Top Places that You Can Sell Your Old TV and Make Money

Television, just like other electronics, can get old, break, crack, or get damaged by several factors. Therefore, you need to know what to do when it breaks.

When you break or crack your TV, you can either repair or replace it. Depending on the extent of the damage, replacing the TV can sometimes prevail as the best alternative due to the high repair cost.

Broken or cracked TVs can still fetch you some cents when you sell them. The TV might fail to turn on, the screen might be cracked, or the speakers damaged. Nevertheless, dealers buy these television sets, so don’t panic if you damage yours.

When selling a broken TV or recycling it, you’re supposed to provide a correct description of the condition of the television to the person or shop you’re selling to.

Modern televisions are not easy to recycle. Due to this condition, many companies that initially recycled them may reject the TV if you try to sell or accept them for a fee. This has made it challenging for those planning to sell their broken TVs.

Luckily, a few companies still buy these broken TVs, as highlighted in the text.


Keep that outdated TV you have! Even if you break your TV, you can still sell it and make some money.

Selling broken televisions is not an easy task, so consider yourself lucky if you can find a dealer nearby. Modern televisions are difficult to recycle, which causes many businesses to forgo purchasing damaged TVs. Selling a damaged TV is more difficult now than it formerly was.

Instead of repairing it, which is an expensive endeavor, you can sell the TV to a recycling firm and get a new one because new televisions can now be had for a reasonable price.

As was mentioned in this article, there are numerous possibilities close by that you can select from when selling.


When selling a broken TV, you’ll need to describe its condition accurately to the person you’re selling it to

You’ll have to state:

  • If the Tv switches on
  • If the screen is broken or it has just failed to work
  • If the microphone is working
  • If the speaker is working
  • How does the TV respond when turned on


It doesn’t matter if your television is a digital, LCD, LED, curved, smart, or flat-screen model. All sorts of televisions can be sold for money when they are broken.

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1.    EBID

You can sell everything you have on the internet through the eBid platform in a variety of categories. In terms of how it operates, it’s virtually like eBay.

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eBid is well-reviewed despite its unpopularity in the marketing industry. It’s a website where you can easily sell your outdated, damaged TV.


There are probably a lot of TV repair shops in your area. These TV repair firms earn on damaged televisions; they purchase the damaged TV from you, repair it, and then resell it for a profit.

Therefore, they will be more than happy to buy the damaged TV from you.

It’s simple to find a TV repair company nearby. You may find a list of all TV repair shops in your area by simply typing “TV repair shop near me” into Google.

You may also search for “places that purchase damaged TVs near me” or “who buys broken TVs for components nearby.” This search will provide information on pawn businesses and electronics (TV) repair shops.

3.    EBAY

eBay is a marketing platform that allows you to list unlimited items for sale, up to 50 items for free. eBay has more than 182 million active users. When you list your old broken TV on this platform, the chances of selling it within a short period are high due to its huge membership.

You’re free to set your price for the broken TV, and you can also specify that your TV is for local pickup if you want to avoid shipping costs.

Ensure the price you set is competitive; otherwise, you might fail to get a seller for your broken TV. Compared with other similar products other sellers offer at that particular time to arrive at a competitive price for your TV.


Facebook marketplace is an online service where local buyers and sellers may transact online.

You can utilize this market to find a buyer if you have a broken TV and are thinking about selling it.

List your TV by including a few images of it, information about it, the kind and degree of damage, and finally, your location. Of course, you must specify the price at which you are selling the TV.


Yard sale allows you to buy or sell any item in person and get paid instantly. You need to inform the buyer whether your television is broken.

The potential market for your broken TV is individuals operating TV refurbishment and recycling businesses, which you can find in yard sales.

The advantage of selling in a yard sale is that it eliminates the need for shipping costs as you meet with the buyer in person and complete all the transactions right away.


GreenBuyback is an online marketing site that allows you to sell old electronics, broken flat-screen TVs, and other electronic devices. They have an official website, which, when you log in, allows you to select the type of item you want to sell.

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After selecting the type of product you’re selling, you need to give a detailed description of the product’s condition. The site will then give you a quote of the proposed price they are willing to buy your broken TV.


If you want to sell your broken TV, another alternative is to use Craigslist. You can use the website to locate local buyers who might be interested in your broken television.

Many people have reported purchasing faulty gadgets, including TVs, on Craigslist. Therefore, you are likely to find a buyer if you offer your television here.

Selling on Craigslist is advantageous because it is cost-free; other sites require payment.


Backflip is a platform that enables people to easily and rapidly sell various kinds of goods, including laptops, phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions.

This is how the website operates: you must specify what you are selling there. Backflip will then present you with an offer for the specified item.

Following your acceptance of the offer, backflip will immediately pay your payment and cover the delivery expenses.

The website makes sure that every transaction is finished within a week.

9.    5MILES

5miles online marketing site provides its users with a wide range of categories to sell used or broken TVs and other items for free.

This is a place you can list your broken TV for sale. With 5miles, you get 100% of the value your TV sells as they don’t charge anything for your sales.

  10. SELLCELL.COM is considered to be the largest price comparison site in the U.S that allows you to sell old and broken TVs, phones, and tablets.


There are several problems with broken TVs that need to be fixed. You can recycle, sell, or give it away.

How much money will you make from selling the broken TV is probably the first thing you’ll ask yourself.

The model and state of the TV will determine how much it is worth. A broken TV may or may not be worth very little money, depending on the degree of damage.

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If you want to get the maximum out of your old TV sales, follow the steps below:

Determine if the TV is worth selling

Small TVs are cheap to buy, so it would be unworthy of selling a used older model. In this scenario, you can decide to donate the TV.

However, if the TV is a newer model and just a few years old, it will be worth selling

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Find out who buys TVs near me

Having gone through all the places, you can sell broken or damaged TVs; it will be easier to find where you will sell your TV.

Create a detailed listing

Give details on:

  • Where and when you buy the TV
  • How often do you use the TV
  • The technical issues it has
  • Selling price
  • The last time you updated the firmware

Take clear photos of the TV

Photos serve to confirm to the potential buyer that the deal is not a scam and that the provided listings are true.

Take the pictures with the TV turned on. Also, take a photo of the input jacks and the remote control.

Erase your credentials

Log out from all the apps you’ve been using.

You can also reset the factory settings to erase all settings and logins.


Old TVs are still worth it, so you shouldn’t throw away or dump them. Consider recycling or selling them.

Selling an old TV can present its challenges. But with the tips discussed, you can find it easier to sell your broken TV.

Finally, each place where you can sell your broken TV has its terms of use and benefits; it would be best to be aware of them to get the best out of your sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place to sell a TV?

Selling locally is a safer, easier option. Also, eBay charges fees, which the next two options don’t.

Craigslist is available in many places and is free, though there is the “stranger danger” aspect that you’re inviting someone you don’t know to your house there are definitely weirdos out there.

What’s the best way to sell a used TV?

Avoid selling on sites like eBay or Amazon. Instead, look for local online marketplaces, such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

That way, you can have other people come to pick up the TV from your home rather than delivering it.

Are Broken TVs worth anything?

Depending on the model of your TV and what condition it’s in, you can expect to earn very little trying to sell a broken one.

Some places will buy old appliances for scraps and parts, or with the intention of fixing and selling them, but you won’t earn enough in most cases to make the effort worth it.

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