How Much Is Microsoft Software Engineering Salary?

In this article (Microsoft Software Engineering Salary), we are going to be touching on these sub-headings: what is a Microsoft engineer salary? what is the starting salary of Microsoft, whish job has highest salary in Microsoft and who pays more Google or Microsoft? So let’s get started.

Software Engineers (SWE) work as part of a team of developers to develop solutions for significant projects. They’ll be taught the fundamentals of software engineering and a range of abilities that will allow their work to utilize the entire range of Microsoft products. Just Before we dive into Microsoft Software Engineering Salary, we need to review some things.


Software Engineers create unique software applications. SWEs collaborate closely with Product Managers and Program Managers throughout the life cycle of a service or product, such as ideation, design testing, development deployment, maintenance, and report writing. The typical responsibilities include:

  • Utilize engineering principles to solve complex issues using innovative and sound engineering.
  • Collaborate in a team setting to produce software on time, aligning with the industries and internal best practices.
  • Find out and implement relevant new techniques, tools, and procedures.

Eligibility Requirements

For those interested in applying for the Software Engineer cohort in Microsoft Leap, please select the appropriate option below to view the requirements for eligibility.

  • Successful completion of relevant training Examples include:
    • Achieved a degree from a coding school or boot camp and possessed prior experience working in any industry
    • Self-taught programmer demonstrating recent development projects or professional experience
    • A community college degree with a computer science degree or a related subject
    • The degree must be from a school or university that specializes in computing or a similar field, with previous experience in technology and an additional 2+ years of break in your career.
  • Working knowledge of object-oriented programming or other programming models
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Effective communication and teamwork capabilities
  • Currently legally authorized to be employed and presently assigned to work in The United States for the entire duration of the cohort. The employer or Microsoft does not offer visa sponsorship for immigrants.
  • In no capacity as a vendor or a full-time employee of Microsoft Corporation within the past six months.

What Is a Microsoft Engineer Salary?

Have you been asking yourself what is a Microsoft Engineer’s salary? then read through this analysis below carefully.

The mean monthly salary for a Microsoft Software Engineer in the United States is $9,503.
Although has seen monthly earnings up to $15,292 and even as little as $3,375 however, it is the case that most Microsoft Software Engineer salaries currently vary from $7,583 (25th percentile) to $10,666 (75th percentile) across the United States. The pay range for Microsoft Software Engineers varies greatly (by more than $3,083). It suggests many possibilities to advance and earn more according to skill level, location, and years of expertise.
Based on the latest jobs posted on, According to recent activity on, there is a Microsoft Software Engineer job market in both Lagos and NG, and throughout the state is not particularly active since very few employers are hiring. A Microsoft Software Engineer in your region earns, on average, $9,527 a month, which is $24 (0 percent) higher than the average national monthly earnings of $9,503. It is ranked number one out of 50 states across the country regarding Microsoft Software Engineer salaries.
To determine the most precise monthly wage range in the Microsoft Software Engineer jobs field, continually checks its database for millions of active jobs posted locally in America.

The Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Microsoft Software Engineer Jobs

According to our research, the average pay for a Microsoft Software Engineer position is higher than the national average in ten cities. Top of the list is Green River, Wyoming, followed closely by Atkinson, Nebraska, and San Francisco, California, in second and third, respectively. San Francisco, CA, exceeds the national average by $17,647 (15.5%), and Green River, WY, continues this trend by exceeding the $114,042 average by another $28,525 (25.0%).

The average incomes in these ten places are more significant than the national average; therefore, moving offers the best chance of advancing financially as a Microsoft Software Engineer.

The average salary in these top ten cities varies only a tiny 11% between Green River, Wyoming, and Frankston, Texas, supporting the limited potential for significant wage advancement. The best factor to use when weighing location and salary for a Microsoft Software Engineer role may be the potential for a lower cost of living.


CityAnnual SalaryMonthly PayWeekly PayHourly Wage
Green River, WY$142,567$11,880$2,741$68.54
Atkinson, NE$140,275$11,689$2,697$67.44
San Francisco, CA$131,689$10,974$2,532$63.31
Cool Valley, MO$131,547$10,962$2,529$63.24
Bolinas, CA$131,074$10,922$2,520$63.02
Washington, DC$130,600$10,883$2,511$62.79
Los Angeles, CA$128,667$10,722$2,474$61.86
Jersey City, NJ$128,365$10,697$2,468$61.71
Kensington, NY$128,183$10,681$2,465$61.63
Frankston, TX$127,289$10,607$2,447$61.20

Which Job has the highest salary in Microsoft?

