Live Chat Assistant Jobs | How to Get a Job as a Live Chat Operator

The big distinction between today’s service and service ten years ago is that customers expect premium service to be built in from the first sales or marketing engagement and continue through the moment they ask for assistance, post-purchase, and back again. Live Chat Assistant Jobs have today made customer engagement much easier and more effective.

In live chat assistant jobs, you will work in a customer service position, interacting with customers to resolve complaints, process purchases, and answer questions.

The customer service industry is vast and rapidly expanding low-stress jobs that pay well. A career in consumer service allows you to develop skills that you can apply to almost any business, with roles available at all levels of experience and numerous opportunities for advancement.

For those interested in applying for a job in a live chat career in customer service, there are numerous job opportunities available.

What are live chat assistant Jobs?

A live chat assistant interacts with customers through a company’s live chat software to answer questions and resolve issues. Even if your live chat software has the best automated virtual agents, there are some issues that require human intervention. This is where a live chat Assistant Jobs can help.

Live chat assistant jobs remote professionals must be effective communicators, quick typists, efficient multi-taskers, and familiar with computers and your business. While response times vary by industry, most businesses respond to a live chat in 47 seconds. The global average duration of a live chat is 10 minutes and 55 seconds.

With the support of live chat and phone support assistant jobs, customers can have real-time back-and-forth conversations with support agents via live chat support. Customers can send questions to a person who can quickly respond to them in the same small window by using live chat software embedded in a company’s website.

Why Live Chat Assistant Jobs Are Important

Here are some of the reasons why your company or organization requires a live chat assistant:

  • Live chat enhances the customer support experience
  • Customer acquisition and onboarding are aided by live chat
  • Live chat allows your agents to establish rapport with customers
  • The live chat support team reduces customer repetition

Live chat enhances the customer support experience

Customers prefer live chat because it allows them to get their questions answered quickly.
With live chat, you give customers a way to contact you right when they have questions or problems that they can’t solve.

This is much more satisfying than sending an email to a support team; with email, you never know when you’ll get a response. The ease of obtaining assistance is most likely why customer satisfaction ratings for live chat are higher than for other types of support.

Customer acquisition and onboarding are aided by live chat

Live chat assistant jobs for your business are an excellent way to connect with prospective and new customers and instill confidence in them to use your product or spend money on your website. Consumers who use chat are 2.8 times more likely to convert than those who do not. Even if your customers don’t need to talk right away, being available to assist them builds trust.

Live chat allows your agents to establish rapport with customers

Agents can adjust their styles to fit the situation best during an ongoing chat by observing a customer’s tone and sentiment. Agents can quickly establish rapport and a friendly, helpful relationship by mirroring style or adjusting formality to match a customer’s.
Messaging platforms also provide a more authentic way to showcase the personalities of your agents than traditional channels.

The live chat support team reduces customer repetition

Nobody wants to have to explain their problem over and over again. In fact, 72 per cent of customers expect an agent to know their personal information, such as support history and product information, without having to ask. With good live chat customer service, agents can read the text provided by the customer while also reviewing other information.

This could include information such as which screen the customer is currently viewing and notes from previous interactions with customer service.
Some tools will even allow an agent to share a screen with the customer or easily send links and screenshots to help them better understand a set of directions, making everything crystal clear.

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Key Skills for Live Chat Assistant Jobs Positions

Now that you understand what a live chat job role can do for your company, it is up to you to hire the right people for the job. A chat service agent must have the following skills to keep customers happy and satisfied:

  • Team-Playing Abilities 
  • Excellent Communication 
  • Multitasking Abilities
  • Industry Knowledge 
  • Tech Savvy 
  • Quick Learning Attitude
  • Fast Thinking Skills 
  • Patience and Empathy 

Team-Playing Abilities 

A live chat assistant’s remote job’s primary responsibility is to resolve customer issues. If an agent is unable to effectively solve a customer’s problem, he or she should be willing to refer the customer to another teammate who is more likely to succeed. Personal performance cannot be prioritized solely.

