How To Maintain A Positive Mindset

How To Maintain A Positive Mindset

I want to believe you were able to catch some vital points in my recently published article on the Advice To Jambites Here.

Certainly, I expect you to wonder about my topic this time around “Maintaining A Positive Mind In A Time Like This” because I have decided to come up with something needful for you during this admission expecting period.

Yes, and that is the time I am talking about.

The point is that in a time like this when everybody is expecting admission, there will be various rumors and facts concerning the criteria for admission that might want to get you discouraged or disturbed over some shortcomings you have either in your 0-level or Jamb result.

I have been monitoring various treads in here and I could see people give their perspectives on other people’s Utme scores and Grades which I must confess has made a lot of people lose hope or get into doubt.

Also, I am not saying the truth shouldn’t be said but there are some assumptions that kill the mind.

I will be talking to everybody individually in this post and I will want you all to hold it very firm.

There is a great need for you to maintain a positive mind in a time like this despite whatsoever score you might have. Even if you are combining results and yet scored below 200 but above 180, you are not the first to meet yourself in such a position.

There are people who had it like that and secured admission last year which I am a witness of.

It is necessary that you use the BOB tactics Rather than Doubt or lament.

By BOB, I mean Based On Believe

One of the things that triggered me to put up this post was a guy who scored 176 and yet categorically told me that he will be admitted to LASU because his score is close to 180 and his course is less competitive.

It sounded ridiculous to me but I carried on with him in the same belief. That doesn’t mean he won’t make preparations for an alternative, which is polytechnic anyway.

The point is that you must stay positive. If know you have a low jamb score, go for a change of institution or course that you know will help you secure admission.

Don’t just sit down thinking, there is always a hidden solution to every solution. So get up and find it. And also make sure you believe in yourself because some individuals have already developed a mediocre mindset. So they tend to relax each time they have gotten an average or acceptable result, which is not too good.

Because most times, when one aims for the average, the person might end up having a below-average result. But when you aim for the best, it enables you to stand a good chance of having the best or average result.

Change your course where necessary or change the institution if needed and hope that all will be well. One thing you should know is that favor breaks protocols.

Maintain a good and positive mind and watch things go smoothly.

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