Microsoft employees make an average of $131,100 a year; however, salaries vary depending on the role. Researcher, senior project manager, solutions architect, and program manager are a few of the jobs at Microsoft that pay well. At Microsoft, a person with the title researcher can get average yearly pay of $150,120. Other positions at Microsoft, such as systems administrator and product adviser, can also be considered to get a better idea of pay. For instance, Microsoft pays $108,754 per year for the position of systems administrator.

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Highest Paying Jobs At Microsoft

RankJob Title Average Microsoft Salary  Hourly Rate  
2Senior Project Manager$143,976$69.22
3Solutions Architect$142,578$68.55
4Program Manager$140,450$67.52
5Data Scientist$138,764$66.71
7Software Development Engineer$129,203$62.12
8Software Engineer$128,196$61.63
9Solution Specialist$123,995$59.61
10Computer Systems Analyst$122,211$58.76
11Business Analyst$121,266$58.30
12Senior Consultant$120,508$57.94
13Product Advisor$116,290$55.91
14Systems Administrator$108,755$52.29
Highest Paying Jobs At Microsoft

Who Pays More Google or Microsoft?

Compare the workplaces of Microsoft and Google to see how they stack up. You’ll feel one step ahead of the competition by comparing employers based on employee ratings, wages, reviews, pros/cons, job vacancies, and more. Microsoft vs. Google workers has submitted all salary and reviews. Find out more about each organization, then apply for employment in your area.

Salary For the top three positions shared by the two businesses, Microsoft paid an average salary of $2,97,826 more than Google.

Software Engineer
1209 Salaries
₹15,72,000 / yr total

1055 Salaries
₹18,00,000 / yr total
211 Salaries
₹55,126 / mo total

128 Salaries
₹44,639 / mo total
283 Salaries
₹16,62,677 / yr total

28 Salaries
₹5,51,686 / yr total

What Is The Starting Salary of Microsoft?

In recent years, Microsoft has made a bit of a return. Despite losing out to Google and Apple in the race to rule the smartphone market, it has recovered its confidence as a supplier of cloud services to businesses and the enterprise—a one-stop shop for everything from storage to games.

Microsoft always has a hiring itch because of its diverse business ventures. It’s worthwhile to compare Microsoft’s beginning pay for software engineers to those of other major corporations for computer professionals who have recently graduated from college and wish to specialize in developing software and working with the cloud.

For the sake of this mini-study, we combined developer-salary information from levels.FYI with data from this great Reddit discussion in which new hires posted their offer data for various tech firms. We also added some Glassdoor data points to add some variety.

For this mini-studies, we took information from this fantastic Reddit thread where new employees offered their offer information to various tech companies. We then compared it to developer salary data taken from levels. FYI. To keep things interesting, we included data points from Glassdoor.

All that information knows what, self-reported. So there’s always the chance that individual data points may be distorted due to developers inflating or decreasing their actual salaries. However, if we accept the data with respect, it is possible to draw intriguing conclusions.

In Addition

There are a few points to be noted on this page: The candidates who self-report on Reddit all reported that their initial salary was around $109,000 as their signing bonuses, as well as stock grants for four years, varied widely (in all, they were stuck to a range of $19,000 to $25,000 and stock grants ranged in a wildly different direction between $70,000 and $150,000).

In Levels. FYI, things were more specific: those offered an SDE job (basically an engineering job you get immediately after graduating from college) were paid an average of $105,774. They also received a signing bonus of $21,623 and stock options for four years totaling $28,944.

Based on the Levels. FYI information that was used, people who have joined Microsoft with the designation of SDE II (basically, those with a few years of work experience or an education degree) could earn an extra amount starting. $130,287 as an initial salary, topped with an average signing bonus and stock options for four years totaling $25,902.

Microsoft employees have stated the average salary for software developers is $121,155 (on average). Of course, this is a lot for engineers with years of experience and students who have just graduated from college.

