Restaurant Waiter Salary in Canada

In the foodservice and hospitality sectors, a waiter or server is a common occupation. They ensure that customers have a positive dining experience by attending to their needs. You may be able to determine if this job role matches you by finding out more about their abilities and workplace. In this post, we go over the restaurant waiter’s salary in Canada, qualifications, everyday responsibilities, and procedures for becoming a server in Canada.

How much does a waiter make in Canada? How much does waitress make in Canada? What is the average restaurant waiter’s salary in Canada? These and many more are the questions many seek answers to before applying for a Canadian waiter’s job. Especially immigrants and foreigners.

The rich lifestyle, the multi-cultural society, and the diverse ethnicity of Canada create the avenue for restaurants to thrive. The country is also known for its hospitality, good economy, and open-door policy that accommodates foreigners.

How to become a waiter in Canada

Canada has quite a number of legislation when it comes to becoming a restaurant waiter. However, it is important you follow the process outlined here:

1. Develop the necessary abilities

Many waiters pick up the required abilities while working. Restaurants may offer a brief orientation period or place new hires with veteran waitstaff. Fine dining establishments or hotels may hold classroom training sessions to enhance staff members’ customer service, serving, and communication skills. Waiters learn how to deal with difficult situations and customers through on-the-job training.

2. Understand the local tongue

You could relocate to several cities and towns in order to work as a waitress. Speaking the native tongue makes it easier to interact with clients and coworkers. In a foreign country, learning the local language is beneficial for both your career and daily life. Canada has two major languages, French and English. Fluency in both languages is a major asset.

You can even negotiate an improved restaurant waiter salary in Canada if you can speak both languages proficiently.

3. Search for jobs

In newspapers, brochures, or even as a poster outside their restaurant, restaurants, and hotels frequently advertise their waiter hiring requirements. You must inform your network and friends that you are looking for jobs. You might be able to find work as a waiter through word-of-mouth. For a walk-in interview, you might occasionally approach a restaurant directly.

4. Upgrade to advance

A waiter can select from a number of positions to enhance their career, including bartender, cashier, manager, or even buy manager. To advance in your work, it is crucial to develop your reading, writing, mathematical computation, and language skills. You might have more options as a server if you up-skill.

5. POS system proficiency

A waiter may occasionally be required to process customer bills, necessitating knowledge of POS systems. The ability to use a POS system, while not a prerequisite skill, may increase work chances. Furthermore, when waiters learn how to utilize it, they might speed up the processing of bills and assist during busy times at a restaurant.

Skills required in a waiter

Here are some of the fundamental skills required in a waiter:

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1. Good Communication Skills

A waiter serves as a liaison between many groups and people, including customers, the kitchen, housekeeping, and the cashier. It is crucial that a waiter effectively communicates any special requests a customer may have for their dish to the kitchen staff. Effective communicator can engage with their team to resolve problems or voice concerns about their work or even a client.

2. Consumer assistance

The first personnel to interact with consumers are waiters. Waiters are composed and work hard to satisfy customers. They help the consumer with their needs, are courteous, and are well-dressed. The likelihood that a customer will return to the restaurant is influenced by a waiter who provides excellent customer service.

3. Detail-oriented

The management of several tables and orders at once is a skill taught to waiters. They have a good memory and can recall information about the orders and clients. Regular diners’ interactions with the restaurant are enhanced by these particulars.

4. Patience

Every day, a server deals with a variety of customers. Customers who submit orders slowly or who object to their orders could be encountered by the business. No matter what the circumstance, a waiter will handle it with patience and politeness. It ensures a positive client experience and assists servers in developing credibility.

5. Good appearance

A waiter with styled hair and pressed clothing appears. It affects how customers are treated and reflects the waiter’s attitude about their job. In addition to looking nice, a waiter keeps proper posture, displays appropriate body language, and addresses every customer.

Employment Requirements for a Restaurant waiter in Canada

Usually, you need this to do the job.

  • Secondary school graduation might be needed.
  • A one- or two-year apprenticeship program, college or vocational school courses, or they may need other credentials to become a formal waiter or waitress.
  • In Saskatchewan and British Columbia, they offer apprenticeship training programs for food and beverage servers. 
  • In certain provinces, trade certification is possible but optional.
  • Typically, on-the-job training is offered.
  • Courses in wine selection and service or prior experience as a captain waiter/waitress or formal waiter/waitress may be necessary for wine stewards.
  • Employees providing alcoholic beverages typically need to be certified in responsible beverage service.

Before beginning employment, you might need to obtain a certification from a regulatory body. Find out if laws govern this profession in your region.

LocationJob titleRegulationRegulatory body
AlbertaFood And Beverage ServerRegulatedAlberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
British ColumbiaServer (licensed Liquor Establishment)RegulatedLiquor Control and Licensing Branch, Government of British Columbia
ManitobaFood And Beverage ServersRegulatedManitoba Tourism Education Council
QuébecFood And Beverage ServerRegulatedEmploi Québec
SaskatchewanFood And Beverage PersonRegulatedSaskatchewan Apprenticeship and Trade Certification Commission

What does a waiter do in Canada?

