Best 15 Market Research Analyst Jobs

Best 15 Market Research Analyst Jobs

Before going into the main topic (Market research analyst jobs). We would treat some background studies. We will also look into the following sub-headings: Market Research Analyst Salary, Market Research Analyst Job Description, Paid Market Research, How To Conduct Market Research. Now let’us get started.

To understand what a Market Research Analyst is, you should know what a market is. Markets are places where buyers and sellers come together for transactions. It doesn’t require an actual location or gathering point. Indeed, many people nowadays prefer online and physical market spaces. They are more convenient and affordable.

In business, markets go beyond where people gather to make transactions. It can also be an association that includes users and non-users of the product or service. The various phases and rapid nature of markets are one of the primary reasons behind the increase in Market Research Analysts.

Market research analysts are an expert in business that consults diverse groups of individuals or companies, gathering data, processing, and translating business-related information for their employers and clients. Analysts report their findings using spreadsheets. These could include opportunities for business owners’ specifics about the character of a user or market and the regions where products or services are likely to succeed, the needs of consumers, and other elements that could affect sales.

What are the roles you will play as a Market Research Analyst?

As a specialist in Market Research, one of your responsibilities is to assist businesses with details on the kinds of products they can offer. Additionally, you will be accountable for identifying the type of customers or end-users who are likely to purchase their products and the most effective methods for creating awareness of products or services.

Additionally, you’ll be responsible for creating surveys to help companies determine what they should use to draw in prospective customers. This could be as simple as the dimensions of a product, its color, or even the functions it serves. Because the surveys could occur at different locations within the same time frame, You may have to instruct those in person or directly implement the plans for surveys you create.

Your job as a Market Research Analyst also extends to keeping track of trends in your company’s field, brainstorming marketing strategies, and transforming your ideas into proposals that can assist business owners in deciding how to place their services or products in the right spots in the right way.

You can now interact with your customers or target your market using IT tools. Sure these tools could assist you in determining what your customers are paying attention to when they visit your company’s online store or site. They also provide stats. For instance, Google Analytics, GoSpotCheck, QuickTapSurvey, Repsly Mobile CRM, Zonka Feedback, Fulcrum, Dub Interviewer, Forms on Fire, and on and on.

Yet, psychology plays a vital role in determining what clients want and how to persuade them to purchase. In your position as a market analyst, you should understand consumers’ emotions and their needs if you’re going to comprehend their needs.

Other functions of Market Research Analysts include: Market Research Analyst include:

  • Analyzing the results of a campaign.
  • Re-examining and reorganizing ways of collecting data.
  • Making simple tables and graphs from data is too complicated for business managers.

Market Research Analyst Salary

The average annual wage for an Analyst for Market Research in the United States is $64,839 annually. If you need a straightforward calculation of your salary, this amounts to roughly $31.17 per hour. This is equivalent to $1,246/week or $5,403/month.
While has seen annual earnings up to $111,500 and just $23,500, The majority of market research analyst salaries are currently ranging from the range of $46,000 (25th percentile) to $70,500 (75th percentile), with the highest-earning analysts (90th percentile) earning $94,000 per year all across the United States. Market Research Analysts’ pay range varies significantly (nearly $24,500).

There could be numerous opportunities to advance and increase compensation based on the level of skill and location, and work experience.

Based on recent job advertisement activity on, According to current job postings on, there is a Market Research Analyst job market in Lagos, NG, and throughout the state less active than a small number of companies are hiring. The average Market Research Analyst working in your region earns, on average, $64,841 a year, which is 2 (0 percent) greater than the average national income of $54,839.

In addition, it is ranked number one of 50 states across the country regarding Market Research Analyst salaries.
To calculate the most accurate annual salary in the market for Market Research Analyst jobs, continually checks its database for millions of job openings posted locally in America.

Market Research Analyst Job Description

A Market Research Analyst will research and compile market conditions and product data to determine potential new markets, sales opportunities, and the most effective ways of selling specific products.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

  • None.


