NNPC/Total Undergraduate Scholarship 2023/2024 | Official NNPC/Total Scholarship Portal

NNPC/Total Undergraduate Scholarship 2023/2024 | Official NNPC/Total Scholarship Portal

Every year as part of their many social and corporate responsibilities in Nigeria. The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in conjunction with Total Nigeria, gives out scholarships to high-flying students in recognized Universities in the Country.

However, your favorite Jobs and Scholarship information portal, Moden News is happy to announce to our teeming audience that NNPC/Total Scholarship 2023/2024. Is currently on for interested candidates. However, this ongoing scholarship in Nigeria at Total and NNPC are part of the numerous ways these companies use in giving back to society. In other words, the scholarship will interest those searching for undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria 2023/2024, how to apply for NNPC scholarship, How to sit for the Total scholarship exam, or How to access the Official NNPCTotal Undergraduate scholarship portal.

Download NNPC/Total Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

Description of this NNPCTotal Scholarship 2023/2024 and Why You Should Apply

  • NNPC/Total Scholarship 2023 from information made available to us. Is one of the most sought-after undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria 2023/2024. Because of the many prizes that come with it.
  • Secondly, students searching for how to apply for an NNPC scholarship should make use of this opportunity because it comes mostly once every year.
  • Moreover, if you emerge successful after sitting for this Total Scholarship exam. Then you would be required to open a bank account for the payment of the scholarship prize money. Because the prize will not come in cash.
  • Applying for this scholarship is an opportunity to overcome future financial problems that might affect one from furthering His/Her education.
  • Being under a scholarship scheme at the University goes with prestige. That helps to open doors for the person in future endeavors.
  • NNPC/Total Scholarship 2023/2024 prize money is always augmented so that one can make enough savings from it while in school.
  • We strongly advise you to obtain the NNPC/Total Undergraduate Scholarship Application form, if you are a high-flying student seeking more sponsorship for your education.
  • If you are yet to obtain your matriculation number. Then it is important you do so before visiting the official NNPC/Total Scholarship portal to apply for this scheme.
  • NNPC/Total Undergraduate Scholarship assessment team made it clear that the scholarship does not guarantee automatic employment after graduation. Also, it is not a contract entered into with the companies neither is it subject to a renewal process.

Eligibility/Requirements for this Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme at NNPC andTotal

  • Firstly, submission of Applications at the official NNPC/Total Application portal is for only undergraduates of recognized higher institutions in Nigeria.
  • This is among the ongoing scholarships in Nigeria in 2023. That requires Candidates to bring along their SSCE certificate or any other similar recognized certificate.
  • In addition, having evidence of Jamb score is compulsory for this NNPC/Total Scholarship 2023/2024.
  • Please if you scored below 200 in your UTME, then there is no need to apply. Because the official NNPC/Total Application portal will not accept your application.
  • Direct entry students should bear in mind that they will be required to provide their A-level results before they can cue into this Scholarship scheme.
  • Furthermore, only 200 and 100 level students are the most eligible for this exercise 300 level and above should desist from applying.
  • If you are a current beneficiary of Shell Scholarships in Nigeria, Agip scholarship, Federal Government scholarships, or similar scholarships in Nigeria. Then you are advised not to apply for this one at NNPC and Total Nigeria.
  • Just like we mentioned earlier Matriculation number is mandatory likewise Admission Letter is obtained from the institution of study.
  • One more important requirement Candidates should not forget. Is that if you have anything below 2.50 CGPA, at the time of applying for this scholarship. Then, you will not stand much chance of having your application accepted.
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Download NNPC/Total Scholarship Past Questions and Answers

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How to Apply for NNPC/Total Scholarship 2023/2024

  1. Apply via the Undergraduate Scholarship Application portal

    Above all, interested students who have read the requirements for this scholarship and wish to apply, should proceed to the scholarship Application portal: www.scholarships.totalcsredu.com and apply.

Lastly, don’t fail to share your thoughts, interact with other Applicants and also ask questions, via the comment section of this web page.

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