

RISE Networks, a reputable company in Nigeria that’s into social media management and content creation has commenced fresh Job recruitment. In order to employ trustworthy individuals that will effectively do social media Jobs in Lagos.

Another responsibility that will come to those who will be getting these Social media Jobs in Lagos. Is that they will be doing Content writing Jobs as well.

That is to say, that interested Persons should gently read the valuable information we have publicized on this webpage. Which comprises of Content Writer/Social Media Specialist Job description, application requirements, and how to apply for a job at RISE Networks Nigeria.

Job Title: Content Writer/Social Media Specialist

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job Field: Digital Marketing / Advertising / Social Media

Content Writer/Social Media Specialist Job Description

  • It’s the duty of those that will be doing these Jobs, to effectively relate with the general public. Through the social media platform that they will be working with.
  • Secondly, you will be using google analytics to effectively analyze the things that are going on the web. After which you will provide feedback to the company about your findings.
  • Thirdly, always publicize details of the latest projects of RISE Networks, by using content writing and social media specialist skills. To develop quality content and constantly share this content on social media.
  • The honor falls on those that will be getting these social media jobs in Lagos. To create a social media strategy for the company and equally implement the strategy.
  • Moreover, the Content writer/social media specialist will always be part of discussing and organizing the company’s events and meetings. So he or she can be able to get the full details of these activities and also create content about them.
  • Those that will be doing these jobs will be the ones that will be Marketing the company to the general public through social media.
  • Similarly, they must always know the latest social media practices and technologies, so as to always deliver good jobs to RISE Networks.
  • Those that will be doing these content writing jobs should be ready to be writing informative and appealing content.

Requirements for this Content Writer/Social Media Specialist Job at RISE Networks

  • Firstly, anyone that wishes to occupy a content writer vacancy at RISE Networks Nigeria, must have a minimum of 4 years of relevant work experience.
  • From the responsibilities that have been clearly stated in the Content Writer/Social Media Specialist Job description above. Interested Persons would realize that research and analytical skills are important for this role.
  • Certainly, the RISE Networks job recruitment team has disclosed that only those that possess good written communication skills. Can apply for these content writing jobs in Lagos state Nigeria.
  • Applicants should know how to use social media tools very well.
  • Anyone that wishes to occupy a content writer vacancy at RISE Networks Nigeria should be a good listener.
  • Lastly, qualified Persons that have been searching for things like social media jobs from home, stay-at-home social media jobs, and writing jobs in Lagos are advised to apply for these jobs.

How to Apply for a Job at RISE Networks Nigeria

  1. Apply through the Company’s Email Address

    Above all, those that qualify for these Content writer/social media specialist jobs in Lagos should simply visit the application portal HERE.

    Alternatively, interested persons can forward a 1 page Cover Letter of themselves with a brief but comprehensive CV to [email protected]

    In conclusion, each Applicant should use the title of this Job as the subject of his/her email.

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