  • Determines and defines the goal of a marketing research project and determines the most effective methods to accomplish those goals.
  • Draft questionnaires, polls, surveys, and other data collection tools.
  • Compiles and analyzes information about the current market, demographics of customers, and interests, as well as factors that affect the demand for products; analyzes results to find ways to increase the market share and sales of the current product.
  • Collects information about competitors’ products like pricing, deals, distribution methods, or marketing methods.
  • Analyzes and summarizes data; provides recommendations based on research conclusions.
  • Reports on findings, including graphs illustrating data and written descriptions of complex results.
  • Discovers potential new markets or products by conducting studies.
  • Forecasts and tracks industry-wide sales and marketing trends based on the collected data.
  • Presents reports and results to executive and management leaders.
  • Other related tasks as required.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication abilities.
  • Excellent ability to organize and pay concentration to details.
  • Highly analytical and thorough research abilities.
  • The ability to translate complicated concepts and methods into a language easily understood.
  • Expert in Microsoft Office Suite or related software.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s qualification in Marketing Research, Statistics, Math, or any related fields is required; MBA preferred.
  • A related experience would be preferred.

Physical Requirements:

  • For long periods, you’re at a desk or working on computers.
  • It is essential to be capable of lifting up to 15 pounds.

Market Research Analyst Degree

The most commonly used method to begin a market research career is formal degree training. Based on the United States Department of Labor, 71% of those working in this field have an undergraduate degree, 25% hold a master’s, and 4% have an advanced or professional degree. Market research analysts typically have an academic background in market and marketing research. However, many also hold diplomas in management and statistics, liberal arts quantitative research and computer science, and communications and social sciences. In addition, many other related degrees can also help students pursue an occupation in market research. For instance, colleges and universities might offer bachelor, associate master, doctoral, and doctoral degree programs in research for a survey, statistical analysis, predictive analytics surveys, survey methodology, survey statistics and designs, data analytics, and qualitative techniques.

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Schools that offer market research training often develop courses that cover the basic concepts of the industry, as laid out by the Marketing Research Association (MRA):

  • Marketing Basics
  • Planning the Research Process
  • Research Design
  • Sampling
  • Web Survey Research
  • Data Delivery Methods
  • Research Management
  • Communicating Research Results
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Collection Skills
  • Measurement Instruments


One of the most effective ways marketers can show their competence and skills is to take an exam called the Marketing Research Association (MRA), which earns the Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) certificate. The MRA recognizes that various market research analysts possess the same training and experience. Therefore, it provides three different kinds of professional certificates that reflect the diverse needs of each individual.

Market research analysts can apply for accreditation as research suppliers, corporate researchers, or research assistants. Each category of professionals can demonstrate their knowledge of their field by selecting to be certified as an expert or a practitioner. Most professionals with less than three years of experience can be eligible for a practitioner’s certificate, while those with more than five years of experience are eligible for the expert’s certificate.

Best 15 Market Research Analyst Jobs

Many states offer equal opportunities for their employees for jobs as market research analysts. There’s no difference. We’re aware of how complex the job search process can be. To simplify your life, we’ve got the details you require to know which state you’d like to begin your job search. Our analysis indicates that Delaware is the most desirable state for market researchers in America. Find the hottest town in America to hire market researchers earning the highest salaries in Seattle, WA.
To do this, we examined the most up-to-date data on the following criteria: Average annual salaries and the number of available positions for market research analysts. Market research analysts are typically promoted to the work of marketing managers.

Market Research Analyst
Remote in the United States
Estimated $49.6K between $62.8K a year 
Monday to Friday
One 3-years or more of work experience 3 to 5 years of experience in study Customer experience, customer service analysis, program management, or another relevant field.


  • Dollar General 3.0
  • Remote in Goodlettsville, TN 37072
  • Full-time
  • SS is responsible for the market improvement strategies for existing marketplaces to ensure that we keep an efficient network of stores that can adapt to the ever-changing market…

Associate Market Risk Analyst

  • New Xcel Energy 3.6
  • Denver, CO 80202 (Union Station area)
  • $52,000 to $73,333 in a year
  • Full-time
  • Study independently and reply to regular requests for reports and data.
  • Compile, review and analyze data required to make daily forward curve marking-to…

Voice of Employee Program Analyst

  • New REI 4.1
  • Remote in Seattle, WA
  • $55,000 to $110,000 in a year
  • Degree in human resource management, Marketing research, business math statistics, human resources, or applied social science research.
  • Assistance manager for consulting with internal partners Project…

Biomedical Research Program Analyst

  • Leidos 3.7
  • Frederick, MD 21702
  • $74,750 to $155,250 in a year
  • Full-time
  • This includes strategic planning for programs, evaluations of programs, market research, review, and improvement of business procedures…

Power Market Analyst

  • XO Energy
  • St Thomas, VI
  • Estimated $56.1K between $71.1K per year 
  • Experience with FTR Market Day – Ahead, Real-Time markets, SPP, and Entergy transmission system.
  • Make cost-of-production modeling with tools like UPLAN,…

Research Analyst

  • Polychain Capital
  • Remote in San Francisco, CA 94103
  • The analyst in research will be your eyes and ears for research, always connected to the pulse of the cryptocurrency market.

