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Before You Quit That Job, Read This

Before You Quit That Job, Read This

Human wants, it is said, are insatiable either by nature or nature we tend to always crave more. In the work environment, the case is no different. Either out of greed, necessity, or both, the man at one point or the other in his career has to change from one job to another.

The idea of changing jobs may look simple and a positive move, but it is not always the case as many people live their entire life regretting such a move, especially if the movement is within one-man establishments that are fraught with so many deceptions and camouflage to lure new recruits in, only to get in and be confronted with different realities. This does not rule out the fact that changing jobs is expected to be a progressive move until one gets a stable and well-structured work environment, with competitive pay.

It is rampant among the employed to always seek companies with bigger pay. Unfortunately many do not bother to consider other variables and components of the packages. In order not to make one’s movement a regrettable one, some salient questions needed to be raised and answered. For those moving from one job to another, it is a lesser risk compared to those quitting ‘bad’ jobs for nothing. This article addresses the former group and suspends the latter for a subsequent article.

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You have a thousand and one complaints about your current job, almost everybody does, but before you move to another job, have you bothered to make some findings of the new job so that you won’t end up on fire from the frying pan?

Are you quitting your current job because of the pay?

I am not in the dissonance that you should opt for higher pay, but be very sure that where you are going actually offer higher take-home in the long run.

Have you considered the ‘insignificant’ benefits your current employer offers; the opportunities; the leisure time; the comfortable work environment; the well-structured system; the availability of room for growth and advancement among others? Does this new company offer all of this, or you are just being lured by their pay irrespective of the availability of other perks?

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Will it be easy for you to move on from this prospective employer of yours to another in the nearest future, or you don’t think that is a factor to be put into consideration?

Their kind of business, have you taken your time to look at the prospect of the company compare to where you want to quit from? Remember companies that owe salaries don’t announce it, you discover that when you are already in, except you are smart enough to do your underground findings before you accept their offer. Your excitement to leave your current job did not allow you to find out about what welfare package they have for staff. You may be shocked that all they have for you aside from your salary is their part of the pension contributions. Is that the same with where you intend to leave, or you are good to go with their gross package salary?

There is an old saying that ‘not until a woman tries two husbands

She won’t be able to tell a better one’. In other words, as a job changer, don’t wait until you have a second job to discover a better one. Make sure you do thorough findings of the new job before you resign from your current one.

Finally, being reluctant to quit a job for another may be termed as “the fear of the unknown”, especially in companies with the appalling condition of work. Similarly, impatience with your current employer may be termed as “impatience with the known”. Excesses of either are where the issues lie. Too much ‘fear of the unknown’ may live you condemned to a bad place of work for the rest of your life, whereas ‘impatience with the known’ might send you to a worse place of work. Drawing the line between the two extremes is a decision individual has to make. In your decision-making process, therefore, all the aforementioned should be given thorough thought.

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