A waiter may have a full-time or part-time job. Serving is a fast-paced, extremely demanding job. They move about and stand up a lot while carrying heavy platters of food and beverages. In any hotel or restaurant, a waiter is on the front lines of providing client service. Thus, maintaining hygiene and looking presentable is crucial. All waiters may receive uniforms from many restaurants.

An early morning start and late-night shift are both possible for waiters. In many restaurants, they could also work on the weekends and on holidays. A waiter ensures that every diner receives the proper meal at busy times by working with the kitchen workers and giving prompt service. Physical stamina is needed to execute the job of a waiter.

However, your line of duty also influences your restaurant waiter salary in Canada. Those that are deeply engaged in the job as full-time staff make more than partime staff.

Daily duties and responsibilities of a waiter in Canada

Often, a server is the last person to leave a restaurant after it closes. They complete a number of jobs throughout the day to make sure the restaurant runs properly and patrons receive prompt service. A waiter’s regular tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Welcome clients and direct them to the appropriate tables
  • Show menus, provide information on daily specials or deals, respond to inquiries about the menu, and make recommendations.
  • Possess a solid knowledge of the menu and consumer requirements
  • Before the restaurant opens, receive orders from the customers, alert the kitchen staff, and assist with meal preparation and garnish.
  • Pay great attention while you accept orders from the customers.
  • Following each meal, check in with clients to make sure they’re enjoying the meal.
  • Relay orders from the kitchen to the customer
  • Remove dirty dishes, glasses and clean tables after customers leave
  • Actively maintain a clean dining area by replacing plates and refilling glasses whenever required
  • Arrange tables, chairs, cutlery and dishes before the restaurant opens
  • Coordinate between the cashier and the customer for order payments

Restaurant waiter salary in Canada

Canadian waiter salary is a topic that is on the minds of many Canadians. Whether they are looking for a part-time job or are looking for a new job, they want to know if their potential new career will make them rich. A typical salary for a waiter in Canada is $11.92 per hour. This means that someone working 40 hours a week would earn roughly $24,000 a year.

What is the average salary for a waiter in Canada?

The Canada waiter job salary is $19,000. This is a very competitive salary, and the competition is fierce. However, the salary is equal to the average for the service industry in Canada. Waiter salary in Canada 2023 is $19,000. This is a competitive salary, and the competition is fierce.

What are the best cities for a waiter in Canada?

The average restaurant waiter salary in Canada varies depending on the region and the restaurant. Canada waiter salary per hour is $16.36 per hour. A Canadian server would earn $2,500.00 per month and $37,500.00 per year. The best cities for a waiter in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

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What are the best restaurants for a waiter in Canada?

This is a tough job to get because there is a lot of competition for these positions. The best restaurants for a waiter in Canada are those that are close to the city centre. This will help the waiter get the best average waiter salary with tips.

Cook salary in Canada

In Canada, a cook makes $31,200 annually, or $16 an hour. Most experienced workers earn up to $40,972 per year, while entry-level positions begin at $29,250.

What is a waiter salary in Toronto

In Toronto, Ontario, the average waiter or waitress earns a gross annual pay of $36,277, which equates to $17 per hour. This is $2279 (+7%) more than the typical waiter/waitress wage in Canada. Additionally, they receive a $1,919 bonus on average. Salary projections based on data from anonymous employee surveys and employer surveys completed in Toronto, Ontario. The typical wage for a waiter or waitress at entry level (1-3 years of experience) is $32,239. The average pay for senior-level waiters and waitresses (8+ years of experience) is $42,145.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work as a waiter in Canada?

Foreigners can work as waiters, kitchen assistants, and other jobs in Canada. Canada has a huge need for food service employees, so you can seek permanent residence there.

How many hours do waiters work in Canada?

Waiter / waitress, kitchen helper work part-time hours of 40hrs per week.

Do waiters get paid less in Canada?

Not anylonger. The subminimum wage of $12.55 per hour, sometimes referred to as the “liquor servers” rate, was abolished in Ontario this month. The minimum pay for servers, waiters, and bartenders is now $15 per hour, the same as for all other workers. But how effective is Toronto’s new server-related legislation?

How much do part time waiters make in Canada?

In Canada, a part-time waiter makes an average of $31,103 year, or $15.95 per hour. Most experienced professionals earn up to $35,685 annually, while entry-level occupations start at $28,685 annually.

Do waiters get tips in Canada?

Restaurants in Canada rarely include gratuities. It is normal to tip between 15% and 20% of the total amount before taxes, more for exceptionally great treatment and less for subpar service. For larger groups, many restaurants may automatically add a 15–18% gratuity.


There are many jobs in Canada that pay well. The average salary for a waiter in Canada is $18,000. This is a good salary for many people. There are some waiters and waitresses who make a lot more than this amount. Some people make a lot less than this amount. There are many factors that determine restaurant waiter salary in Canada, such as experience, location, hours worked, and tips.

Additionally, there has been a projected rise in the demand for waiters in Canada. This is the right time to apply to the many restaurants recruiting in Canada.

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