20 Part-time Sales Jobs in USA that Pay Well

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Companies provide goods or services in the hopes that consumers will part with their cash. That is, in fact, the basis of the business. However, businesses cannot presume that their products will sell out on their own. Instead, they want a talented group of quick thinkers and slick talkers to extol the merits of what the company is offering. This is where the salesperson steps in.

Achieving one of the best paying sales positions is a dream come true for many. The task has a chance to be interesting, difficult, and immensely gratifying. While you can make a fortune being a full-time salesperson, there are many other part-time sales jobs in the USA that pay well.

We shall run you through the overview of some of the highest paying sales part time jobs, part time remote sales jobs, part time car sales jobs, part time sales jobs from home, as well as part time sales associate jobs.

What Are Sales Jobs?

Even though the world of sales is incredibly complex, most sales professionals have the same objective. Professionals in sales jobs offer and discuss goods or services with the goal of persuading customers to make a purchase.

Each sales position has a slightly different set of requirements for what that implies. One of your sales responsibilities may involve negotiating contracts or prices; alternatively, you may choose to limit your attention to pre-approved arrangements with fixed costs. One of your duties may be lead generation, or a team member may provide you with a list of qualified leads.

Leadership abilities are necessary for some of the highest-paying sales positions, including the part-time sales jobs guaranteeing that you can manage a group of sales reps. Reporting and quota-meeting pressure are typical aspects of a sales job.

So, yeah, the jobs might be very different. But at the end of the day, making sales is what matters. Even though sales jobs can be quite intensive, one can equally make a good money doing part time sales jobs in any of the highest paying fields.

20 Part-time sales jobs in USA that pay well

It’s time to do what you came here for right now. Here is an overview of 18 of the top paying sales roles available, along with a look at each one’s typical income and major responsibilities.

1. Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent rarely comes to mind when consumers think about sales. We frequently pictured real estate brokers as service providers. In actuality, they work in sales. After all, it is their responsibility to sell homes to would-be homeowners. They must persuade potential purchasers of a property’s benefits by responding to their inquiries and assisting them until the sale is finalized. What is sales if that isn’t it?

Real estate agent employment are often commission-based positions. Therefore, in terms of potential revenue, the sky is the limit. The top 10% earn at least $111,800, while the median pay is a respectable $50,730.

2. Insurance Sales Agent

Insurance sales agents assist customers in selecting and purchasing various types of insurance, making it one of the occupations that don’t require a college degree and one of the best entry-level sales careers. You may focus on just one industry, like life insurance, or you could dabble in a few, like auto, renters, and homeowners.

Insurance sales positions are frequently commission-based. An annual salary of $50,940 is considered being average. With time, you might be able to earn significantly more, perhaps more than $125,500. If you know the field well, you can even combine it and do sales part time jobs as an insurance agent.

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3. Securities, Commodities, and Financial Services Sales Agents

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that becoming a sales representative for stocks, commodities, or financial services may be quite lucrative, given how booming the financial industry is. In these sales representative positions, you interact with the financial market by bringing together buyers and sellers of commodities and securities or by assisting clients in selecting the best financial products. The interesting thing about it is that it can become your part time sales job while you run other ventures.

Earning roughly $62,270 a year is very typical and through a combination of basic pay and commissions. However, the top performers in the industry might earn significantly more, possibly exceeding $204,130.

4. Wholesale and Manufacturing Sales Representatives

Professionals in these professions sell products made by manufacturers, frequently to other firms or agencies. This is one sale representative jobs that typically involve commissions. Due to the fact that success and job stability typically depend on generating enough sales, these sales professions can be fast-paced.

Furthermore, this is one of many commission-based jobs that may require travel. You might need to go out and demonstrate a product to a potential customer. Individuals can also combine it with others as a sales part time job.

You may expect to receive a salary of about $63,000 in return for your work. However, if you really have a talent for it, you can definitely earn more than $125,300.

5. Advertising Sales Representatives

Here is where the worlds of sales and marketing converge. You are charged with selling ad space in your capacity as an advertising sales representative. You could need to persuade a company to run a radio ad, purchase space on a website, or purchase a billboard.

Advertising sales representatives occasionally assist businesses in creating their adverts. That implies you must be familiar with marketing strategies in order to lead businesses through the development process and direct them toward success.

Advertising sales representative positions typically pay roughly $53,310 per year in compensation. But it’s possible that you’ll be able to earn more than $118,300.

6. Medical Device Sales Representative

One of the best-paying positions in the medical sales industry is that of a medical device sales representative. They distribute samples, collect orders, and assist healthcare organizations in selecting the best items by educating them about the features of each choice.

Sales representatives for medical devices typically make $74,643 per year. Crossing the six-figure mark may be possible after you gain experience. Making part time sales associate jobs as a medical sales rep can also earn you quite a lot.

7. Travel Agents

It shocked many people to learn that travel agents, who assist both individuals and organizations in making travel plans, work in sales-related roles. They could schedule tours, make travel arrangements, and much more.

Typically, travel agents earn $40,660 a year. However, the top earners make more than $69,420, which is a respectable amount.

8. Outside Sales Rep

If you don’t mind making cold calls, you might succeed as an outside sales representative. These experts look for fresh sales leads, schedule meetings, and promote the business’s goods or services.