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What is Microsoft’s salary information, and how does it compare with other big tech companies? Facebook provides its newcomers with an average base salary of $111 250, a bonus of $67,700, and stock options amounting to 116 875. the entry-level Amazon recruits can meanwhile pull in an average of $108,000. This is topped off by an additional bonus of $51,142 and stock options worth $70,000.

What Are the Highest Paying I.T Jobs?

One of the industries with the fastest job growth is undoubtedly technology. A career in technology has several advantages, one of which is high compensation. The IT sector offers many fascinating options. Technology careers are available in various settings, including brisk startups, cutting-edge IT firms, and tiny IT departments. The top 15 high-paying technology jobs are mentioned in this article.

Below is the list of the highest paying I.T Jobs you can get anywhere around the world;

  • Software Engineering Manager $134,156.
  • Mobile Applications Developer – $111,468.
  • Information Systems Security Manager – $153,677.
  • Database Manager – $58,161.
  • Data Security Analyst -$71,226.
  • Product Manager – $100,000.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer – $110,000.
  • Full-Stack Developer – $106,000.
  • Cloud Architect – $107,000.
  • DevOps Engineer – $140,000.
  • Blockchain Engineer – $150,000.
  • Software Architect – $114,000.
  • Big Data Engineer – $140,000.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect – $130,000.
  • Data Scientist – $150,000.

What Is The Lowest Salary At Microsoft?

At $20,000 per year, the lowest-paying position at Microsoft is a game tester.

What Is The Highest Salary In Apple?

Are you looking to get an opportunity with Apple? If you’ve got the technical skills, Apple jobs are considered to be among the most inventive and thrilling jobs you can get in the field of technology.

Apple’s page for job contains the following notes:

“The employees here at Apple aren’t just creating products; they design amazing things that have changed whole industries. It’s the variety of these individuals and their thoughts that fuel the creativity that is a part of every aspect of our work including amazing technology and leading environmental initiatives. Join Apple and join us in helping us leave this world better than the way we have found it.”

Below are the highest paying jobs at Apple;

The VPS Take Top Spots

Vice President Engineering 

A typical base salary is $313K annually. The market average of an Apple V.P. Engineering is $818K per year. This includes $313K in base pay, a $97.3K annual bonus, and an annual equity of $487K—an average promotion time of 3.2 years. According to the latest job ads, 50 percent of job seekers require an undergraduate degree, while 25 percent require an advanced degree. Most sought-after skills include Linux, Product Development, Software Development, and Strategic Planning.

V.P. Information Technology

 The average base salary of an Apple V.P. Information Technology is $260K annually. The median market salary is $698K per year, which includes a base salary of $260K plus a $67K annual bonus, a $28.7K sign-on bonus, and annual equity of $341K. 3.5 years of experience is the standard length of time for promotion. Sixty percent of applicants require an undergraduate degree, while 40 percent require an advanced degree. The most sought-after skills are Change Management and Business Analysis, Information Technology and Leadership and Management, and Business Intelligence and Management.

Vice President Product Design

The average pay to an Apple V.P. Product Design is $328K. The market average of employees is $552K annually, ranging from $527K to $578K. The average market salary is $328K, which includes starting salary of $90.6K annually, paid bonus of $37.2K signing bonus, and $96.8K per year equity. 3.2 years represents the median period for advancing. Fifty percent of people require at least a bachelor’s degree. Twenty-five percent require an advanced degree. The most sought-after skills are cross-functional Team Management, Product Design, Engineering Management, and Product Design.

Director Advanced Technology

The average base salary for an Apple Director Advanced Technology is $212K annually. The median market salary is $445K annually, which includes a base salary of $212K, a $38.6K annual bonus, a signing bonus of $39K, and $151K equity. The typical time to be promoted will be 3.3 years. Most people require a bachelor’s or higher degree, 48 percent require a master’s degree, and 35 percent require an advanced degree. The top skills are Software Engineering, Product Management, Software Development, and Start-ups.

Chief Data Scientist

Median annual base pay for an Apple Chief Data Scientist is $292K annually. The market average is $433K a year, which includes $292K in base amount, $38.4K annual bonus, $38.1K signing bonus, and $64.9K annually in equity. The time from the start of the promotion will be 4.4 years. At 34 percent, candidates for this job need a bachelor’s, doctorate, or master’s degree. Skills that are required include Master Data Management Strategy, Integration and Sap Bpc, Sap, and Big Data.