Market Risk Analyst

  • New
  • Impact Solutions 3.4
  • Hybrid remotes located in Springfield, MA
  • Between $80,000 and $130,000 per year.
  • Monitor the electricity market developments with attention to potential risks for our organization and market participants, such as M&A activities and modifications to the power markets…

Investment Analyst Public Market

  • Novant Health 3.7
  • Charlotte, NC 28207 (Myers Park area)
  • Estimated $62.5K between $79.1K per year 
  • Full-time
  • Excellent communications and presentation abilities with an understanding of the financial market and investment climate.

Market Research Analyst

  • Nuvo systems
  • Remote
  • Estimated $65.4K between $82.8K per year 
  • Full-time
  • Create leads by conducting online research. Research.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator research capabilities.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited University/ College.

AR Business Analyst and Market Research, Analyst Relations

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc. 3.3
  • Remote
  • A year’s salary of $102,000 to $160,000.
  • Full-time

Many candidates for the hiring

  • Additionally, an AWS company analyst will seek out and evaluate information from external and internal data sources to give marketers insight into the AWS market…

AR Business Analyst and Market Research, Analyst Relations

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc. 3.3
  • Remote
  • Between $102,000 and $160,000 per year.
  • Full-time

Many candidates for the hiring

  • Additionally, an AWS analyst in the business analyst will search for and evaluate data from both internal and external data sources to give market information regarding AWS Market…

Technology Analyst

  • The latest
  • South West 4.3
  • Dallas, TX 75235 (Love Field area)
  • An annual salary of $86,100.
  • Full-time
  • Attractive market salaries of at least $86,100 up to $107,500 annually, depending on the skills and previous experience.
  • Required: High School Diploma or GED.

Research Analyst

  • The latest
  • NAIS
  • Remote in Opportunity, WA
  • Full-time
  • At least three years ‘ working experience supporting the development of a research program; previous experience developing study instruments, analyzing as well as writing research reports…

Analyst, Disease Market Research

  • REACH Market Research
  • Massachusetts
  • Estimated $62K to $78.4K per year 
  • Full-time
  • Research or consulting experience in market study or experience consultant.
  • Autor Market studies research for our products.
  • market study survey and discussions guides) are a benefit.

Market Research Analyst Resume

These are steps to use to prepare your resume for jobs as a market research analyst:

1. Prepare a professional overview

At the end of your resume, you should write an informative summary that outlines your most essential skills and qualifications to be considered for a market research analyst job. Include the relevant years of experience you have gained in market research or another similar field, for example, marketing. Highlight your achievements in your professional career or highlight a handful of your most impressive abilities, like the analysis of statistics and communications. Your professional summary should be concise to inspire hiring managers to keep reviewing your resume.

2. Write about your impressions

In your resume, list all previous positions in reverse order. Start with your most recent job. Under each post, provide several bullet points to explain your work experiences, including your principal duties or achievements. Create five bullet points for the position first mentioned on your resume and three points to describe the other jobs. You should introduce each bullet point with a strong verb. Then tell your tasks or achievements to prove your worth. For instance, you could note that you influenced the development of new packaging on products that increased sales by eight percent in just one quarter.

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3. List relevant skills

Under your work experience, including the relevant qualifications, you’ll need to be a market researcher job. Include between 6 and 10 skills pertinent to the section on your resume. It is helpful to read the job description to find the competencies employers are looking for so that you can include the relevant skills on your resume if you possess these skills. For instance, if a company prefers applicants with previous experience with data mining, you could include this expertise in your resume to show the relevant skills you have.

4. Please provide your educational background

On the last page of your resume, include your educational background. List your most recent degree first. If, for instance, you hold a bachelor’s degree and an MBA degree, have your master’s degree first. Next, include the name of the degree you earned and the institution you attended. Finally, please only provide your graduation date within the past three years.

5. Should highlight additional information.

If you have additional qualifications you wish to list in your resume, include this information in the section below your education. Different areas you could add to your resume include certificates such as awards or honors publications and work for a charity or professional association. However, contain only other relevant information for an analyst position in market research. For instance, you can have a certificate section to draw attention to the fact that you have earned your Certified Market Research Analyst (CMRA) certification.

