Multichoice Talent Factory Registration | Multichoice Talent Factory Application

Multichoice Talent Factory Registration | Multichoice Talent Factory Application

Multichoice Group is a leading Media conglomerate headquartered in South Africa. They are the owners of the popular satellite television brand DSTV. With an interest in many business and entertainment circles, Multichoice maintains the lead as Africa’s Number 1 Media and Entertainment Company.

In addition to providing entertainment to many African homes, Multichoice also invests in talents, innovative ideas, and community development schemes. In view of this is why we are glad to announce to you that registration has commenced, for one of Multichoice’s talent development initiatives the Multichoice Talent Factory. The platform seeks to empower young creative innovative minds in the filmmaking and entertainment circle.

The announcement for the commencement of Multichoice Talent Factory Registration. It Will interest those searching for how to register for Multichoice Talent Factory, Multichoice Talent Factory sign-in page, Multichoice talent factory academy, Multichoice talent factory portal, or African Magic talent factory.

Details and Why Should Process Multichoice Talent Factory Registration

  • Multichoice is a large broad Media company with a global outlook getting involved in a masterclass program. Associating with them will expose one to the many opportunities the Media and entertainment industry holds.
  • Secondly, the Masterclass program as we were told will be an online program. Those participants can be involved from the comfort of their homes.
  • As a leading African local content creator, Media, and entertainment company. Be sure of learning from world-class professionals with vast experience and an idea of how the media and entertainment sector work.
  • Multichoice Talent Factory registration is open to all local content creators with no high minimum requirements specified.
  • When filling out the Multichoice Talent Factory Application form, be sure to fill in your area of interest. Because it makes it easier for the company to give you access to resources relevant to your field.
  • The Multichoice Talent Factory website will not validate your Application if your details are not verifiable. Therefore, ensure the details uploaded are all verifiable to avoid disqualification.
  • At the end of the classes, the platform will also make available opportunities in the Media. And Film industry participants can exploit and make an impact.
  • The objective of the MultiChoice Talent Factory Masterclasses is to formalize MultiChoice’s long-standing efforts to address industry concerns such as accessibility, opportunity, and quality in local productions. All masterclass workshops are conducted by leading African and international industry experts.
  • It saves the cost of transportation and other expenses attached to moving around as participants. Can just process Multichoice Talent Factory Registration from the comfort of their homes.
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Additional Reasons

  • This African Magic talent factory also provides a common ground for young creative minds to meet. And network with people they can form a team and share ideas with.
  • Multichoice Talent factory academy will also provide certificates at the end of the classes. Which participants can use and boost their profile in the filmmaking and entertainment industry?
  • Registration of Multichoice Talent Factory is not restricted to any country as participants can register from any African country.
  • From voice-over artists, cinematographers, editors, script-writers, and actors to a wide range of other films, and entertainment fields participants are sure to learn a lot in their area of interest.
  • You could even have a chance to be featured in M-net Movie All-Stars series.
  • Through your identification with Multichoice Talent Factory Academy. You can always get a hint on acting auditions dates and when acting agencies are around.

Requirements/Eligibility for Multichoice Talent Factory Programme

  • Firstly, you must not be below 18 years of age.
  • Secondly, with a minimum of a Secondary school leaving certificate you can obtain a Multichoice Talent Factory Application form.
  • Thirdly, ensure you have sound internet coverage in your area. So that you don’t experience network disruptions while logging into the Multichoice Talent Factory portal.
  • The officials also made it mandatory that participants must be residents of Multichoice selected African countries
  • In addition, learning with Multichoice must breed out of a passion for the industry. Therefore, you must have a passion for the art to fit in perfectly.
  • Certainly, a Personal Computer and a smartphone are most necessary.
  • Lastly, visit the website to get more clues on how to register for Multichoice Talent Factory.

Lastly, Applicants are advised to be mindful of fake websites. Because the only official website for Multichoice Talent Factory Registration is

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