Excellent Communication 

The most important requirement for a live chat assistant remote jobs is excellent communication skills. To effectively handle online chat, they must be proficient in written communication. When hiring live chat agents, make sure they can write clear sentences, have good grammar and proofreading skills, and can type quickly.

Multitasking Abilities

Live chat and phone support assistant jobs may require you to talk to more than one customer at a time while navigating through solutions and troubleshooting problems while chatting online. This necessitates expert multitasking abilities. A person who is unable to multitask may not be a good fit for this role.

Industry Knowledge 

In live chat and phone support assistant jobs, the requirement of industry knowledge is a huge plus. Better explanations can be provided by someone who is familiar with industry trends. A live chat and phone support assistant jobs for a car dealership, for example, who is aware of automotive trends will be able to explain evolving emission standards to customers and relate this to their product.

Tech Savvy 

A live chat agent’s job is to provide online customer support. This signifies that being technologically savvy is a must. An employee in this role must be able to navigate live chat software with ease, effectively leverage customer data to provide meaningful support and do so quickly.

Quick Learning Attitude

A customer service representative must be able to adapt to change quickly, whether it is due to upgraded software, new products, and services, or evolving customer queries. To provide quality service, they must be willing to learn and improve their skills.

Fast Thinking Skills 

Poor customer service can cost businesses up to $62 billion per year. This can be avoided by using a live chat agent. When a customer appears to be about to leave, an agent must be able to think quickly in order to persuade the customer to stay. They will need to be able to provide discounts and offers that customers simply cannot refuse.

Patience and Empathy 

Customers had to be treated like kings and queens. Even if they ask the same question repeatedly or take their time understanding a response, a live agent must sort through them patiently. Live chat agents must be compassionate and patient.

How to get a job as a live chat operator

You will need previous customer service experience as well as a reliable internet connection to get a live chat job. as well as strong communication abilities
Although some jobs provide a smart device or laptop, the majority require you to use your own mobile phone and laptop.

You’ll also need a home office setup or access to a quiet place to work, as well as the ability to respond to client messages quickly.

Some jobs require technical knowledge or even a college degree, but most will train you to make the transition easier.

You must be able to think on your feet and provide a variety of solutions for clients who require assistance with a variety of problems.

Best Live Chat Software for Business 

To communicate with customers in online chat jobs, you must use chat software. So, here is the best live chat assistant Jobs software for you:

  • Hubspot
  • ChatBot
  • Tidio
  • Olark
  • Chaport
  • Smartsupp
  • Sendinblue
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HubSpot is a popular all-in-one marketing platform that offers live chat and a chatbot builder. It also comes with email marketing automation, sales CRM, landing page software, help desk software, a self-service customer portal, and other powerful marketing functionality. The best part about HubSpot is that there’s a free version so you can try this software and then decide whether it’s right for you.


ChatBot comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that you can use to create your own automated bot. It helps small businesses use the power of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots to boost customer engagement and overall customer satisfaction.


Tidio comes with over 35 ready-made templates so you can respond to customers 24/7. And it can be added within minutes to your website. This helps you respond to your customers faster, and deliver a better overall visitor experience. It has a limited free plan that supports 2 operators but doesn’t include some of the more advanced live chat features.


This is a popular multichannel live chat solution for online businesses. You can quickly and easily add the software to your WordPress website using their live chat plugin. This will help improve the customer experience while reducing your support staff’s workload.


This company offers a free forever plan with unlimited chats and support for a single operator. They also have live chat support apps for mobile devices, a 30-day chat history, and some basic options to customize the Chaport live chat widget.


This is a low-cost live chat option and software that allows you to track and record user sessions on your website. Smartsupp collects information about the people who visit your website and records their conversation history. This helps you understand what triggers visitors to reach out to your customer support staff.


SendinBlue is a powerful beginner-friendly live chat platform that allows you to easily convert your website visitors into customers by answering their questions in real-time via live chat. 

