Merchandising Fashion: How to Begin a Career in Fashion Merchandising in the USA

If you are passionate about fashion and also have efficient leadership and communication abilities. Why not combine your skills and interests to forge a promising lucrative rcareer in Merchandising Fashion?

As a fashion merchandiser, you will have the opportunity to influence retail, marketing, and many other aspects of a dynamic, fast-paced industry. However, you must first obtain training at a reputable college. The right fashion merchandising program will prepare you for the numerous challenges that this dynamic field will present.

Continue reading to find out what merchandising fashion is, what fashion merchandising jobs entail, and how you can prepare for a successful career by earning a fashion merchandising degree. You will also see the essential merchandising job skills and more.

What Is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion merchandising, at its most basic, is concerned with the business side of the fashion industry. However, due to the many facets inherent in the modern fashion industry, this career path is far more diverse than most people realize.

Even the most knowledgeable fashion enthusiasts struggle to predict which trends will be popular at any given time due to the cyclical nature of fashion. Nonetheless, predicting styles and responding to existing trends is critical to success not only in apparel sales, but also in interior design, multimedia, and a variety of other fields.

Fashion merchandising adds structure to all of this by incorporating tried-and-true business practices into the fashion world.

This exercise aims to present the appropriate products to the appropriate consumers at the appropriate time.

What fashion merchandisers do

Various types of fashion merchandiser jobs require different responsibilities, but all professionals must stay current on fashion trends. This means that fashion merchandisers must keep an eye on everything from new textile concepts to revolutionary manufacturing technologies and, of course, emerging social media influencers. Fashion merchandisers should also be aware of what’s going on with major designers and pop culture influences on a regular basis.

Specifically here are fashion merchandising jobs duties :

  • Developing marketing campaigns
  • Designing storefront displays
  • Controlling advertising and marketing initiatives
  • Predicting future fashion trends
  • Determining the proper retail prices
  • Choosing which goods to stock
  • Analysis of consumer behavior
  • Studying consumer demographics and fashion trends
  • Observing fashion shows
  • Negotiating with producers
  • Keeping purchases within your means

Fashion merchandising jobs skills

The following skills are valuable on fashion merchandiser resumes and can help these professionals succeed in their careers:

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Persuasion
  • Decision-making
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytics


Fashion merchandisers work with a variety of designs, materials, and styles. They have the imagination to convey their idea for these things to customers and are able to identify distinctive and fashionable products.


Fashion merchandisers use written and verbal communication skills to convince buyers they need a certain product. They’re good at describing items in specific detail.

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These experts can influence customers to purchase things thanks to their persuasive skills. They are able to recognize and express the appeal of a product.

Decision Making

Fashion merchandisers decide which items are likely to be popular and heavily promote them. Their choices can affect a brand’s success.

Attention to detail

 These experts can identify little components that could improve a design. They closely observe colors, materials, trends, and fashions.


Fashion merchandisers analyze past, current, and future fashion trends. They also have the numerical skills to assess data and make sales estimates.

Guides To Become A Fashion Merchandiser

Get A Degree

Merchandisers aim for a fashion merchandising degree from an authorized university rather than only secondary education. A degree in fashion buying, branding, visual merchandising, or a degree in merchandising, apparel, and textiles are just a few programs that can offer you the abilities needed in the sector.

Gain Work Experience

Take advantage of every chance you get in the profession, and do so with gratitude and optimism. Working on the sales floor of a retail store can offer the chance to continue making more money while learning about the newest fashion items that are available, vintage items that did not sell well or that might be coming back into style, and especially the customer’s opinion of what works and what doesn’t.

Improve Your Skills

Keep researching, observing, and developing many facets of the numerous types of fashion. Learn about business income models and the fundamentals of sound financial management by working directly with accounting departments. Help with store design and learn the fundamentals of inventory management and storeroom organization to better comprehend every aspect of your industry.

Fashion merchandising degree

Those who are unfamiliar with fashion merchandising frequently believe that only a high school diploma is required to succeed in this industry. True, some big names made their mark without studying fashion as undergraduates, but they are the exception.

A fashion merchandising degree will provide you with a thorough understanding of the business practices that govern the modern fashion world. From textiles to showroom management, you’ll learn about a variety of concepts that will benefit both you and your future employers.

