How to Make Hard Work a Habit in Nigeria

How to Make Hard Work a Habit in Nigeria

There are many new ideas in the world nowadays that try to paint working hard as something unfashionable, difficult, or very unnecessary. You hear people say things like work smart, not hard, it is not necessary to work hard if you are smart and other things like that which try to undermine working hard.

Here, you’ll get the undiluted truth which is: Hard work is beautiful. And you should make working hard a habit. If only you could pay a bit of attention to the people around you, you will find out that the majority of them don’t really want to work hard enough to get what they want.

They want it easy. Also, They want to do very little and yet achieve tangible results. They make the mistake of calling this lazy attitude smart work. But I’ll try to explain what hard work really means.

Hard work is not really as hard as it looks. It only refers to your relentless efforts to work tirelessly towards the achievement of your goals and targets.

It involves doing your best at all times to keep improving in what you do. It involves putting your heart and mind into your work, such that your focus is as strong as a high-beam laser destroying any obstacle along its path. If you’re really working hard, there’s no way you won’t be working smart as well except if you don’t understand what you’re doing and then you think it’s hard work.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome in the name of hard work is stupid. Even Einstein wrote: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Repeating your procedures and exhausting needless physical energy on certain things without thinking is not hard work.

Maybe this is the kind of hard work some people are against by saying that smart work is better. However, what I have just cited above is not even hard work in the first place. Because real hard work involves an application of deep thought and the desire to constantly change our processes in order to improve.

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So hard work as defined above is beautiful. It always pays. And it pays right on time. It never owes you. It has never owed anyone.

Once you’re working hard on anything, you must get your results. It is guaranteed. There is no gambling involved. Just etch this belief at the back of your mind: “Your results are guaranteed once you work hard to achieve them.”

As long as you’re constantly improving your methods and you’re not being stupid by refusing to apply your cognitive and mental faculties, your results are assured. Trust me.

Sometimes, it may take a little time to see the results of your hard work, and it could come at a time you least expect it, one thing is certain, it must come!
Bold winners know this and that’s why patience is a treasured virtue they all share.

Leo Tolstoy once said: “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”

Joyce Meyer added: ” Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting.”

Saadi continued: “Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”

Hard work is not just beautiful, it’s sexy as well. It turns you on to keep going and keep going. Because its results are so exciting and fulfilling, you just fall in love with it and it becomes you. It becomes your attitude.

Hard work is not hard. You don’t have to see it as hard. It is just the key to everything you want in this world. Look around you. Everything you see is a result of someone’s hard work and reasoning.

If those who built and invented most of the things in our world today wanted to just have it easy without work, we would not have made as much progress in human advancement as we have made today. Every genuinely successful man or woman you see around you today is a product of hard work, however many of the upcoming generations tend to think that they do very little.

They fail to understand that it was all their accumulated efforts in working hard that led them to that seemingly easier position.

But the funny thing is that being in the position of those successful men and women is not even easy.

But anyone who is not used to working hard in those enviable positions and you will see that they will fail woefully in the position they thought was easy.

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And why do they fail? Such lofty positions involve lots of responsibilities, and someone who doesn’t have enough experience in working hard cannot just take the heat. So they can’t perform well.

Those successful men and women who think that they just sit in an office, receive cool air from the air conditioner, and press their laptops are already used to handling those responsibilities. And that’s why they find it easy.

They find it easy because they are used to it. They have become associated with working hard on responsibilities that it has become like nothing to them. A task you think is difficult and couldn’t be easily handled can be taken care of by them in seconds. Then they have all day to themselves and can do anything else they like.

But to you on the outside who haven’t taken time to understand why they are where they are, you may think that they do nothing. What they actually do is serious, massive, tasking, and very important. But they do it effortlessly.

Genuinely successful people aren’t lazy. They are always active and on the move.

Think about the president of your country. He has lots of responsibilities and hard work on his shoulders alone. Even with delegation and help from various departments, the president has a lot of work to do. In very progressive countries, their presidents are accomplished and disciplined hard workers who have demonstrated their ability to build things up and make them work. That’s why those countries take their electoral processes very seriously.

They understand that a president must be hardworking and not laid back. These countries build their systems on hard work and they make sure that it’s only serious hard workers that get the best positions in the state.

That’s why such countries stay progressive. It shouldn’t just be countries, companies, communities, families, groups, and individuals who should learn to value, emulate and encourage hard work.

It is only through hard work and activity that we achieve anything meaningful. Those who look for shortcuts are lazy. And they rarely make any lasting progress.

Now, I have to tell you that working hard doesn’t mean that you should overdo things or overwork yourself unnecessarily. By all means, take a break when you really need to. Resting when you feel weak is good for your physical and mental health.

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And remember, a person that works hard needs to think well during that process. To stay mentally sharp, you have to rest, so you can restore your exhausted physical and mental acuity.

So, just keep in mind that hard work doesn’t mean you kill yourself. Lol. You relax, have some alone time, hang out with your friends and just have fun.
But remember that the purpose is to relax, and don’t get carried away.

As a success-minded person, hard work is a way of life. So balance your relaxation time properly. When you relax well as your body requires, you find out that your hard work actually accomplishes more.

Should be vice versa right? Haha. Well, it can’t be the other way round because relaxation calms your head which houses your mental ability. And that ability coupled with hard work accomplishes more.

If you decide not to ever rest because you’re working hard, the law of diminishing returns begins to play out. You work more and more and you achieve less and less.

What’s the point of working to achieve less?

As a matter of fact, when you decide not to rest at all, it’s no longer hard work. Hard work involves thought as well. And without relaxation, thought processes are worse off.

So relax when you have to and after that continue working. There are few people willing to really work hard and that’s the more reason you should since you care about standing out from the rest of them who want it easy.

Make working hard a habit, keep your mindset sharp, and just keep winning!

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