Legal Jobs in Nigeria | Legal Counsel Jobs in Nigeria

Legal Jobs in Nigeria | Legal Counsel Jobs in Nigeria

Canaan Consulting is among the reputable and leading commercial law firms in Lagos. One can think of identifying with, either for their services or employment opportunities.

From the information made available to us here at Moden News, this firm is among the law firms currently recruiting in Lagos. And we believe that these Legal Jobs in Nigeria at Canaan Consulting will interest people searching for vacancies in law firms, Companies recruiting lawyers in Lagos, Legal Counsel Jobs in Nigeria, or Personal assistant Jobs in Lagos.

As a result, the Moden News team has listed the requirements plus a list of available Legal Jobs in Nigeria at this law firm. Before applying you are advised to go through it.

Job Title: Lawyer

Location: Nigeria

Job Field: Legal / Law

Requirements for this Vacant Position for a Lawyer

  1. One very important requirement is that every Applicant must have a Bachelor’s degree in Law.
  2. Each interested person must be someone that can draft and review documents very well.
  3. Qualified Lawyers must be willing to pay attention to details.
  4. In addition, a qualified person should be able to lead.

Job Title: Secretary / PA

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job Field: Legal / Law

Requirements for the Position of Secretary at Canaan Consulting

  • Most importantly, this position at Canaan Consulting is for University or Polytechnic graduates of social science courses.
  • Only those that graduated with a minimum of second-class honors are qualified for this Personal assistant Job in Lagos 2023/2024.
  • Further, nothing less than 3 years of experience from doing Administrative assistant Jobs, Secretary Jobs in Lagos, or similar fields is required from Applicants.
  • Good interpersonal skills and knowledge of clerical activities is an imperative requirements for this PA Job in Lagos

Job Title: Senior Counsel (Commercial Litigation)

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Job Field: Legal / Law

Senior Counsel Job Requirements at this Law Firm in Lagos

  • Canaan Consulting is looking for someone with a wealth of experience. And the professional background to assist in her commercial litigation law services.
  • Secondly, this Job is among the legal counsel Jobs in Nigeria where those interested in legal practitioners. Would be required to have up to 5 years of experience in practicing commercial litigations.
  • Interested Persons are however reminded that these Legal Jobs in Lagos Nigeria are strictly for those that have good track records in the law field.
  • In addition, Canaan Consulting is among the companies recruiting lawyers in Lagos. That will be demanding all evidence showing how experienced a candidate is.
  • If you have experience working as a legal counsel in business development fields or Company management. Then you are most welcome to apply for these Legal Jobs in Nigeria.
  • This type of vacancy in Law Firms is strictly for only Law graduates.
  • Lastly, only a well-behaved and serious-minded person, will be considered for this Legal Job.

Job Title: Head of Litigation / ADR

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Job Field: Legal / Law

Head of Litigation Job Requirements at Canaan Consulting in Abuja Nigeria

  • Firstly, this position is a highly professional one. As a result, Applicants must be individuals with high reputations and antecedents in Law.
  • Secondly, Law firm Jobs in Lagos are among the highest-paying jobs in Nigeria. Therefore, to qualify for this Job Interested Legal Practitioners would be required to have up to 8 years of experience in the Litigation and ADR law field.
  • It was also disclosed that only Law graduates with at least Second Class Upper or Lower are called to apply for this Legal Counsel Jobs in Nigeria at Canaan Consulting.
  • Lastly, excellent and sound oral skills, especially in the area of debating, convincing, and winning arguments are core requirements for this Law firm Job in Lagos.

How to Apply for a Job at Canaan Consulting

  1. Apply via the Law Firm’s recruitment email address

    Above all, interested persons who have read the requirements for these available Legal Jobs in Nigeria at Canaan Consulting. Should proceed by Applying HERE.

    Visit for more information about the company.

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