Getting Netflix Student Discount Made Easy Online Here for 2024

Netflix is undoubtedly the world’s biggest streaming platform for movies. The platform platforms serve mostly young people looking for rich forms of entertainment. A good number of them are mostly students. And as students, there is always the issue of having enough money to pay for Netflix subscriptions which always leads to them looking for Netflix student discounts and how to access Netflix discount student packages.

In this piece, we shall be updating you on student discounts for Netflix, and the Netflix student discount code, as well as answers for those asking, if is there a student discount for Netflix? or Does Netflix has a student discount?. Actually, we shall portray a good number of the things you need to know about Netflix student discount 2024.

Netflix Student Discount 2024

A good number of the search queries student enter about Netflix is always does Netflix offers a student discount? This is because the majority of people that flood the streaming site are mostly young people, especially students looking for ways to kill off boredom and spare time. However, we don’t intend to kill your enthusiastic spirit, but there is no available discount for now, especially for students.

Given the fact that college students use the platform a lot. It is quite disappointing for many when they realize there is no Netflix college student discount. Nonetheless, don’t get your hopes dashed yet because there are some ways to access Netflix almost free.

Does Netflix Offer Student Discounts?

Just like we stated above, Netflix doesn’t have a categorically stated student discount. However, users can redeem vouchers and Netflix gift cards from third-party partners of the streaming platform. Some of the vouchers and gift cards allow users to access the platform at discounted prices or have it entirely slashed. There was a Netflix Student Discount Reddit thread discussed online that showcased other ways to access Netflix for little or no price.

Netflix also does run a promo for selected users who meets the terms and conditions. Therefore your answer to Netflix having a discount for students might be answered during the Netflix promo period. But, for now, it is a No.

How You Can Watch Netflix for Free

Though Netflix currently, doesn’t offer Netflix discount student packages. But, there is a way through which you can actually watch Netflix for free. The platform might be strict in giving Netflix student discount codes but they are liberal when it comes to usage. We have outlined below how to watch Netflix free which appears a bit better than looking for a Netflix student discount.

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Netflix Free Trials: For new subscribers, Netflix allows up to a month of a free trial. This way you can enjoy and stream your favorite shows and movies at no cost pending when your free trial runs out. These have been a common practice for many students. Visit Netflix and Sign up to start enjoying your free trial. Terms and conditions actually do apply.

Netflix Shared Accounts: If you have a friend or a family member using a Netflix premium account, you can actually log in with their password and details for free. Here, students don’t need to bother about getting a discounted Netflix price. With shared accounts, you can be added to enjoy and watch as an added user. However, if for some reason the person fails to renew or removes you from the account, then the show is over.

Special Promotions or Gift Vouchers: Some companies and service providers can offer Netflix promo codes or gift vouchers for customers. Companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, and others at some point offer special Netflix student discount codes that either subsidize subscriptions or pay them off entirely.

Split Bills: This sounds like you are likely going to spend. But, you actually save a lot and enjoy more when you split Netflix subscription plans with a friend or sibling. The basic plan allows sharing of passwords and login details. It is quite better than waiting for a discount.

Netflix Student Discount Alternatives – Best Netflix Alternatives

With the rate of Netflix’s dominance in the on-demand streaming industry, one would think there might not be a worthy alternative option. Students asking for discounts might consider these alternatives very much useful.

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Amazon Prime: Amazon prime is a product offered by e-commerce giants Amazon. One feature that distinguishes Amazon from Netflix is their 6 month free trial for new users. This is way better than Netflix 1 month free trial. Amazon does offer Amazon student discounts on pre-ordered videos and games. Additionally, with the Amazon Prime student discount, first-time sign-ups get a 50% discount on their first subscriptions. There is also a referral bonus of $10 for each person referred.

HBO NOW: With a rich collection of hit movies, shows, and documentaries, HBO has managed to create a dominant stand in the streaming industry. It offers a $14.99 monthly subscription fee. But, with your HBO student discount, you can access it at just half the price. However, you will have to verify your student ID before you can enjoy the HBO student discount.

That’s not all, HBO also offers 30 days free trial with an option for cancellation. The platform remains one of the best alternatives to Netflix discount student packages.

HULU SPOTIFY STUDENT BUNDLE: If Hulu doesn’t ring a bell, Spotify sure does. Similar to Netflix and others, Hulu also offers streaming services to users. It has an array of hit TV shows and movies. Unlike Netflix, Hulu offers a student bundle that allows students free access to the streaming platform when they sign up for Spotify discounts for students.

YOUTUBE PREMIUM: Recently, Youtube has been serving ads on virtually every video streamed on the platform. But, with Youtube premium, you get to stream videos with no ad interference. Youtube premium student discount slashes 60% from subscription fees. You will need to verify your student ID before you can enjoy the discount.

In Conclusion

Netflix remains the biggest streaming platform owing to its large exclusive and original content. It also presents many other options like subtitles, a download option, picture quality adjustment, screen sharing, and other exciting features. While it might not present the option for discount packages, you can actually split the subscription bills and get to save some amount.

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In the event of you do not get the best from the platform, you can switch to any of the alternatives we have mentioned above and also enjoy your favorite movies and shows. Every one of them has very unique features exclusive to them. Actually, there are some shows, movies, and series that remain exclusive to a particular streaming platform and cannot be seen in any other streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you get a Discount on Netflix? No, but, with vouchers and coupon codes from third-party partners you can access Netflix at discounted prices.

How can I use Netflix without paying? With Netflix free 1 Month trial, you can actually watch Netflix without paying. Or, you can have a friend add you to a shared account.

How Can I get Netflix for free? Visit to see contents you can watch for free, and how to go about it.

How much do you have to pay for Netflix? Netflix charges $8.99 for Basic Plan, $12.99 for the Basic plan, and $15.99 for premium plans.

Can I share my Netflix Password? Yes, the good thing is that you can share your Netflix password with your family and friend. Netflix management also encourages it because it helps make people start using Netflix.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to drop your comment and also share this information on your social media. Also, ensure you bookmark the page and always check back because the page will be constantly updated with fresh Netflix updates in 2024.

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