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This is to announce that recruitment has commenced for Sappi Vacancies in South Africa. With an elite organizational setting and also workers’ commitment, Sappi Careers actually remains one of the most pursued works in the flight business, etc.

On the 17th of December, this South African paper industry was established and in 1936 our name was shortened to SA pulp which was later known as Sappi in 1973, The constitution of the pulp and pepper mill began on land near spring In 1973 this Sappi Careers company in south re-registered as  Sappi limited.

Our today’s update will meet you well if you’re looking for Sappi Vacancies In  South Africa,  Sappi South Africa Jobs, or Sappi Career In South Africa, With the help of these enlistment officials, we have been able to source all the available information you will be needing for this Sappi Careers In South Africa.

About Sappi Careers   

As the leading global company, We ensure that we provide everyday materials made from wood fiber-based flow resources. We’re breaking records, innovative, and trusted, Sappi company building a  more Circular economy by making what we’re supposed to do, not just what we can. But together with our partners, we’re working to build a thriving world  acting in order to support the planet’s people,

In addition to this, our global governance, the social and environmental performance of this Sappi Career in South Africa is well assessed annually in terms of our listing on the socially and responsible investment of the index societies exchange JSE.

And there are many divisions of this Sappi Careers In South Africa which include Sappi Cellulose, Sappi Paper, And paper Package, Sappi Pulp, Sappi Forest Company, and Sappi Chemical Industry.

Benefits of Working For Sappi In South Africa

Below are the equal outline benefits one can stand to gain while working with Sappi career company in South Africa.

  • They offer adoption benefits to their workers.
  • Sappi company in South Africa offers comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits, and life and good disability insurance to their workers.
  • A good number of Sappi company staff are entitled to have a flexible spending account from the company both with a good educational and student loan reimbursement program.
  • It will also blow your mind to know that Sappi Careers In South Africa is a good Investment plan with generous company contribution.
  • Sappi company also great very good wellness and incentives for healthy lifestyle choices.
  • They paid time off for vacation, holiday and disability leave to their staff.

List Of Available Sappi Careers In South Africa

Below is the list of available Sappi Vacancies In South Africa, you can go through the description to know the one that will suit you the most.

Job Title: Sales Administrator

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time  

About Sales Administrator In South Africa

With the market improving, and our business expanding, we are now seeking to grow our company throughout the world, and we are looking for highly motivated and talented individuals who are capable to be the customer’s administrative interface and manage all customer’s accounts in all aspects from the booking of orders to the issuing of the delivery instructions. And also maintain customer profiles up to date with all necessary information and maintain a digital filing system and resolve customer quarries both assisting sales managers with monthly Sales.

Our customer experience department is looking for talented individuals who can enhance the passenger experience with unparalleled training. You can apply if you have what it takes to fit into this Sappi Career In South Africa.

Requirements For This Sales Administrator Vacancies In South Africa

  • You must have at least 5 years of customer service experience with other capturing, and tracking good orders to meet customers’ demands within the manufacturing or a well save the technical environment.
  • You should also note that we are vaccinated and expect all new staff to be vaccinated when joining our Sappi company.
  • An applicant must have a minimum of two years of experience using SAP, SAP DPE, and BW advantageous.
  • Proficient in MS Office or Excel.

Job Title: Nursing Assistant

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Job Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

Company: Sappi 

About Nursing Assistant Job In South Africa 

The Nursing Assistant is responsible for the maintenance of a healthy workforce, support functions that aim to improve the safety of the employees, And scheduling medical examinations of patient history like blood pressure, urine, pulse, and weight.

They also conduct HCT counseling and different test, assist with wound care and medical management, and daily check of emergency clinic equipment, stock, and oxygen supply.

For this Sappi Careers In South Africa, The successful candidates should ensure that Sappi performs at optimum levels, thereby by participating in a relevant committee structure and visiting department sections to discuss health-related issues of the employees and company. Sappi Vacancies In South Africa come with lots of motivation and compensation packages.