Market Research Analyst Requirments

Marketing research analysts collate and analyze data from various sources to generate results they present to customers. They are also able to make suggestions based on the results. Analysts in market research are employed by private and public sector companies as well as charities and non-profit organizations. Analysts are also able to be used on a freelance or consultant basis.

The research specifics depend on the employer and sector’s nature and size. Research analysts typically specialize in either qualitative or quantitative research. Quantitative research requires using vast amounts of data from structured questionnaires that could be utilized to discover the patterns, behaviors, or attitudes of sales.

Qualitative research usually relies on one-to-one and focus groups. These are more informal and require interpretation by the analyst who conducts market research. However, they may reveal the underlying motives, such as opinions, motivations, and opinions, and can take longer to finish.

The typical responsibilities are:

  • developing questionnaires and advising on methods of gathering data
  • gathering data and assimilating statistics by using statistical software
  • Monitoring the development of the data collection process
  • collecting data and interpreting the results to help clients
  • formulating recommendations based on information gathered
  • Presenting findings to clients in a simple, easy-to-understand manner
  • managing a team of data gatherers along with data input and management assistants
  • Can negotiate Contracts for research projects 
  • head of focus group management, conducting interviews and conducting surveys
  • managing budgets

C&C Market Research

C & C Market Research, Inc. provides market research services. In addition, the company offers programming, viewing of clients, and project management. C & C Market Research serves clients in America. United States.






Advertising & Marketing



1115 South Waldron Road Suite 207 Fort Smith, AR 72903 United States


C&C Market Research, a market leader for more than 25 years, has the perfect solution to your needs in market research. Our highly skilled experts in data collection and exquisitely constructed field locations, paired with our state-of-the-art programming and data transfer capabilities, can ensure your next venture succeeds. With over 100 data collection sites across the country, We are the largest privately-owned operating market research business across the U.S. C&C has remained the market leader by putting in the effort, ingenuity, and a commitment to excellence that is unmatched.

Year Established: 1993

Number of Employees: 400

Air-Conditioning | Audio Recording | Catering | White Board / Flip Chart | Handicapped Access | Internet | Laptop Computers | Mac Computers | Moderating Services | On-Site Parking | Windows Computers | Reception / Waiting Room | Recruitment Services | Transcription Services | Translation Services | Television / Monitors | Video Recording | Wifi

Paid Market Research

Elevated Insights is looking for you to join and be the money you deserve for market research!

Elevated Insights will never request personal information, such as your social security number, credit card, or banking details. If you’re being asked to supply this kind of information by someone who claims they belong to EI, you should report it to the FTC (FTC complaint form and hotline: 877 FTC-HELP (877-382-4357.) Don’t share your personal information with someone you aren’t comfortable with.

Businesses worldwide need people as you are to assist them in improving their products and services to satisfy new demands. This is your opportunity to be heard and to make an impact you can make in the world by creating products, applications, and services, as well as food and drinks, and your town meets your requirements.

What is the process?

Sign up to become a member by filling in this application.

Tips: The more you fill in, the more you fill out, and the more likely they will choose you to be a part of a study! Why? Imagine researching young people who use off-road vehicles. The first step is to pull everyone from our system that fits the requirements. If we’ve got enough people in our initial search, we will not email other members about their vehicles. If you meet the requirements, but we need to have all the information available, You may not be compensated to speak out about cars.

Check your emails and texts, or even pick up your phone!

If we find studies that you’re a suitable candidate for, we’ll reach out to you (in your preferred method) to ensure that you meet the requirements. If you’re not a fan of talking on the telephone, do not fret. We have callers who love to chat and ensure you are comfortable. Then, we’ll give instructions on how to proceed if you are eligible to study.

Be part of the investigation.

You’re in! You can let us know your thoughts through the internet, a mobile phone interview, or a focus group in person.

Earn money for market research!

When you’ve completed your study, we’ll pay you by check, cash, or an online gift card to express our gratitude for your participation.

Market Research Participants

Market Research Participants could be referred to by many different names, like an individual, a participant in a survey, a control or survey respondent, and many more.

Human Subject Research is a form of academic research focusing on studying and gathering data about human beings or their participants. To do this, they first need to get approval from the people they are researching. It’s essential to keep in mind that research participants join the study in a voluntary agreement and have signed their consent to participate in the research, regardless of whether they want an amount of compensation or otherwise. In addition, they must be fully aware of what is expected of them to ensure that they are collecting the correct amount of data and how they’ll be protected under privacy concerns about data.

