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Prasa Security Salary in South Africa and How Much They Pay Workers

As part of PRASA’s strategic approach, and operating within an integrated transport network, the agency focuses on placing rail as the backbone of public transport. With the type of reputation Prasa has, attention sometimes drifts to Prasa Security Salary in South Africa and How Much They Pay Workers. We have made a combined analysis of how much workers can earn working for Prasa in South Africa.

It will equally provide insights for people searching Prasa security guard salary, Prasa train driver salary in south Africa, Prasa CEO salary, or Prasa armed response salary. On the other hand, we shall also extend our searchlight to Prasa security salary per month, Prasa protection and security salary, and Prasa armed response salary for new recruits.

About Prasa

Passengers Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) as the implementing arm of the National Department of Transport, the sole shareholder, is primarily focused on the mandate contained in the Legal Succession Act of South African Transport Services (SATS) Act of 1989, as amended in November 2008.

By providing rail commuter services within, to, and from the Republic in accordance with the request of the Department of Transport, and by providing long-distance passenger rail and bus services within, to, and from the Republic in accordance with the request of the Department of Transport.

The duty of safeguarding these railways and ensuring orderliness is why prasa security salary per month is very high for security guards. However, high-ranking security chiefs earn more than the new recruits. Prasa CEO salary is usually the highest in the organization.

Core Objectives of Prasa in South Africa

  • The provision of rail commuter services within, to, and from the Republic, at the request of the Department of Transport, and the provision of long haul passenger rail and bus services in accordance with the Department of Transport.
  • As part of PRASA’s objectives and business, it is required to generate income from the exploitation of assets it has acquired, which include real estate and property portfolios.
  • Further, PRASA should take into account government, social, economic, and transportation priorities, among others.

To make rail the mode of choice for public passenger transportation, it is integrated with bus feeders and commuter services and is supported by a property portfolio that maximizes value.

Prasa Security Salary in South Africa

Security Salary for Prasa security is actually one of the highest in South Africa. This is because this organization is funded by the government. Even the train driver jobs are highly contested because Prasa train driver salaries are quite high compared to their counterparts in other sectors.

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While Prasa armed response salary is considered to be in the region of  R90000- R425000 Prasa CEO salary, on the other hand, is very high compared to that. The organizational structure of the agency is the type that allows for promotion and movement in a hierarchy.

Those that were junior security guards can get a chance at being promoted to higher ranks where they can earn Prasa protection officer salaries for high-ranking officers. Salaries can be said to come from a consolidated single treasury account but Prasa to some extent generates its own revenue and doesn’t really cling to the government for assistance.

Additionally, an increase in one Prasa security salary largely depends on many variables. A good number of them include; qualification, length of experience, recommendation, educational background as well as personal achievement recorded in the previous position. This model is not just for Prasa protection officer salary it equally applies to Prasa train driver salary in South Africa.

Prasa Strategy for Service Delivery

Public transport is the key element of PRASA’s strategy and deployment, which promotes the railway as a backbone for public transport and operates within an integrated transport network while delivering public value.

  • Establishing a future train system.
  • Increasing PRASA networks and services.
  • Implementing a sound asset investment program.
  • Strengthening organizational capacity.
  • Contributing to public employment initiatives.
  • Improving funding and financial performance.
  • Enhancing stakeholder relations and brand positioning.

Having a strong security system remains an integral part of achieving these goals. The base Prasa security salary for new recruits we discovered is R4300. While this might appear little compared to the work they do, a good number of them are appealing for a minimum wage of R10,000.

Prasa Security Salary Per Month

As per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, security guards earn R4 300 per month for 17 12-hour shifts. They are paid an allowance of R5.50 a night for night shifts. However, workers are demanding a minimum wage of R10 000.

However, there is a big discrepancy because Prasa security protection officers’ salary is far higher than the security guards. The gap has given rise to increased agitation with many calling for the full implementation of the minimum wage. In addition to an increase in Prasa security guard salary, they equally want an improvement in the work conditions and welfare of workers, especially the security guards.

Prasa Train Driver Salary

An average Train Driver earns approximately 10,800 ZAR per month in South Africa. Salaries range from 4,980 ZAR (lowest) to 17,200 ZAR (highest). This is the same with other regions of Prasa train drivers. However, a good number of factors affect this.

Train Driver salaries differ drastically depending on experience, skills, gender, location, or other factors. This is the average monthly salary, which includes housing, transportation, and other benefits. We studied Train Driver salaries by experience level, and we found that the more years of experience you have, the higher your salary will be.

Prasa CEO Salary

The CEO is the highest-ranking officer, and as such is accorded the highest responsibility and salary. A good number of times Prasa CEOs tend to inflate their salary using some bureaucratic ways in doing it.

The base Prasa CEO salary we gathered is R1.7-million per annum. The salary has been subject to critics as many believe the CEOs allocate a higher amount to their selves through other kickback processes. Prasa had in the past dismissed individuals who were found guilty of allocating more than the base salary to their office.

After the Sunday Times revealed that Letsoalo allegedly raised his salary from R1.7-million per annum to R5.9-million per annum in October, the Prasa board unanimously decided to dismiss Letsoalo. However, he contends that his dismissal wasn’t the result of his salary but rather of the board’s alleged cover-up of corruption.

Prasa Security Guard Jobs

The announcement of PRASA vacancies 2023 has been made on their official career page. It has been a great opportunity for those who want to join the company. Freshers seeking stable employment sources and contributing to the country’s economic growth should take advantage of PRASA’s Security Guard vacancies. PRASA invites qualified and talented candidates to apply for the Security Guard positions at PRASA.

About Prasa Security Guard Job

Prasa remains a major revenue arm in South Africa. The agency is self-sufficient with little reliance on the government. What workers and guards stand to earn are numerous.

  • In PRASA, Security Guard jobs are the best way to begin or continue a career.
  • There are numerous benefits and possibilities that are available to employees with a comfortable work environment.
  • Security Guard jobs are also covered by medical and retirement benefits.
  • In addition to that, Prasa security salary is also one of the best in South Africa.
  • You can apply with little or no experience.
  • Very transparent mode of application.
  • Housing benefits for those earning a high Prasa protection officer salary.
  • Prasa CEO’s salary also comes with a house.

How to Become a Security Guard with Prasa

  • The first step is to create your account on the Prasa official website.
  • Once you have created your account, you will have to log in.
  • After logging in you will have to select a job profile for yourself.
  • If you select a profile, you will need to fill out the application form.
  • Fill out the application form carefully.
  • After the form is filled out, click on submit button and wait for the process to finish.
  • It is highly recommended that candidates keep a printout of the application form in their possession.
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Ensure that the details provided tally with your bank details, to avoid issues when receiving your Prasa security salary. Prasa jobs are free for all to apply. Prasa does not charge any fee for applications. Be careful not to fall for cheap scams. If you have additional qualifications, you can add them as it might attract a good position where you can earn a competitive Prasa security guard salary.

To sum up, any document falsification will attract penalties. Ensure all qualifications and details provided are genuine and verifiable to avoid possible prosecution.

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