Requirements For Nursing Assistant Position

  • General Nursing Assistant qualification or Basic emergency medical technician qualification (EMT).
  • You must have a  qualification and experience in audiometry spirometry.
  • Registration with South African. Nursing Council or Health Professional Council.
  • You must have at least one year of experience in a clinical environment or seminars.
  • You must also have good health care-initiated testing certificate.
  • And first aid level one.

Job Title: Rigger

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Rigger Position  

They are responsible for providing rigging, removing, lifting, and replacing heavy and large mechanical equipment in order to ensure plant availability and effectiveness of the company machine. They also assign work to their assistants according to their experience and knowledge and decide what equipment is correct for the job according to the weight and size.

Requirements For Rigger Position

  • With a recognized trade test certificate as a rigger, you can apply for this Sappi Careers In South Africa.
  •  At least two years of post-training or tuition experience in a heavy engineering environment is advantageous for this job.
  • Grade 12 and N2 with N3 engineering whilst are preferred.
  • In agreement with the department of employment and labor’s directive of 11 June 2021, Sappi s risk assessment has identified this role as requiring must or mandatory COVID-19 vaccination as an inherent of the job.

Job Title: Global Service Team Member

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Global Service Team Members

In a highly dynamic Industry, Sappi Global Service Team Members are responsible for assisting, maintaining, and implementing of request to pay system and coordinating with local and remote functional SAP and development teams to solve issues, assist in assessing and performing cost-benefit analysis including collaboration with team partners to help identify opportunities to streamline both with internal and external team members and business stakeholders and ensure that data remains complete, accurate, valid during input and output storage.

The compensation for these Sappi Vacancies In South Africa is of industry and high-class standard

Requirements For These Positions

  • Minimum of 3-5 years experience with SAP material management and various tools.
  • Bachelor’s degree in information and technology or a related field is required.
  • You must have excellent and good communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Experience with AP processing and scanning solution is also an advantage.
  • You must have the ability to work with people from many business disciplines and cultures with varying degrees of IT experience.
  • You must be fluent in written and spoken English.
  • Experience with SAP PM is desirable.
  • Similar to Sappi Careers In South Africa, you’re expected to have a working knowledge of programming methods, SAP user exits, and working knowledge of debugging or the ability to learn.

Job Title: Forestry Manager

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Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Forestry Manager As A Career In South Africa 

Sappi Forests requires a Forestry Manager to plan, execute and achieve the estate management and harvesting of objectives for fiber production within the resources. They also ensure a suitable and rateable fiber supply.

Requirements For This Positions Are

  • You must have a national diploma in forestry or a related qualification.
  • A minimum of eight years of experience in timber procurement or Forestry management.
  • Valid code EB driver’s license.
  • Bachelor’s degree in forestry or any related discipline would also be preferred.

Job Title: Groundwood Log Checker

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time 

About This Sappi Position In South Africa

As a Groundwood Log Checker, you will oversee the ground operation of this Sappi Career In South Africa, according to this procedure, you will be responsible for monitoring the quality of the log under the authority of the BOP and assist with the start-up and short-down of the plant, planned and unplanned change, cleaning of log blockages and isolated plant as required.

In this role, they also identify abnormal plant conditions and take nice corrective action according to standards, and report unsafe conditions.

Groundwood Log Checker Requirements

  • At least one to three years of experience in the Pulp and paper industry, if possible woodyard operation.
  • You must have grade 12 maths and science.
  • N3 Pulp will also be advantageous.
  • You must be vaccinated and also expected to submit your vaccine card.

Job Title: Sappi Project Manager

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Sappi Project manager  

As a project manager, you’re responsible for managing timber supply agreements with external supplies, Including timber growers, community property associations, co-operatives, and trust in order to ensure the development and enhancement of very nice sustainable forestry enterprises for the supply of wood fiber into Sappi market and ensure that knowledge is transfer to suppliers and contractors.

And Sappi Vacancies In the South is been placed with high expectations which you can now apply If you’re equal to the task.

