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Prasa Vacancies in South Africa | Prasa Jobs in SA

This is to announce that recruitment has commenced for Prasa vacancies in South Africa. You might have arrived here while searching for Prasa security vacancies, Prasa careers, careers at Prasa, Prasa protection services vacancies, or Prasa security jobs. We shall equally be looking at the requirements for security jobs at Prasa.

About Passengers Rail Agency of South Africa

Prasa has been an integral part of South Africa’s economy. Providing safe and quality transportation service to rail commuters in South Africa. It has operations that span many regions in South Africa. Considering that PRASA is the implementing arm of the National Department of Transport, which is its sole shareholder, its primary objective is to fulfill the mandate contained in the Legal Succession Act of the South African Transport Services Act of 1989 as amended in November 2008.

In addition to the service provided, Prasa has also been a major employer of labor through the different Prasa security vacancies. They have over 10,000 workforces attached to them. Prasa since coming on board has been a major source of revenue while also catering to the many workers that rely on them for livelihood.

List of Prasa Vacancies 2024

We have listed the available careers at Prasa. Go through it and apply for anyone that interests you the most.

Job Title: Group Chief Executive Officer

Job Location: South Africa

About Group Chief Executive Officer

Ensure that the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa meets the agreed objectives set out by the Board and the Minister of Transport to achieve organizational performance. Developing, implementing, monitoring, and recommending to the Board the organization’s long-term strategy and vision to implement the Government’s strategic objective, the Shareholder Compact, and its Corporate Plan.

Requirements for the Position of Group Chief Executive Officer

  • Strong understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks in the country.
  • Excellent understanding of the transport industry and the role players that interact with it.
  • Understanding the principles of finance and the components involved in managing finances is equally important for this Prasa career.
  • Education and experience in engineering, business, or finance with a minimum of 15 years experience in top executive management in a multi-functional organization.

Job Title: Chief Security Officer

About Chief Security Officer

Assist in directing and supervising all security services to ensure the safety of assets, commuters, and employees within the organization. Create a security strategy, charter, and policies. Direct and oversee effective security services and operations within the organization.

Requirements for the Position of CSO

  • In addition to providing expert security advice, ensure that all security committees and structures are functional and effective.
  • Knowledge and understanding of Minimum Physical Security Standards (MPSS)
  • You must be a legal resident in South Africa before you can apply for Prasa security vacancies of this type.
  • Experience from similar Prasa security jobs is equally important.
  • A university degree in Security Studies (NQF Level 9) or a postgraduate qualification in related fields is preferred.
  • A Master’s degree in Business Administration or Leadership would also be advantageous.
  • A PSIRA Grade A security clearance and at least 15 years of security experience in similar Prasa vacancies.

Job Title: Group Company Secretary

About Group Company Secretary

Assist the PRASA Board with fulfilling its regulatory responsibilities. Ensure compliance with legislation and corporate governance. Coordinate meetings of the PRASA Board and Board Committees. Report on the status of the Office of the Secretary. This career at Prasa is rewarding with lots of incentives and welfare packages.

Requirements for this Position at Prasa

  • Knowledge and understanding of the principles of finance and the components involved in finance.
  • Good background in the business environment, the key players, and their key responsibilities and outcomes.
  • Prasa vacancies 2024 is for people of sound character and intelligence.
  • Exceptional communication ability.
  • Problem-solving skills and stakeholder management.
  • The candidate must hold a relevant NQF level 9 qualification/ Post Graduate qualification in the field.
  • Membership in the Chartered Secretaries of Southern Africa (CSSA) is compulsory for this career at Prasa.
  • Must have at least 15 years of experience as a Company Secretary.

Job Title: Chief Procurement Officer

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About Chief Procurement Officer

The purpose of this position is to lead and direct the provision of effective Supply Chain Management to the PRASA Group. Define and develop company Supply Chain Management policies, strategies, and charters. Prasa vacancies in South Africa are among the most sought-after jobs. The compensation plan and incentives are very competitive.

