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We live in a very focused society on technology, and smartphones are almost everywhere. Even though it seems like most phones are the same except for how they work, some are entirely different. These are some of the most expensive smartphones in the world today. They combine design and functionality in unique ways, which is why they are for tech lovers who know what they want.

most expensive phone

Today, there are a lot of excellent phones that are expensive and look good. People feel good when they use these phones because they are easy to use. Let’s look at the top 10 most expensive phones in the world.

Some people are happy with brands that are in the middle. Still, most people like to live high life to the fullest, taking explicit photos and videos with one of the most expensive phones in the world and posting them online while on vacation or a holiday.

Even though cheap phones have their uses, the most expensive phones in the world would make your trips and vacations more fun. You could keep track of your travels and vacations with a pricey phone.

It would be best if you had a good phone for taking pictures and videos and for their software to work better. People sometimes finish their work on their phones when they can’t get to their laptops. They need a good phone to do this.

The most expensive phones on our list have everything you need to get through the day.

Let’s look at the world’s top ten most expensive phone

1. Vertu Signature Cobra2. Goldvish Revolution
3. Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot4. Goldvish Le Million
5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone6. iPhone 3G King’s Button
7. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme8. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition
9. iPhone 4S Elite Gold10. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond
top ten most expensive phones

1. Vertu Signature Cobra – $310,000

Vertu is a well-known luxury phone brand that started as a branch of Nokia. The Signature Cobra may be their best phone yet. The phone was made by French jewelers Boucheron. It was put together by hand to give it a more handmade look, and there are only eight of them in the world. The body is covered in gold, but the jeweled cobra that wraps around the handset and is made of solid gold, white diamonds, emeralds, and rubies makes it stand out.

2. Goldvish Revolution earned $488,150.

The Swedish brand Goldfish made this piece, and it’s clear just by looking at it that it is unique. Most phones have square shapes, but this one has a rounded design that makes it look better. It is made of white gold, rose gold, leather, diamonds, and sapphire glass, among other things. It even comes with an analog watch that you can take off. There are only 32 pieces in the world, and I’m sure that these will become even rarer as time goes on.

3. Gresso Las Vegas Jackpot: $1,000,000

This phone is a real jackpot. It is made of gold and black diamonds that add up to 45.5 carats. The back of the phone is made of wood from an African tree that is 200 years old, and the keys have 17 sapphires that have been laser-etched and polished by hand. Only three of these phones were made, and each one has a unique number engraved on the wood paneling, so you know you have something special.

4. Goldvish Le Million – $1,3,000,000

Goldvish is on the list again with this fantastic dagger-shaped phone that was once the most expensive in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. The body is made of 18-karat white gold, and 120 carats of diamonds are set. Just like the Jackpot, there are only three pieces of Le Million.

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5. Diamond Crypto Smartphone – $1.3 million

Austrian designer Peter Alisson made the Diamond Crypto. When it came out, it was also the most expensive phone in the world. The phone is platinum and has a rose-gold logo and a home button. It also has high-quality Macassar Ebony wood panels on the sides. The phone’s name comes from two of its most essential features: it has 50 diamonds, including ten scarce blue diamonds, and a unique encryption technology that keeps all of its data safe.

6. iPhone 3G King’s Button – $2.5 million

The King’s Button is another design by Aloisson. It is made of 18-karat yellow, white, and rose gold. It may be his most well-known piece to date. The white gold is in the shape of a strip that goes around the phone and has 138 diamonds. What makes this phone stand out is the “King’s Button,” a 6.6-carat diamond that takes the place of the home button.

7. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme – $3.2 million

The Goldstriker is similar to the King’s Button in many ways, but it takes those similarities to a new level. For one thing, British designer Stuart Hughes made the phone out of 22-karat gold and studded it with 136 diamonds. Another 53 diamonds were used to make the Apple logo. Again, a diamond takes the place of the home button, but this one is huge at 7.1 carats. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the phone comes in a box made from a single piece of granite and decorated with leather and Kashmir gold.

8. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition – $8 million

This is another piece made by Stuart Hughes. There are only two like it in the world, and each is made to order. The phone is made of rose gold and has 500 diamonds that add up to 100 carats. The Apple logo also has 53 diamonds. Like the last two, this phone has a diamond instead of a home button. However, this one has a 7.4-carat pink diamond instead of a white one. Like the Goldstriker, it also comes in a box made of granite.

9. iPhone 4S Elite Gold – $9.4 million 

Stuart Hughes may have a lock on the market for expensive iPhones since this is his third entry on the list of the most expensive phones and is only one step away from the top spot. This fantastic phone was made by hand with 500 diamonds that add up to 100 carats around the edge.

The Apple logo and the back of the phone are both made of solid 24 karat gold. The logo also has 53 diamonds, and this one is even better than the last two because the home button is made of a beautiful 8.6-carat diamond. As a “spare” home button, the phone comes with a 7.6-carat diamond.

The box that comes in puts this phone over the top, which is made of platinum and topped with polished pieces of Tyrannosaurus Rex bone and many rare gemstones, such as opals, charoite, and pietersite.

10. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond – $48.5 million

This custom iPhone was made for the first time in 2004, and even though other phones have come out since then, it is still the most expensive one. Compared to its competitors, the design is pretty simple. It has a 24-karat gold exterior that comes in rose gold and platinum.

iPhone 4S Elite Gold

The phone’s main feature is a large pink diamond set into the back panel. Even though this phone isn’t as fancy as one of Stuart Hughes’s phones, its rarity makes it more than five times as expensive as the second most expensive phone. There are two “cheaper” options. One has an orange diamond, and the other has a blue diamond. They cost an eye-popping $42.5 million and $32.5 million, respectively.

