Mortician Salary UK and How to Become a Mortician UK

Morticians are some of our society’s most valuable professionals. Although it is a difficult career to pursue, it is a rewarding and lucrative one for the right candidates. – But how much does a mortician make? Here’s everything you need to know about mortician salary UK.

A mortician’s main goal is to honor the life of a deceased person. Second, they assist the family in commemorating their loved one’s life. Because of the unique nature of their work, morticians may also act as counselors for those grieving their loss and may recommend grief counseling for untimely deaths.

Individuals who opt for this career benefit from a comprehensive range of employment benefits, the possibility to become self-employed, a higher-than-average predicted job growth rate and the personal satisfaction of giving help and comfort to families in need. Even though this is not a career for all, the right candidates will find it to be an excellent choice for lifelong career satisfaction.

Continue to read to find all you need to know about how to become a mortician UK, mortuary assistant jobs, and mortician salary UK.

Who Is A Mortician?

Morticians are professionals who prepare the remains of the deceased for burial. They could cremate or maintain the body by applying makeup, clothing, and hair styling techniques to make it presentable. They assist in the selection of an urn or casket and transport the body to and from the funeral home.

What Does a Mortician Do?

As previously stated, a mortician is a specialist who is in charge of preparing deceased people for a wake, funeral, or burial. They do this by embalming them and enhancing their appearance before casketing them.

They may:

  • Plan funerals and showings with the friends and family members of the deceased.
  • Transporting bodies to funeral homes, cemeteries, or crematoria
  • Help family members with administrative tasks like writing obituaries, filing life insurance claims, and transferring pensions and retirement funds.
  • Perform embalming duties or supervise a hired embalmer to prepare bodies for viewings and funerals.
  • Make funeral homes ready for viewings and funerals.
  • Planning the funeral
  • Collaboration with the crematorium
  • Organizing transportation of the body, as well as the funeral guests
  • Sending paperwork to the government for a death certificate
  • Counseling to the deceased’s family and loved ones

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Reasons to Become a Mortician in the United Kingdom

Offer support

Morticians collaborate collaboratively with bereaved family members, allowing them to provide bereavement and support when it is most needed. Funeral directors also have the opportunity to work with people of all backgrounds, providing them with support and guidance during difficult times in their lives. Morticians assist family members in understanding their options and may assist them in finding creative ways to honor their loved ones.

You don’t require much education

Because the educational path to becoming a mortician is shorter than that of other careers, it may be a good option for those who do not want to spend a lot of time or money on college. While some training and an associate degree may be required in some areas, many people can complete all of the requirements in two to four years.

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Some morticians may begin their careers in other funeral home positions while studying to become morticians. This allows them to earn a living while studying to become morticians.

Mortician Salary UK is Competitive

Morticians can expect to earn a competitive salary, with an average annual salary of £39,250. Morticians make a decent wage when compared to other careers with comparable education and training requirements. Some morticians may also choose to open their own funeral home, giving them even more control over their earnings.

There is always work to do for morticians in the UK

Morticians can anticipate steady employment, especially as the population ages. The mortician industry is less competitive than other industries and also provides good job security.

Many morticians work for the same funeral home their entire careers. Mortician skills, such as communication, technical, and logical abilities, can be transferred to other positions, either in a funeral home or in another industry, which can increase job opportunities even further.

Morticians in the United Kingdom have a favorable working environment.

Morticians mostly work indoors. They regularly work alone or in small groups, which may be favorable to some. They may manage the funeral home where they work, giving them more control over their schedules. There is also a greater possibility of self-employment, as many morticians own their own funeral homes.

How much does an Embalmer make the UK?

According to the economic research institute, Mortician’s Salary UK is £39,250 per year and £19 per hour. A mortician’s salary UK ranges from £27,318 to £47,768. On average, in the UK, an associate degree is the highest level of education that a mortician requires for the job.

The mortician salary UK data provided by the economic research institute is based on salary surveys conducted and researched by the organization itself.

What are the Top Highest Paying Cities for a Mortician in the UK?

Below is a table showing the top highest-paying cities for morticians in the UK:

CityAnnual Salary
West London£25,507 per year
London£25,399 per year
Aberdeen£24,194 per year
Cambridge£19,790 per year
Glasgow£19,497 per year
Edinburgh£17,590 per year
Leeds£17,042 per year
Nottingham£15,863 per year
Birmingham£12,413 per year
Highest Paying Cities for a Mortician in the UK

Mortician UK salary per hour

In the United Kingdom, the hourly wage for a Mortician is £30. The average salary range for a funeral director is determined by a variety of factors. These include his or her education and experience, as well as the scope of work and geographic area in which he or she works. Furthermore, ownership or partnership in the firm, as well as competition in the local market, can affect earning potential.

Mortician UK salary per month

The monthly average wage for mortician jobs is £6,246. The mean total wage for a part-time worker is less than that of a full-time worker. Part-time workers earn an average of £5.564 per month, while full-time workers earn around £10.959.

Mortician salary in London

In London, the average salary for a Mortician is £38,795 per year and £19 per hour. Morticians earn an average salary of between £27,001 and £47,213. A Mortician’s highest level of education is typically an Associate Degree.