Furthermore, graduates of fashion merchandising degree will be equipped with transferable skills that they can apply to a variety of professional pursuits or related fields.

Fashion Merchandiser Salary

A fashion merchandiser earns an average annual salary of $42,986. This varies depending on the person’s years of experience, employer, and location.

Jobs with fashion merchandising

Fashion merchandising offers a variety of employment options for those with a passion for style and a keen business sense.

Here’s a list of some of the jobs for fashion merchandising:

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Store Manager
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Account Executive
  • Merchandising Consultant
  • Fashion Advertising Copywriter
  • Fashion Show Director
  • Import/Export Manager
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Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandisers are typically employed in retail settings and are responsible for making stores visually appealing while also using consumer psychology to drive sales. They are frequently in charge of the layout of the sales floor as well as the appearance of store displays.

Some visual merchandisers work in management, where they are in charge of supervising visual merchandising associates. Visual managers may interact with general managers, stylists, and other staff members on a regular basis in this role to ensure that customers receive exceptional service.

Fashion Marketer

Although the terms “fashion merchandising” and “fashion marketing” are sometimes used interchangeably, they refer to different aspects of the industry. Fashion marketing is primarily concerned with building a brand and increasing sales through digital communication.

A fashion marketer may be in charge of creating a social media campaign to introduce or boost sales of a specific product or line of clothing. This one-of-a-kind position necessitates a thorough understanding of both the fashion industry and digital marketing fundamentals such as search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

Fashion Store Manager

A fashion store manager is in charge of a store’s overall performance to make sure everything runs smoothly and that sales goals are met. In addition to managing human resources, this position may also involve developing and monitoring budgets and reporting to senior management.

Fashion Coordinator

The fashion coordinator oversees the day-to-day functions of an entire fashion design department by working with creative and developmental fashion team members to ensure all projects are running smoothly.

Account Executive

Account executives are in charge of introducing new lines to customers and providing information on products and promotions. They also work closely with media outlets and advertising agencies to sell and promote brands to stores. 

Fashion Consultant

If you take pride in providing impressive style makeovers, you may have a future as a fashion consultant. This position focuses on one-on-one interactions in which consultants blend flattering styles with the preferences and personalities of their clients. The end result? A carefully curated wardrobe in which each piece feels authentic to the client while also remaining fashionable.

Fashion consultants may provide stylistic advice for special projects such as editorial photo shoots in addition to working with individual clients. Others work as corporate liaisons, assisting professionals in determining which outfits will help them make the best impression at important presentations, networking events, and other events.

Fashion Advertising Copywriter

Fashion advertising copywriter uses their fashion and marketing expertise to create engaging content that promotes products. They might work for a particular brand or as a freelance contractor. They create copy for websites, blogs, or advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and online publications.

Fashion Show Director

Fashion show directors work with producers and designers to oversee all elements of a fashion show event. Before the show, they may work on scheduling, contracting designers, casting models, and hiring production team members. 

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Import/Export Manager

An import/export manager oversees the international exchange of clothing. They make sure that people who trade do it in all trade agreements, local laws, and rules of the countries concerned. Additionally, they endeavor to ensure that all appropriate paperwork, including customs forms and transportation documentation, is completed.

Fashion Merchandising Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts little to no change in employment opportunities for fashion designers, which includes fashion merchandisers, through 2030. The majority of job openings during that time period are expected to be caused by professionals transitioning to different industries or leaving the labor force entirely, according to the agency.

Is fashion merchandiser a good career choice?

Yes, it is. For those who have an eye for fashion trends, this is a fantastic career. Product development and inventory management are just two of the duties that fashion merchandisers must perform. Because of its high speed and intense competition, this profession is not for the weak of the heart. Fashion merchandisers are in high demand, which means that those who have the skills and work ethic to succeed will have job prospects.

what skills does a fashion merchandiser need?

The best fashion merchandisers possess a balance of analytical skills and work ethic. They are detail-oriented and must be able to perform well under pressure.

How much do fashion merchandisers make?

Salary is largely contingent on experience with more financial upside depending on your work location. The average salary ranges from $45,000 to $59,000 annually.


Many different types of professionals can find employment in the field of fashion merchandising. You could be on your way to a career that challenges and excites you every day on the job if you have a strong desire and excellent training.

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