Outside sales representatives frequently make $58,827 in exchange for their audacity. You’re in luck if you’re starting out in one of the entry-level sales positions in this industry. The average salary for outside sales trainers is $43,810, which is really decent for someone just starting out.

9. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Pharmaceutical sales representatives use an outside sales strategy to market their employer’s medications or treatments, making it a medical sales position that is not for the weak of the heart. Typically, this entails having face-to-face meetings with medical professionals in order to explain the treatment, offer samples, and distribute promotional materials.

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Pharmaceutical sales representatives can make a ton of money, averaging around $68,281 each year. Over time, there’s a good chance you’ll make more than $83,778.

10. Sales Engineer

One of the more unusual technical or software sales positions available is this one. In this role, you go beyond simply trying to persuade a potential consumer to buy and instead work with them to make sure the product they finally buy satisfies their precise needs.

Sales engineers guide customers through the customization process while fine-tuning the offering. Sales engineers may even go so far as to obtain specifications for wholly unique solutions.

You can typically earn a good living because the position requires a ton of technical expertise as well as sales expertise. A compensation of close to $103,900 is conceivable. You might eventually be able to make more than $174,000, which is quite fantastic.

11. Auto Salesperson

Most auto salespeople receive a base salary as well as a commission. In essence, they receive a pay raise for each vehicle they sell. Some auto lots can be fiercely competitive, making them the perfect place for people who do best under pressure. The average yearly wage is around $46,650, however, some of the finest earn more than $61,989.

You can also earn quite a lot doing part time car sales jobs.

12. Account Manager

Account managers combine aspects of sales and customer service. They offer individual clients assistance with their product or service requirements, including recommending new possibilities to increase sales.

Account managers at any level can earn $57,636 annually. You could be able to earn closer to $126,387 if you rise to the top levels.

13. Enterprise Software Sales Rep

You’re in luck if you only want to focus on careers in software sales. You can specialize in that market by working as a sales representative for corporate software.

You will require excellent technical and sales skills to be able to articulate why your employer’s solution is a good fit for large organizations. In return, a salary of about $93,732 is typical, but if you gain experience, more than $108,657 is possible.

14. Major Gifts Officer

Major gifts officer is a prominent position when it comes to unusual sales roles. These specialists focus on raising money for nonprofit organizations. They essentially utilize the organization’s objective as a selling pitch to get others to donate money.

Major gifts officers typically make around $95,940 per year. The possibility of earning more than $141,160 exists with time and experience. This position can also be a remote part time sales jobs where you can work from anywhere.

15. Recruiter

A sales position is another occupation that many people are unaware of; recruiters must persuade candidates that accepting a job offer from a particular employer is the best course of action. In many ways, recruiters “sell” employers along with their services as a link to top applicants or job openings.

The potential income for recruiters is substantial. Making $83,187 a year is very typical, but if you choose the specialty, you may be able to earn more than $100,000.

16. Business Development Representative

Business development representatives concentrate on securing new business possibilities, making it one of the top sales careers available. It’s a highly strategic outside sales position. However, business development professionals may only concentrate on lead creation, unlike a regular outside sales position.

A business development representative may earn around $71,100 annually. You may earn $97,846 or more if you fall among the top 10% of your earnings.

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17. Regional Sales Manager

A regional sales manager, one of the more senior sales positions, is in charge of managing sales activities in a certain geographic territory. They may also manage a small group of sales agents in addition to communicating with clients in their area.

Regional sales managers typically earn $117,917 per year. However, with enough experience, making more than $162,562 is possible. Persons can work part time sales jobs as regional managers helping companies makes sales while working part time.

18. Sales Manager

Even the finest sales teams require leadership. Sales managers oversee the operations of sales departments, making that quotas are reached and objectives are met. They help the team accomplish even more by coaching and training the sales team.

Sales managers typically receive an annual salary of $126,640 in exchange for their leadership. However, it is undoubtedly feasible to earn more than $208,000.

19. Cosmetic Consultant

Your responsibility as a cosmetic consultant is to give clients advice regarding cosmetics and beauty supplies. You work in a retail setting, perhaps at a department store cosmetics counter or a beauty supply store. Your core work obligations include sales and basic customer service, but you might also have extra responsibilities including instructing customers on how to use makeup and other beauty goods.

To thrive in a profession as a cosmetic consultation, you must have exceptional product knowledge and client service abilities. They make an average salary of $32,500-$76,500 per year.

20. Jewelry Salesperson

A jewelry salesperson assists clients in selecting the ideal diamond ring, bracelet, pair of earrings, or other accessories for every situation. You will be in charge of selling jewelry, keeping the shop clean, and assisting customers with any jewelry-related inquiries. You must have a thorough understanding of the various metals, gemstones, and jewelry-making techniques.

Employers look for a variety of soft skills in jewelry salespeople, including a happy outlook, active listening, and situational awareness. Many jewelry salesmen choose to become certified by the Jewelers of America after acquiring a few years of experience in the industry in order to increase their job prospects. They earn an average of $25,500-$46,000 per year.

You can also work part-time sales jobs from home as a jeweler, by building an affiliate online sales channel for companies.


In the end, any of the highest paying part time sales jobs listed above might be a fantastic choice for someone with strong communication skills who values a competitive, fast-paced atmosphere.

Spend some time prior to your interview rehearsing your sales interview questions if you wish to give one a go. By being prepared, you may effectively market yourself as an excellent applicant during your encounter with the hiring manager.

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