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Chief Scientists

The typical annual base pay for Apple Chief Scientists is $269K. The market average is $396K per year, which includes a base salary of $269K, a $35.3K annual bonus, a $36.9K signing bonus, and $54.9K each year in equity. The time from promotion to advancement to the next level is 5.1 years. Chief scientists must have an undergraduate degree, while 34 percent require an MBA, as well as 34 percent of them need an advanced degree. The top skills are Start-Ups, Human-Computer Interaction, Software Engineering, and Mobile Applications.

Director Applications Engineering

Apple pays Director Applications Engineering $238K per year. The market average is $383K per year, which includes a base salary of $238K, a $45.1K annual bonus, a $32.8K signing bonus, and $67.2K annually in equity—the median time to get promoted of 3.1 years. Seventy-five percent of people require an undergraduate degree. The most sought-after skills are iPhone, Product Development, Software Development, Ios, User Interface Design, and Software Engineering.

Director Engineering 

A typical base pay for Apple Director Engineering is $236K annually. The median market salary is $378K per year, which includes $236K for base salary, $48.6K annual bonus, $32.2K signing bonus, and $61.8K per year in equity. The average time to be promoted is three years. Forty-two percent require an undergraduate degree, while 16 percent require a master’s degree. Most sought-after skills include Software Development, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering, Mobile Devices, Agile Methodologies, and program management.

Director Products

 The starting salary of Director Products is $216K per year. The median market salary is $376K per year, which includes a base salary of $216K, a $48.4K annual bonus, a $36.5K signing bonus, and $69.1K annually in equity. The average time to be promoted is three years. Fifty percent of employees require at least a bachelor’s degree. Thirty-four percent require master’s degrees. Product Management, Mobile devices and Products Marketing and Development, and Strategic Partnerships are the most sought-after skills.

Director of Product Operations

A typical base wage for a Director of Product Operations will be $228K annually. The median market salary is $372K annually, including a base salary of $228K, a $55.3K annual bonus, and $53.6K annual equity—the average time to be promoted is 2.7 years. Everyone needs a bachelor’s level degree. Sixty-seven percent of them require a master’s degree. The most sought-after skills are Manufacturing, Project Management Strategies, Leadership and Supply Chain Management, and product development.

The Value of Compensation Information

If you’re looking to work with Apple or another tech giant, you must do your homework about compensation, the skill sets required, education requirements, and more. The more you are aware of it, the more effectively you can determine a path to education that will increase your worth and a better job offer. You can also evaluate the terms of a deal, then bargain for fair pay for your educational and professional experience.

Is It Better To Work At Apple or Google?

I spent two years and some more working for Apple. I’ve been employed with Google for a while. This reflects Apple around the year 2006. These are merely my ideas, and that is all they are.

Apple and Google are incredibly dissimilar. Design DNA exists at Apple. Google’s DNA is in technology. This will be felt everywhere. Google is useful for finding solutions to challenging problems. Apple is about creating attractive products that people will buy and profit from.

Apple has a certain vibe. It has an “I’m awesome” vibe. The appearance has been improved, and as a result, too many people are competing for your employee-only discounts. Fundamentally, a salesperson founded and currently runs Apple (Steve Wozniak was marginalized). It’s also a perfect one. Three individuals with Doctor of Philosophy degrees founded and currently oversee Google. It has an air of “knowledge is cool” about it. The campus has an academic atmosphere.

My manager at Apple informed me that the corporation is primarily focused on hardware and that software is not its top priority. This impacts Apple, and software engineering is unquestionably a lower-class profession.

It’s like working in the armed forces to work at Apple (non-specific). You can ask why you should leap into the river, but you better already be completely drenched before you do. Even though it might be overstated, this is just my view. Being a troublemaker and a divisive figure at Apple is challenging.


Additionally, you will have limited access to internal resources and personnel as an independent contributor. The business will appear to be a series of airtight containers that somehow remain afloat. Of course, it isn’t, but as a volunteer, you won’t see anything besides what you should see (for the most part).

The mean age of my six-person engineering team was about three years lower when I joined Apple. The truth is that the way I expressed my last observation—as a puzzle—will not be well received by the Apple staff.

Never look toward 95014 if you are intelligent, ambitious, and an engineer. Never.

These are my opinions, as I said. I’m not asserting any legal doctrines here.

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