Direct and oversee the Group Supply Chain Management team to reach set objectives and targets Managing the Group Supply Chain Budget to compile the Group SCM budget Managing Group Supply Chain Human Resources

Requirements or Chief Procurement Officer

  • A comprehensive understanding of the business environment and knowledge of Supply Chain Management principles, frameworks, and methodologies.
  • The ability to build and implement appropriate corporate governance mechanisms that effectively govern business conduct.
  • If you have done Prasa security jobs in Cape Town before, this Prasa career might just be for you.
  • Ability to manage supply chains and communicate effectively on paper and verbally.
  • Qualified to NQF Level 9 in Supply Chain Management studies.
  • An MBA or related degree is also an advantage.

Job Title: Chief Audit Executive

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Job Location: South Africa

About Chief Audit Executive

In addition, to lead the Group’s Internal Audit function in providing strategic input and leadership so that the organization is supported in achieving good sound corporate governance. Develop the audit strategy and lead the implementation of strong audit controls and risk management for the Group in order to achieve the set objectives.

Adhere to changes in business needs or other developments by continuously modifying audit strategy. Review the organization’s Internal Controls and Risk Management Processes.

Requirements For Audit Executive

  • It is essential that the candidate has Business Acumen.
  • Strong communication skills are required to present complex issues and alternatives to both the Board and management.
  • Solid technical skills and knowledge in the area of finance, accounting, financial reporting, and auditing.
  • The ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.
  • Excellent computer and presentation skills.
  • Advanced interpersonal skills.

Job Title: General Safety Manager

About General Manager Safety

Lead the Occupational Health & Operational Safety Program and facilitate the development, facilitation, and implementation of comprehensive Occupational Health & Operational Safety Programs. Our objective is to achieve zero incident tolerance within PRASA Group, meet business objectives, and ensure compliance with the laws and regulations related to health and safety.

Establish Occupational Health and Operational Safety Policies, Procedures, and Plans that are in alignment with PRASA’s short-term and long-term business objectives. Oversee, evaluate, review, analyze, and influence all PRASA Operations value chains.

Requirements for the Position of Audit Executive

  • Detailed knowledge of the South African National Standard (SANS) 3000 series.
  • Thorough knowledge of the RSR process is important for Prasa vacancies of this type.
  • Working knowledge of all health and safety laws and regulations.
  • Managing time, Interpersonal Communication, Negotiation, Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Analytical Skills.
  • Analytical and sound judgment. Smart Assertions.
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Benefits of Working at Prasa

Among many other things, Prasa also makes available a conducive working environment for staff under some of the best working conditions. The agency has a tradition that takes the affairs of workers seriously while ensuring their entitled welfare gets to them.

Below are some of the benefits that await anyone wishing to work in Prasa.

  • Prasa vacancies are open for anybody irrespective of tribe, race, ethnicity, or religion.
  • An enabling environment that promotes growth and cooperation.
  • All Prasa employees are entitled to a pension after retirement from the job.
  • Prasa security jobs are done on shifts which makes it very flexible.
  • There are usually work leave allowances, health insurance, housing schemes, training, e.t.c.
  • Good competitive wages.
  • You can explore other skilled areas with Prasa’s independent policy on work.
  • Be rest assured that recruitment for Prasa vacancies 2024 in South Africa would be based on merit. This will give everyone an equal opportunity of getting employed.
  • Company-sponsored trips and vacations.

How to Apply for Prasa Vacancies in South Africa

Applying for Prasa vacancies 2024 follows a definite step-by-step process. We have outlined it below for clarity.

  • Once you have registered on the Prasa official website, you will have to log in to your account.
  • After logging in, you will be required to select a job profile for yourself.
  • You will be required to fill out an application form after you select a profile,
  • After filling out the application form, click the submit button and wait for the process to complete.
  • It is highly recommended that candidates keep a copy of the printout of the application form.

To commence your application, visit

It is free to apply for Prasa jobs. Prasa does not charge for applications. Be careful not to become a victim of cheap scams.

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