Mortician salary Scotland

  • A mortician salary Scotland is around £21,709 – £30,603.
  • Mortician salary Scotland for entry-level positions can start as low as £15,837 – £20,539.
  • The most skilled mortician salary Scotland can be up to £45,000 per year.

How to become a mortician UK

The steps to becoming a mortician differ greatly from state to state and are subject to state regulations; however, below is a generally accepted procedure for becoming a mortician.

  • Get some level of knowledge regarding the field
  • Become an Apprentice
  • Get Licensed and be Certified
  • Get some level of mortician education
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Get some level of knowledge regarding the field

Although becoming a mortician and earning a high mortician salary in UK may appear to be a simple job that anyone can do, it is actually quite complicated. To become a professional mortician, you must have at least an associate’s degree, though some employers recommend a Bachelor’s degree.

Also, it is advisable that you pursue a degree in Mortuary Science from an accredited institution where professional ethics, anatomy, microbiology, chemistry, pathology, embalming, funeral service psychology and counseling, restorative art, federal regulations, and mortuary law are being taught.

To master the business of the craft, you might even want to take some business classes to better understand that aspect of the job. Who knows, maybe you’ll open your own funeral home one day.

Become an Apprentice

Following graduation from a mortuary science degree program, aspiring morticians should enroll in an apprenticeship program where they will gain practical experience by working under an experienced funeral director, mortician, or embalmer. This apprenticeship program typically lasts one to three years.

Most mortuary science schools will work with students to help them find apprenticeships after they graduate, and students can also look for apprenticeships through a local funeral service association or organization.

Get Licensed and be Certified 

To work as a mortician or funeral director in most states, you must be licensed. Licensing requirements differ from state to state, but most require candidates to complete an accredited two-year mortuary science program. Furthermore, most states require that applicants be at least 21 years old, serve as an apprentice for 1-3 years, and pass the licensing examination.

Although certification is not required for morticians, it can provide a great resume boost and may lead to increased job opportunities and salaries. Certifications are available, including Certified Crematory Operator and Certified Preplanning Consultant.

Get some level of mortician education

An associate’s or bachelor’s degree is required to work as a mortician. This could take anywhere from two to four years. You should also do an apprenticeship during this time, which can take up to three years. You can save time if you do your apprenticeship and your degree at the same time!

Also, as a mortuary practitioner, the amount of job experience and level of education both contribute to mortician salary UK and positions with more responsibility and leadership. For example, if you are just starting out in your career and have less than a year of experience, you could earn an average annual salary of £25,507 per year.

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Mortuary assistant jobs

A mortuary assistant assists a morgue pathologist with body preparation and examination. A mortuary assistant person specification calls for some knowledge of anatomy and physiology, as well as the ability to handle organs and collect samples from the departed.

Mortuary assistant jobs description

A mortuary assistant is responsible for a variety of tasks that aid in the identification and autopsy processes, such as setting up and cleaning the morgue area, transporting bodies, and preparing sample slides.

A Mortuary Assistant’s Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The following are mortuary assistant jobs responsibility:

  • Assists pathologists in identifying bodies by analyzing fingerprints and teeth.
  • Cleaning and preparing bodies for autopsies.
  • Sterilizes autopsy equipment and arranges all pathologist-required instruments.
  • Aids the pathologist with the necessary medical instruments during the autopsy.
  • As needed, provides a second opinion or interpretation of forensic evidence.
  • Cleans up the morgue after the autopsy.
  • After the autopsy, all instruments are washed and sterilized.
  • Places bodies in morgue trays and stores them.
  • Ensures that all bodies are safely stored in their designated locations.
  • Takes skin and fluid samples from people and prepares slides for further examination.
  • Manages and organizes morgue records for each deceased person under investigation.
  • Assists in the preparation and recording of autopsy reports.
  • Photographs people’s bodies.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of mortuary assistant jobs

  • Proves knowledge of anatomy and physiology.
  • Capable of working calmly and professionally with gruesome or unidentified bodies.
  • Exhibits strong organizational abilities.
  • Has the strength required to transport and lift bodies?
  • Details are important to him.
  • Has the dexterity required to handle delicate organs and instruments?
  • Excellent communicator, especially with the attending pathologist or coroner.
  • When working with the families of the deceased, demonstrates empathy and sensitivity.
  • Working at odd hours and/or overnight shifts is required.


As a mortician, when dealing with clients, it is critical to be empathic and understanding. You must also be prepared with working backup plans in case of an emergency. Also, success in this role will be demonstrated by providing excellent customer service and ensuring client satisfaction.

FAQs About Mortician Salary UK

Are morticians in demand?

Yes, morticians are in high demand; their job role is expected to grow by 5% between now and 2026.

How much does an Embalmer make UK?

Mortician’s Salary UK is £39,250 per year and £19 per hour.

What qualifications are mortician UK?

Here are the various qualifications for a mortician in the UK:
Get some level of knowledge regarding the field, Become an Apprentice, Get Licensed and be Certified, Get some level of mortician education

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