Best Live Chat Assistant Jobs

  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Consultant
  • Customer Service Advisor
  • Service Desk Engineer
  • Operational Support Specialist
  • Customer Experience Agent

Sales Representative

In this role, you’ll grow your career by connecting your customer service and sales aptitude to consulting and recommending products to customers. Also to Coordinate sales efforts with marketing programs.

Sales Consultant

A Sales Consultant is in charge of devising strategies for promoting and selling products or services. They calculate business trends, like monthly sales rates, and set targets for the sales department.

Customer Service Advisor

A Customer Service Advisor’s duties include answering customer Inquiries, making product recommendations or suggestions, and providing information about services or products. Also to update customer information in the company database.

Service Desk Engineer

They are experts in resolving or escalating issues relating to hardware, software, network, and other of computer end users when they raise requests through emails, instant messages, chats, or phone calls.

Operational Support Specialist

This entails resolving operational problems within the defined schedules and service level agreements. And also analyze the root causes of operational malfunctions and provide resolutions.

Customer Experience Agent

A customer experience specialist is responsible for keeping track of customer journeys, interacting with customers across channels and platforms, and coordinating with all internal stakeholders such as product design or development, sales, marketing, account management, and so on, in order to keep fine-tuning the customer’s experience. 

How much do live chat agents get paid?

The average hourly wage for a Chat Customer Service Representative or live chat assistant job remote in the United States is $18, with a salary range of $15 to $20. While the annual total pay for a Live Chat Agent in the United States is estimated to be $44,853.

The salary rate can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, and the number of years you have worked in your field.

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Chat assistant jobs from home

Below are the latest chat assistant jobs from home opportunities for you:

#1. SocialPays

This is a job application for online customer support workers who provide live chat support. It is open to applicants from all countries. This means you’ll be handling live chat messages for a company’s website and social media accounts. We provide full training and are looking for people who can start working right away. You can work your own hours as long as you work at least 10 hours per week.

What you’ll be doing: Live chat customer support agents answer incoming customer support questions via live chat on companies’ websites and social media accounts. These could be support inquiries from current customers or sales inquiries from prospective new customers.

Skills/background needed:

  • Must have a device able to access social media and website chat functions (Phone/Tablet/Laptop)
  • Be able to work independently
  • Ability to closely follow provided steps and instructions
  • Have 10+ hours availability per week
  • Reliable internet connection

Apply Here.

#2. Customer Support Specialist (Oceania daytime)

Oceania Daytime is looking for a customer support specialist to join their team and cover the AEST time zone during daytime hours. You will communicate with clients via email and voice chat. Also, this position necessitates a strong technical background, excellent communication skills, and an understanding of eCommerce.


  • Managing the technical side of onboarding new customers
  • Guiding customers on how to use our product
  • Writing code snippets to solve one-off problems.
  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Evaluating customer requests for customizations
  • Collaborating with different departments to bring projects to completion.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience with Javascript/HTML/CSS
  • Excellent communication skills in English, both written and verbal
  • Strong analytical skills and curiosity
  • Attention to detail

Apply Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are live chats safe to use

Yes. Live chat is a private web service that allows businesses to chat with customers via live messaging. Statistics show that 83% of customers require live chat support in some form when making online transactions.

What is the difference between live chat and chatbot

Live chat offers human-to-human communication and adds empathy to support conversations, while chatbots elevate the support experience by offering instant answers and automating responses to support queries. 

What does a live chat agent do?

A live chat agent interacts with customers through a company’s live chat software to answer questions and resolve issues. Even if your live chat software has the best automated virtual agents, there are some issues that require human intervention.


A high school diploma or GED certificate is required for an online live chat assistant jobs. You should receive additional on-the-job training. Some online live chat assistant jobs positions necessitate additional knowledge of specific industries or software, and some employers prefer candidates who have product vendor certification.

Years of experience can lead to advancement. Your ability to use live chat computer programs is critical to your success as a live chat and phone support assistant jobs agent. Excellent listening and typing abilities are also required. Patience and strong customer service skills come in handy when dealing with a wide range of issues and attitudes, both positive and negative.

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