Requirements For This Positions Are

  • You must have a national diploma in forestry or other related fields.
  • At least eight years of experience in wood

Shopping or Forestry management

  • A logistics and transport management certificate will be advantageous.
  • You’re also expected to submit your COVID-19 vaccination card.
  • Excellent and good communication skills.

Job Title: Saiccor Electrician

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Saiccor Electrician Job In South Africa.

The Saiccor Electrician is responsible for providing electrical service by finding faults, preparing the status reports, installing, maintaining, repairing, and upgrading electrical orders and equipment, And also ensuring that tools and materials are available and maintain to ensure the term availability reliability.

They also comply with and perform tasks as per the organization’s policies, procedures, and operating practices and draw the required extra from the store using the SAP packing list.

Below Are The Requirements For The  Position Of Saiccor Electrician

  • You must have a recognized trade test certificate as an electrician.
  • At least two years post apprenticeship with a focus on electrical fault finding in a heavy industrial environment if you must apply for this Sappi Careers In South Africa.
  • Grade 12 with an N2 engineering whilst N3 engineering would be preferred.
  • And also good problem-solving skills.

Job Title: Training Consultant

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Training Consultants In South Africa

Training Consultants are responsible for developing, planning, designing, and delivering learning experiences to improve the productivity and performance of the employees in the business, and also support the line managers and supervisors in identifying the learning needs of their term and also advise managers on whether training will add to solving their business challenges, monitor different types of learners in the business area.

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They are also expected to be on the learning policy.

Requirements For This Positions Are,

  • You’re expected to have a National diploma or Bachelor’s degree in human resources development or psychology if you must apply for this Sappi Career In South Africa.
  • Three to five years of experience in a learning function, preferably in a heavy manufacturing environment.
  • Trade tested and two years of artisan experience.

Job Title: Store Administration Clerk

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Store Administration Clerk In South Africa.

In a highly dynamic Industry, They check, balance, and generate reports on the daily and after-hours issues of petrol and diesel using an excel spreadsheet, fuel register, and SAP MM  system and collection of fuel cards from transport supervisors and process it at speed point.

They also check on the order register for each employee’s safety, generate different report printouts on SAP, fill all documents generated in the admin office and assist in various personal inquiries about the stock items and engage in housekeeping of the store and surrounding Sappi Vacancies In South Africa.

Below Are The Requirements For This Position

  • NQF level four is required.
  • post matric relevant qualification is required.
  •  Minimum of one to two years experience in administration.
  • The Engineering store’s experience is also advantageous.

Job Title: Production Trainees

Job Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Production Trainees In South Africa.

In a highly dynamic Industry, production Trainees are responsible for performing various operations in various plants according to the quality procedures and assist in operational duties within plants in order to gain experience, complete on-job training, and apply safety, health, and environmental policies and procedures.

Below Are The Requirements For This Position

  • You are expected to have a computer engineering certificate.
  • NQF level four with S4 in pulp and paper or computer literacy.

Job Title: Core Cutter

Location: South Africa

Job Type: Full Time

About Core Cutters In South Africa.

Core Cutters are responsible for driving forklift trucks to handle and store material and recording all material receipts, moving empty pallets to the palette yard, cutting a core sample, cutting all inner and outer odd orders when required, and maintaining a high level of good housekeeping in the working place at all times.

Requirements For This Core Cutters Position

  • The ideal certificate you should have are grade 12 with math and science.
  • N3 Pulp and paper.
  • Minimum of three years experience working in a paper industry or paper machine manufacturing process.

How To Apply For These Sappi Vacancies In South Africa

To apply for this Sappi Jobs In South Africa you have to follow the following steps.

  • First of all, you have to create your account on the official website of Sappi: or
  • Secondly, you will have to log in to your account.
  • After account login, you will have to select a job profile for yourself and remember that you should be eligible for the job profile.
  • Once you select the profile, you will have to fill out the application form.
  • Fill out the application form carefully.
  • After filling out the form, click on submit button and wait for the process to complete.
  • And remember you advised to keep a printout of the application with them so that it can be used when needed.

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