Nigerian Navy Exam Date 2023/2024, Time and Venues Across Nigeria

Nigerian Navy Exam Date 2023/2024, Time and Venues Across Nigeria

Eligible Candidates have been calling us, asking different questions about the Nigerian Navy exam date 2023/2024, time, and venues.

We are glad to inform you that the soon-coming Navy Aptitude Test will hold at the Nigerian Navy in Nigeria Nationwide.

Applicants that applied for Nigerian Navy DSS Recruitment should go through this page very well, in order to get all the information they require.

We the Moden News team have also provided you with the comprehensive and updated Nigerian Navy DSSC Past Questions and Answers, for you to purchase, download and do adequate preparation for the exam.

The Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exam Venue in Nigeria 2023/2024

However, those that found their names in this Navy List Successful candidates, are to report for interviews at the Nigerian Navy 2023 screening venues across the country.

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You can also Check the Nigerian Navy List of Successful Candidates Here

The Nigerian Navy DSSC Screening Date, Center and Time

Anyone that successfully applied for this Navy recruitment should know that the shortlisted candidates are required to go for their recruitment examination on 8th October 2022 no later than 7.00 AM. And also have in mind that the covid-19 protocols will be very well observed in this Nigerian Navy recruitment examination.

In addition, Applicants are to report at their chosen examination centres indicated against their names for the Recruitment Examination. That is to say, your venue is your chosen examination centre indicated against your name on the Nigerian Navy List of Shortlisted Candidates.

Shortlisted Applicants are to note that the Nigerian Navy exam has been officially fixed to take place on 8 October 2022 not later than 7.00 AM.

Major Requirements for the Nigerian Navy Examination 2023

  1. Firstly, each shortlisted person must come with a printout of the Application Form showing his or her particulars.
  2. Secondly, you will bring one Coloured Passport Photograph.
  3. Writing materials (2B Pencil and Eraser).
  4. Face Mask, because all the Covid-19 protocols will be observed.
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Additional Requirements for Nigerian Navy Screening

  1. Firstly, each Applicant should bring his or her Parents/Guidain consent form.
  2. It’s important that you bring the photocopies of all your credentials to this Nigerian Navy DSSC screening venue.
  3. Further, your NYSC discharge certificate or exemption letter is also required. On the other hand, those who a still serving can come with their ID cards.
  4. Candidates should ensure they come with their writing materials, which include HB pencil, eraser and sharpener).
  5. Lastly, things like mobile phones and other devices normally used for communication are not allowed.

The Nigerian Navy Screening Venues Across the Country

1.Abia StateNigerian Navy Finance and Logistics School, OwerintaGroup 1: A-MGroup 2: N-Z
2.AbujaMogadishu CantonmentGroup 1: A-CGroup 2: D-J
3.AbujaYakubu Gowon Barrack (Mambilla Barrack)Group 1: K-OGroup 2: P-Z
4.Adamawa23Bde NA Gibson Jalo Cantonment YolaGroup1: A-JGroup 2: K-Z
5.Akwa IbomNNS JUBILEE, Ikot Abasi
6.Anambra302 Field Arty Regt NA,Onitsha
7.BauchiNA Armoured Corp and CentreGroup 1: A-IGroup 2: J-Z
8.Benue72 Paratrooper Bn NA, MakurdiGroup 1: A-IGroup2: J-Z
9.Borno21 Bde NA Maimalari Cantonment, MaiduguriGroup 1: A-IGroup 2: J-Z
10.Cross RiverNNS VICTORY, CalabarGroup 1: A-IGroup 2: J-Z
11.Delta StateNNS DELTA, WarriGroup 1: A-JGroup 2: K-Z
12.EdoEkenwa Barrack BeninGroup 1: A-IGroup 2: J-Z
13.EnuguHQ 82 Div NA, Abakpa Barrack, EnuguGroup 1: A-MGroup 2: N-Z
14.Imo34 Arty Bde NA, Obinze Barrack
15.KadunaNDA Old SiteGroup 1: AA-ACGroup 2: AD-AZ
16.KadunaNAF Base KadunaGroup 1: B-HGroup 2: I-J
17.KadunaHQ 1 DIV NA, Kawo KadunaGroup 1: K-MGroup 2: N-P
18.Kaduna312 Artillery Regt NA, Kalapanzin Barrack, KakuriGroup 1: Q-SGroup 2: T- Z
19.KanoNAF Base KanoGroup 1: A-IGroup 2: J-Z
20.Katsina35 Inf Bn NA, Katsina
21.KogiHQ CAR NA, Maigumeri BarrackGroup 1: A-IGroup 2: J-Z
22.KwaraNNSHS OffaGroup 1: A-IGroup 2: J-Z
23.LagosNigerian Navy Primary School Mobil Road ApapaGroup 1: AGroup 2: B-J
24.LagosNNS QUORRA, Apapa, LagosGroup 1: K-OLGroup 2: OM-Z
25.Nasarawa117 Bn NA,KeffiGroup 1: A-JGroup 2: K-Z
26.Ondo State323 Arty Regt AkureGroup 1: A-FGroup 2: G-Z
27.Oyo StateHQ 2 Mech Div NA, IbadanGroup 1: A-IGroup 2: J-Z
28.Rivers StateNigerian Navy Basic and Training School, OnneGroup 1: A-JGroup 2: K-Z
29.Sokoto State26 Motorized Bn Giginya Barracks SokotoGroup 1: A-JGroup 2: K-Z
NA Recruitment Screening Venues Nationwide

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