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Researchers may be adults or children, depending on the research’s nature. Children, for instance, may not be able to provide informed consent for specific research involving medical or pharmaceutical procedures; therefore, parents or guardians must give support instead.


We now know what a Market Research Participant is. Let’s discuss how to ensure that their rights are protected and how researchers are legally bound to the obligation to ensure that they do this.

As per the current standards of research ethics and by the Declaration of Helsinki, researchers who conduct human-based research must grant certain rights to participants in the study. Therefore, researchers should ensure that participants have these rights:

  • The ability to be the object of goodwill is the researcher’s wish to be a beneficial researcher. The researcher must ensure they don’t hurt people in any way in their research.
  • The right to enjoy research justice means that researchers be fair to participants in their interactions with them and in any subsequent communications between them. This means being provided with adequate details about the purpose of the research and how the study will proceed and being informed of what will disclose findings to those who follow the completion of the study.
  • The right to be treated concerning individuals, that is, the subjects of research, will be treated respectfully and dignifiedly by the researchers during their studies. This means keeping confidentiality at all times and respecting the rights of every participant concerning their body (e.g., taking samples only when needed).
  • The privacy rights of researchers are that no except approved researchers have access to the personal information of participants without the consent of those individuals (or their parents or guardians).

How To Conduct Market Research

If you’re developing a product, you must master market research to help you develop business ideas.

Here’s a complete guide to market research that will provide you with the data you’ll need to support your efforts to develop your product.

1. Establish Your Goals

The first step in executing successful market research involves determining an array of goals to reach.

You must know the details you need to conduct your research more efficiently. First, decide what questions about your company you wish to be able to answer.

You may be interested in introducing a new product or service and determining if there is an audience and demand for it. If your small-scale enterprise is operating, and you want to know more about the habits of customers’ purchasing and their challenges.

New companies must test a product’s or service’s validity before launching it on the market.

2. Define Your Buyer Persona

Once you have outlined your research objectives, identify your potential clients. Knowing your market’s needs is essential because only some will require your product or service.

Make buyer personas using your research to portray your ideal clients. Ideally, your buyer personas must be similar in terms of traits.

Identifying a buyer’s persona can help you visualize your target client and guide your market research. The essential information you need to collect is your client’s age, gender, geographic location, and income level, level of education, and work.

3. Identify the Right People To Engage in Market Research

Identifying your ideal buyer will help you select an appropriate market study. The group you like is an indication of your prospective clients. Begin by choosing people with characteristics that match your buyer profile.

When deciding on the people involved in your study, consider an assortment of participants and the following on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You may also connect with your friends, colleagues, and LinkedIn acquaintances and select those who can be considered part of your study.

4. Choose a Research Method

Select the correct research method to make sure you make the most of your studies to get the most value. Then, choose the plan that gives you the information you require for your goals.

For instance, you could ask your clients and potential customers for an interview or invite people to participate in market surveys. If you’re doing secondary research, identify the sources you’d like to utilize.

5. Collect Relevant Data

When conducting market research, take into consideration using both primaries in addition to secondary studies.

While primary research can provide you with a wealth of information, Secondary research will help you identify the gaps and fill them in. This gives you the most helpful information for your market research.

The information you gather should be reliable, impartial, and reliable. Make sure you’re relying on using accurate data from trustworthy sources.

6. Analyze the Data and Take Action

Many data sources are valuable, but it’s only valid with analysis. The information you gather from your primary and secondary research will give you a lot of complex data to understand. So, reviewing your sources to find the most relevant information is essential.
It is also possible to create a report of your results, including the procedure you followed, what you learned, and what you would recommend based on the findings. Be sure to review the findings and outline the best plan of action.
If you were testing an idea, consider the results without altering the facts to match what you initially thought you knew.

Questions and Answers

What is a Market Research Analyst?

Ans: Market research analysts are an expert in business that consults diverse groups of individuals or companies, gathering data, processing, and translating business-related information for their employers and clients

What Does a Market Research Analyst Do?

Ans: As a specialist in Market Research, one of your responsibilities is to assist businesses with details on the kinds of products they can offer. Additionally, you will be accountable for identifying the type of customers or end-users who are likely to purchase their products and the most effective methods for creating awareness of products or services.

Market Research Analyst Career path?

  • Analysts, market researcher
  • Market research specialists
  • Marketing analysts
  • Marketing consultants
  • Marketing forecasters
  • Marketing specialists
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