Best Place to Buy Phones?

The best places to buy a phone should make it easy to do so, have good deals, and offer upgrades. When you find cheap phones and excellent customer service, you know you’re shopping in a marketplace you can trust.

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First, Get to the store or shop online and know what you want in your new device. Check online stores like Gazelle at if you’re going to buy a used model. Want to buy a new iPhone? Try to buy from Apple directly at When it comes to good products and good customer service, you have a lot of choices.

Find out what kind of smartphone you want to buy, then go to one of the best places to buy phones to buy it.


Interestingly, Amazon doesn’t have every single smartphone ever made. Even though you can find a lot of phones on Amazon from companies like LG, Asus, and even a few Chinese ones, Amazon isn’t always the best place to look for brand-new iPhones or Samsung Galaxy devices.

Instead, Amazon focuses on cheaper phones that are popular with people who are on a budget and don’t want to spend $1,000 on a new smartphone. Most of the devices come with free shipping, so if you order online, you can get a new phone from the company quickly. But if you want an excellent smartphone at a reasonable price, Amazon is a good place to look.

Best Buy

If you want to get a new mobile phone (smartphone) online or in a store, Best Buy is a great choice. You can even order a new smartphone online, have it held for you at your local Best Buy store, and pick it up the same day.

Best Buy has a great selection of smartphones and cell phones, from cheap phones to the most expensive ones on the market today. Best Buy is an authorized reseller for most major US carriers. Suppose you want to sign up for a new Verizon or AT&T account, for example. In that case, you can do it at Best Buy without going to a carrier location.

Best Buy has knowledgeable people working there, gets new smartphones when they come out, and often has sales.


Walmart is like a middle ground between Best Buy and Amazon. Like Amazon, Walmart is great for finding basic cell phones and smartphones that won’t break the bank. But it also sells brand-new, high-end devices like Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. And because Walmart has some negotiating power with smartphone makers, you’ll often find that its phones are cheaper than some of the competition.

Aside from that, Walmart is an excellent choice for convenience because the company sells phones both online and in stores. Since it has so many stores, it shouldn’t be hard to find what you need when you need it.


To be clear, not everyone sees the experience as a good fit for Apple’s online or physical stores. For example, if you want to buy an Android phone, going to the Apple Store will be a complete waste of time. But it’s the best destination if you like iPhones.

 One of the best shopping experiences in this group is at Apple. Its stores are well-designed, and the people who work there are very knowledgeable. If you need your iPhone fixed, you should go to the Apple Store.

 If you want to buy a new iPhone on the day it comes out, you’re most likely to find the one you want at an Apple store. Add to that the fact that Apple has a great online store that ships quickly and cheaply, and if you’re on team iPhone, Apple is the way to go.


Gazelle is a good option if you don’t want to spend much on a new smartphone but know it’s time to get something new. It is an online market where used devices are sold again. Let’s say you want to get a new iPhone. You can get a used smartphone from Gazelle instead of buying a new one at the total price.

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Gazelle makes sure the phone works well and gives it a fee based on how well it works and how much it is worth. The best part is that you can use Gazelle to get the newest and best smartphones, like iPhones and Androids, without waiting weeks or months for the price to drop.

Any Major Wireless Carrier Store

Not all major wireless brands — AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, offer the same type of devices or have the same mobile plans, but they generally deliver a great shopping experience.

Most of the time, you forget about getting a great deal on a new phone when you walk into a carrier store. But you can expect the carriers to give you several ways to buy the phone, such as paying the total price or paying it off over time. And if you’re a new or first-time customer, you can ask the salespeople if you can get lower prices by signing up for a new line.

Carriers are adding more and more products to their lines, so you could also buy accessories there. Suppose you don’t want to go to a store. In that case, all four major carriers have significant online marketplaces that make purchasing the newest and best smartphone easy.

Any store that sells prepaid cell phones

In an exciting twist, J.D. Power ranks the shopping experiences of major carriers and smaller prepaid wireless carriers yearly. And every year, at least some of these smaller carriers, like Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and others, do better than their bigger rivals. Considering this, it might be best to buy a new phone from a prepaid wireless carrier.

Most prepaid carriers have reasonable prices for their plans and give you much more freedom in setting up your plans than primary carriers. Even though prepaid carriers tend to have cheaper smartphones, you can still go to a prepaid page and get a new iPhone or a top-notch Android device.

Be aware, though, that prepaid carriers use the networks of major carriers to provide service. So make sure to check which significant pages prepaid companies use to see if you have good coverage in your area.

B&H Photo Video

You might not think or believe that a store called B&H Photo Video would have phones, but they have a large section for phones. The store sells unlocked cell phones and cell phone accessories, such as the Google Pixel 4 XL, the Sony Xperia 1, the ZTE Axon 10 Pro, and many others. Since B&H focuses on unlocked devices, you can be sure that any phone you buy from them will work with your GSM carrier.

The deals are also nothing to laugh at. B&H has big sales on many midrange devices, so you can save a lot of money compared to the prices of flagship devices. Still, they don’t have the best selection of high-end phones, so if you’re only interested in the newest flagships, you might want to look elsewhere.


Luxury might mean different things to different people but for sure it satisfies one’s craving to feel special. We hope you liked our list of the world’s 10 most expensive phones.

What do you think, could you buy one of these soon if you had the money?

We still can’t believe that people buy things like this, but everything is relative, so if you have the money and want to stand out from the crowd, why not?

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