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Npower Stipend News Today | Npower January 2024 Salary Structure

Npower Stipend News Today | Npower January 2024 Salary Structure

Are you a Npower Nigeria beneficiary that is expecting your January – 2024 stipend from the federal government? Also, are you anxious to know the Npower stipend news today? This has made your search for things like Npower salary increase, Npower news update today on salary, January 2024 Npower salary structure, and lots more. Then not worry because the Moden News team will be explaining all the recent things you desire to know about Npower Nigeria on this web page.

When Npower Beneficiaries Will Start Receiving January 2024 Stipend

To clarify, the Federal government has publicized that Npower Beneficiaries should not panic, because they will start receiving their January 2024 stipend when due.

That is to say, all Npower beneficiaries are advised to stay calm as stipends will be distributed to their respective Bank accounts in no time.

Above all, Beneficiaries can also login to the Npower npvn portal to do things like editing bank details and lots more. The federal government of Nigeria wants to reassure Nigerians at large and Npower Beneficiaries in particular. That they are poised to bring the dividend of democracy to the masses, especially during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, everyone is encouraged to have hope and endeavor to pray for our beloved country Nigeria and the world at large.

Important Npower Stipend Update on BVN

We noticed that some Beneficiaries have been wondering whether their account is validated or not. And this has also made them doubt if they will be paid or not. But the good news is that if your BVN reads “Provided” on your Npower NASIMS profile. That means your account has no issues and has also been “Validated”.

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On the contrary, if you are an N-Power Batch C volunteer and your Npower NASIMS profile reads “not provided” it simply means that you did not provide your BVN when completing your Npower NASIMS account details. To address this issue simply click on edit, then provide the correct BVN number then log out and login, should you have any difficulty please contact Npower NASIMS on 092203102, 018888148.

The Fresh Thing You Should Know About Physical Verification and Payment

The information reaching the Moden News team, says that Npower Beneficiaries. That has completed their physical verification exercise, will certainly be paid even if any of them realize that their profile has changed from “beneficiary” to an “applicant”.

This is because the abrupt change is nothing but a technical issue. You should also have in mind that any information that fails to appear on your Npower NASIMS dashboard, will not affect your payment.

All Beneficiaries that did their physical verification and were marked “pass” will surely be paid. Irrespective of any abnormalities experienced on your Npower NASIMS profile.

Npower Salary Structure and N-Power Monthly Stipend 2024

N-Power Teach Programme
Salary Structure: 28,000 – 30,000 Monthly

N-Power Agro Programme
Salary Structure: 25,000 – 30,000 Monthly

N-Power Health Programme
Salary Structure: 30,000 – 40,000 Monthly

N-Power Community Education Programme
Salary Structure: 10,000 – 30,000 Monthly

N-Power Creative Programme
Salary Structure: 10,000 – 30,000 Monthly

N-Power Tech (Software) Programme
Salary Structure: 20,000 – 40,000 Monthly

N-Power Tech (Hardware) Programme
Salary Structure: 20,000 – 40,000 Monthly

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N-Power Build Programme
Salary Structure: 27,000 – 30,000 Monthly

Npower News Update Today on Salary | Latest News on Npower Stipend for January 2024

The Npower group in Kogi State, under the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP). Appealed to the federal government to release her recent stipend in order to enable them to survive during this second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. They appealed that the federal government won’t disappoint them by not paying their respective stipend of N30,000 each.

Update on Npower Stipend for January 2024 for N-Health Beneficiaries

While many things are circulating as the Npower stipend news, the management of the Npower Nigeria scheme has assured Npower N-Health beneficiaries that the management of the program won’t let them down, especially during this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

Secondly, the management of the Npower scheme has reminded the N-Health beneficiaries to stay strong as they work in the various primary health centers across the country. In addition, they should do their best to help the federal government in this ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The federal government also went further to remind and encourage her Npwer N-Health beneficiaries. To ensure they observe precautions while working in the various primary health care centres across Nigeria. This is to help them not to contact the COVID-19 virus while attending to patients.

January 2023 Npower Salary

Beneficiaries that are having technical issues with the Npower scheme should simply use the “Recommended Npower News/Updates” section of this web page. Because the Moden News team has added links to web pages that provide the solution to different kinds of issues you might be having as an Npower beneficiary.

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Beneficiaries are equally advised to visit the Npower npvn portal: and make sure their bank details are up-to-date and intact. So they won’t have any issues with receiving the January 2024 stipend.

Beneficiaries that have inquiries to make or questions to ask should simply use these support centre numbers: MTN – 09060000445. GLO – 09055555960. ETISALAT – 09099998401 or send email messages to the Npower official email address: [email protected].

Share Your Thoughts About Npower Salary Structure

We believe the information we have publicized here, will go a long way in providing you with the latest Npower updates and January 2024 stipend news.

To sum up, do not hesitate to use the comment section to share your thoughts. Also, tell us and other Npower beneficiaries if you have received your January 2024 Npower stipend or not.

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