List of Jobs You Can Get Easily in Nigeria After Applying

We have Compiled a Comprehensive List of Jobs You Can Get Easily in Nigeria After Applying, They Include Marketing Jobs, Educational Instructors, Software/Application Developers, Receptionist/Front-desk Officers, and Models/Video Vixens/Ushers. You Can Search and Start Applying for Jobs Here: Moden News if you Posses Either of these Skills above.

These easy jobs to get in Nigeria are only going to act as a lifesaver. If you have stayed for a long time at home without landing any job, then I suggest you consider some of the jobs listed in this article. The aim isn’t to create a career path around the job, but it would help you remain active, make money, and solve basic needs.

We all understand the urge to go for high-class jobs, but not all of us would be so lucky to land jobs that pay 6 digits monthly. In most cases we have to start with easy jobs we can get, then along the line, we might be lucky to land ourselves lucrative jobs.

Getting a job in Nigeria is already a full-time job because the unemployment rate in the country is surging high. This means that getting a job in the country requires a series of techniques that would be employed.

In most cases, it might be your poorly written resume that causes the delay, so I suggest you get a well-written CV that would help in this process I am about to outline for you in this article. So if you don’t have a job yet, I suggest you consider any of the following easy jobs I am about to list now. Getting this job shouldn’t be your final bus stop but should act as a stepping stone – as I explained before.

What are the easy jobs to get in Nigeria?

Marketing Jobs

“No!” you would yell, but this doesn’t apply to only Nigeria. One of the easy jobs to get anywhere in the world is marketing. I still can’t figure out the main reason behind it, but I know that;

  • Companies are looking for anything that would help them increase their market share and value.
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Once a company launches a new product, they are looking for people to help them push the product into the market to compete against already existing products. Some of the sectors that employ marketers in large quantities include;

  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • FMCG
  • Information Technology

For now, these are the four sectors I can remember. The good news about most marketing jobs is that they require little or no experience from the applicants. This means that you would undergo some level of training to bring you up to speed. So if you are tired of staying at home without a job, you might as well consider any marketing job. I have listed several job sites you can check for real job vacancies.

Educational Instructor

Before you feel bad about me asking you to become a primary school teacher as one of the easy jobs to do, I would want to establish the following facts.

  • Educational Instructors are high in demand
  • Your level of tutoring depends on your skills and what you have to offer
  • Most Educational Instructors earn above 200k monthly – depending on the knowledge they have.
  • ICT instructors earn above 150k monthly in major institutes
  • Some primary, and secondary institutions in Lagos pay their teachers above 70k monthly.
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As long as you have knowledge that is transferrable – legitimate or not, you would always find a job. It isn’t only streamlined to the Primary and Secondary schools. Find out what you can teach as a professional, and you can smile at the bank monthly.

Software/Application Developers

This is one of the easy jobs and most lucrative jobs to get in Nigeria, but most people neglect it while chasing shadows. It boils down to you having the skills to perform.

Software/Application Developers focus on building applications and software that help solve real-life problems. As long as you know your job, you won’t have an issue getting a job as a software developer – because we have just a few of them in the country.

Receptionists/Front-desk Officer

This might be more streamlined for the female folks, but it is one of the simple and easy jobs to get in Nigeria. Most times the way they recruit receptionists, you may wonder if that is the only job in Nigeria.

The demand for receptionists in Nigeria is in high demand, but it has its own special requirements. If you have to succeed as a receptionist, then you should have the following;

  • Excellent communication ability – writing and oral
  • Beauty
  • Presentable
  • An educational qualification.
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Once you have the above, you would automatically be considered for any receptionist role.

Models/Video Vixens/Ushers

These kinds of jobs are also focused on the female gender. They are also among the easy jobs you can get in Nigeria. In most cases, you don’t even require an educational qualification to land yourself any of the above jobs.

I have written extensively on how to become a model in Nigeria, and I believe that would guide you. To get any of the above jobs, you would have to join companies that offer such services. It would help you get jobs more easily than when you start sourcing for the jobs yourself.

If you build the right contact and connections, you might end up building a real career out of it and most likely become rich – who knows?

The above jobs are just a few of the easy jobs you can get in Nigeria. There are several others, but they might not be befitting to graduates. If interested, you can check out the top blue-collar jobs in Nigeria, and possibly make your choice.

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