Red Cross Tanzania Jobs 2023/2024

Red Cross Tanzania Jobs 2023

Red Cross is a multi-national NGO specializing in providing emergency aides to countries they are situated in. It is present in many countries around the world and also works with over a million volunteers at a time. Since it arrived in Tanzania it has been instrumental in providing aides to the most deprived in society. However, Tanzania has witnessed a tremendous improvement in emergency management since Red Cross arrived in the Country. They also provide job opportunities along with emergency aid.

We wish to inform the general public that recruitment has commenced for the latest Red Cross Tanzania Jobs 2023/2024. The Job will interest you if you are on the search for Tanzania Red Cross Application form, International Jobs in Tanzania, NGO Jobs in Tanzania, or Nursing Jobs in Tanzania.

Benefits of Working with Red Cross Tanzania

  • Sense of contribution to humanitarian good.
  • Good working conditions.
  • Thirdly, one will gain the experience needed in international NGO Jobs.
  • Also, the person will have the opportunity to learn from world-class professionals.
  • Amazing work incentives.
  • Greater networking opportunities are seen in International NGO Jobs.
  • Reliable team of like-minds and mentors.
  • Further, it is currently among the highest-paying jobs in Tanzania.
  • Workers’ welfare at the Red Cross is always a top priority.
  • Application is free as no fee is necessary for it.
  • Little or no level of experience is needed for most Red Cross Jobs.
  • Lastly, a transparent and merit-based Application process devoid of manipulations.

List of Available Red Cross Jobs in Tanzania

Job Title: Consultant – Care in Community

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Location: Tanzania

Required Qualifications for this Consultant Job at Red Cross Tanzania

  1. Firstly, interested persons should have an essential Graduate or Postgraduate degree. Preferably in Nursing or Medicine.
  2. Secondly, Applicants should have good work experience, that must have been obtained while working with RCRC and/or IFRC.
  3. Applicants should be very fluent in the English language.

Job: Psychiatric Nurse

Location: Tanzania

Field: NGO / Community Services

Requirements for Clinical Psychiatrist Job at Tanzania Red Cross

  • Firstly, the person will prepare all the necessary tools needed for psychiatric assessment at the Red cross.
  • Red Cross Tanzania Jobs 2023/2024 is for those with a passion for humanity.
  • Will provide consultation to emotionally distressed and those with behavioral problems.
  • Most importantly, in mental health studies from a recognized institution in Nigeria.
  • Sound background in mental health Jobs in Tanzania.

Job: Psychiatric Nurse

Location: Tanzania

Field: NGO / Community Services

Required Qualifications for the Position of Psychiatric Nurse That’s Among the Red Cross Tanzania Jobs 2023/2024

  • Will assist the doctors in taking care of mentally deranged patients.
  • Secondly, Candidates must be Registered, Nurse/Medical practitioners.
  • Additionally, must have acquired a minimum of one year of experience in Nursing Jobs in Tanzania.
  • Certainly, good communication skills are crucial for this vacancy.
  • Officials demand at least a diploma in mental health studies.
  • Keep records of patient’s health progress.

Job: Assistant Medical Officer [Ophthalmologist]

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Location: Tanzania

Field: NGO / Community Services

Red Cross Tanzania Recruitment Requirements for the Position of Assistant Medical Officer

  • It is currently among the highest paying International Jobs in Tanzania.
  • Assist the physician during diagnostic and minor surgical procedures, including instrumentation.
  • Thirdly, experience in Public health Jobs in Tanzania would be an advantage.
  • Candidates would also be involved in community sensitizations.
  • Moreover, a minimum of a Diploma in Clinical Medicine.
  • Will perform additional designated health roles at Tanzania Red Cross.
  • Similarly, this Red Cross Tanzania Job 2023/2024 requires a passion for humanity.

Job: Anesthetic Nurse

Location: Tanzania

Field: NGO / Community Services

Conditions for the Position of Anesthetic Nurse at Tanzania Red Cross

  • Firstly, the call to apply is open to only registered professional Nurses.
  • A good length of experience in Medical Anesthetics is essential.
  • Assist patients to recover through the process of Anesthetics.
  • In addition, apply for this Red Cross Tanzania vacancy for Anesthetic Nurse. If you have done similar NGO Jobs in Tanzania.
  • Candidates must be legal residents of Tanzania.
  • Will also mentor those that came for Red Cross Internships in Tanzania.
  • In the same vein, ensure you possess sound interpersonal skills.

Job: Theatre/Scrub Nurse

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Location: Tanzania

Field: NGO / Community Services

Requirements for the Theatre/Scrub Nurse That is One of the Tanzania Red Cross Vacancies

  • Ensure the theatre is always neat and ready to use.
  • Also, the Tanzania Red Cross Application form for this Job is open to only licensed professionals.
  • Thirdly, the Theatre Nurse will render inventory documentation on equipment use.
  • Assist surgery patients through the recovery procedure.
  • The theatre Nurse will additionally perform other assigned designated roles.
  • Furthermore, the person will account for the safety of equipment at the theatre.
  • Lastly, Red Cross Tanzania Jobs 2023/2024 officials demand a minimum National Diploma from a recognized institution.

How to Apply for a Job at Red Cross Tanzania

  1. Apply via the recruitment address

    Above all, interested persons who have gone through the recruitment requirements, and wish to apply. Should fill out the online application form at the Tanzania Red Cross recruitment portal here:

    Finally, avoid scammers because the Application form for this Job is free.

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