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Jobs at FAO Ghana | FAO Ghana Vacancies 2023/2024

Jobs at FAO Ghana | FAO Ghana Vacancies 2023

Today, the Moden News team has brought good job opportunities to the people in Ghana. However, these job vacancies exist in the food security and agricultural sector.

Therefore, interested persons should go through the information on this webpage very well. This information includes job requirements and how to successfully apply for a job at FAO Ghana.

Kindly go through this web page very well in order to find a job that suits you.

Job Title: Value Chain Analysis Specialist

Location: Ghana

Slot: 2

Reporting Lines

This Ex-act Sustainable Value Chain Analysis Specialist will surely report directly to the Ex-act Value Chain Policy Officer. Indeed, both of them will be supervised by the RAF Senior Policy Officer.

FAO Ghana Recruitment Requirements for Value Chain Analysis Specialist Job

  • Firstly, applicants should have a Bachelor’s degree in agriculture economics. However, Those that studied courses that’s related to agriculture economics can also apply for these FAO jobs in Ghana.
  • Secondly, the management of FAO Ghana wants applications from people that have up to 3 years of work experience.
  • These 3 years of experience should be obtained while working in an International organization.
  • These FAO Ghana vacancies are made for people that have good knowledge of French and English Languages respectively.
  • FAO jobs in Ghana 2023/2024 are for candidates that know how to do teamwork.
  • Interested persons must have the ability to build effective relationships.
  • Only people that have good communication skills can join the FAO Ghana careers team.
  • Applicants that obtained their work experience in more than one place of work, will surely stand a better chance of getting these jobs at FAO Ghana.
  • Applicants should be people that know how to use the right tools to work.

Additional Requirements for these FAO Ghana Jobs

  • Candidates should be good at organizing various kinds of meetings and workshops.
  • Nevertheless, these FAO Ghana vacancies are for those that can easily analyze data on the value chain.
  • Thirdly, interested persons that have been searching for phrases like FAO jobs in ghana 2023/2024, Jobs at FAO Ghana, FAO ghana careers, FAO recruitment 2023, or FAO jobs in Ghana are surely welcome to apply. However, they must also possess all the job requirements before applying to occupy these FAO Ghana vacancies.

Why You Should Apply for a Job at the FAO Ghana

  • Firstly, being a Staff of this food and agriculture organization makes the organization cover your travel expenses.
  • The company goes as far as paying for the removal expenses of its employee when they are relocating from one place to another.
  • Those that do FAO jobs in Ghana, disclosed that employees are also entitled to assignment grants. Which helps them take care of bills while doing assignments.
  • Employees also get a family allowance and educational grant, which makes people that occupy FAO Ghana vacancies worry less.
  • Doing FAO jobs in Ghana 2023/2024 will make you entitled to annual/home leave.
  • Employees will also be registered at a health insurance organization, courtesy of this Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

How to Apply for a Job at the FAO Ghana

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  1. Interested persons should apply via the Food and Agriculture Organization Recruitment Portal

    Anyone that have carefully gone through the details of these jobs at FAO Ghana and the person is equally sure that he or she is qualified for this job. Should simply apply via the FAO jobs portal here: or

    The first FAO recruitment portal contains all the application details you must know. As well as how to create an account at the Food and Agriculture Organization Recruitment Portal. Which you must do before proceeding with an online job application.

    On the other hand, the second portal contains the current vacancies at the FAO. So all you need to do is simply create an account online for free and quickly apply for a good job.

    Applicants should note that the application for this job recruitment is completely free and only qualified persons can apply.

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