Luton Town Academy Scholarship

Before treating Luton Town Academy Scholarship, Let’s look at the Luton city Academy Profile.

In recent years, Luton Town’s Academy has proudly contributed to The Club’s lengthy history. Players can start their adventure with the club as early as age 6 thanks to the Academy’s U9 to 18 programs. The Pre-Academy, Center of Excellence, and TIPS Program are part of a wide network that supports and underpins the Academy within the Community Department (For more information on this please visit the Community section of the Web Site).

There are three main stages to the Academy:

U7–11 for the Foundation Phase; 
U12–16 for Youth Development; and 
U17–18 for Professional Development

Luton Town Academy Training Programs

Under 9s – 14s

The U9s-14s Academy practices part-time (three times per week) and competes on a Sunday morning in the South East Category Three Academy Games against teams like Barnet, Southend, and Cambridge United. Festivals, games against Category One and Two Academies, and European tournaments against the best Clubs from throughout Europe, in which we have had great success, round out our game schedule.

Under 15s – 16s

The U15s/16s train on a hybrid schedule (four times per week), which requires a day off from class each week throughout the academic year in order to exercise twice at our brand-new training facility (The Brache), attend education sessions, focus on strength and conditioning, and watch video analysis. The team competes against teams from the South East and South West Regions in the South East Category Three program, which at this age is similar to the U18s games program. Again, festivals, games against Category 1 and 2 opposition, and European competitions round out the schedule.

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Under 17s – 18s

The U17s and U18s are employed full-time as Club Apprentices. The boys train at The Brache alongside the first team while enrolled in a BTEC Sports Science program. First-year professional contracts are given out to members of this group.

Under 19s

The U19s plus participate in an U21s/23s program and join the club’s first team setup.

Luton Town FC Academy Status

The Luton Town FC Academy is a Category Three organization.

The football development system has recently undergone changes that allow Academy Category One clubs (U12+) to sign up from anywhere in the nation. The FA changed this rule because they think that the best players should only be able to participate in the best academies, regardless of where they live. Previously, Category One teams could only bring in players who lived within a 90-minute drive of the Academy. We may now develop the local potential for the global stage as a result of expanding the scope of achievement for the top potential. But the Luton Town FC Academy has noticed a rise in the number of host families being recruited to help teach young prospective talent in a safe family environment.

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How To Be Scouted

The Luton Town Academy Scholarship staff promises young people a six-week trial period with the team. Football players occasionally have the good fortune to be in the right places at the right times as scouts watch a game, but Luton Town FC Academy is well aware that excellent talent may slip through the cracks, so it gives young people the chance to personally contact the club with their playing experience. For advice on how to present your playing career in the best possible light, visit our page on football resumes. They probably won’t respond to everyone given the volume of applications, but it’s a good way to let scouts know about players with promise who want to advance in their game and get a chance to play for the Luton Town FC Academy. Please gather the required documentation to be contacted for a trial at the Luton Town FC Academy:

  • Football Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • Position, age, birthdate, height, weight, contact information (email, phone, address), current club, former clubs.
  • Information on any trials previously attended any representative honors (such as from a school, district, county, or another entity), and so on.
  • Education of the players.
  • Send scout the schedule of games for your current club, including the location and the kickoff time.
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Send an email to the Luton Town FC Academy at [email protected] once you have all of the necessary information.

As an alternative, your request will be examined by the Luton Town FC Academy, which will decide whether or not a scout will be sent to the game.

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