IRC Jobs in Ethiopia 2023/2024 | International Rescue Committee Job Vacancies

IRC Jobs in Ethiopia 2023/2024 | International Rescue Committee Job Vacancies

International Rescue Committee [IRC] is a non-governmental organization. Helping to provide succor to war-ravaged areas of the world, and places suffering different natural or economic disasters in the world. However, they have a humanitarian presence in most countries in Africa. Providing relief to the most deprived and needy ones in society. Since it arrived in Ethiopia it has contributed immensely towards the provision of basic amenities of life to interior areas in Ethiopia.

In our update today, we are happy to inform our readers with interest in NGO Jobs that recruitment has started for IRC Jobs in Ethiopia 2023/2024. The Job would be of great interest to those with experience doing UN Jobs in Ethiopia, NGO Jobs in Ethiopia, UNICEF Jobs in Ethiopia 2023, or USAID Jobs in Ethiopia 2023/2024.

Title: Senior Environmental Health Officers and More

Location: Addis Ababa

Field: NGO / Community Services

Why we Recommend You Apply for this Job at IRC

  • Firstly, the IRC is an international humanitarian organization. With international funding sources landing a Job with them exposes one to heights of opportunities.
  • IRC operates with international standards which is why vacancies in the organization are among the most sought-after NGO Jobs in Ethiopia 2023/2023.
  • The opening is open to all with no fee needed for the International Rescue Committee Application form.
  • Another interesting factor is that as an International organization, the safety and welfare of staff remain a top priority in the organization.
  • IRC Jobs in Ethiopia just like other UN Jobs in Ethiopia 2023/2024 and other International Jobs. Comes with a certain societal prestige that gathers respect for the selected person.
  • In addition, Due to the nature of the Job, your feeding, accommodation, and transportation. And other upkeep would be catered by the organization based on the selected position.
  • International Rescue Committee Job Vacancies are very competitive. As a result, ensure you bring all additional qualifications that can give you an advantage towards being selected.
  • You will also be opportune to access seminars and training workshops that can help scale up your knowledge of humanitarian Jobs in Ethiopia.
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Roles of the Senior Environmental Health Officer at IRC

  • The health officer in collaboration with related health agencies will ensure the proper implementation of the IRC Tierkidi project. With-in allocated budget and timeline meeting international standards.
  • Secondly, the selected person will organize in-house training for staff. And ensure they carry out their duties based on the recommended standards of IRC.
  • Ensuring the overall hygiene of warehouses and appropriate quarters under the assigned region are all pivotal parts of this IRC Job in Ethiopia.
  • Constant surveillance and records of activities in designated warehouses would be undertaken by the Health Officer.
  • Provide the budget of his department for analysis to the accounting department.
  • Furthermore, the International Rescue Committee vacancies of this type are very demanding. As a result, you must be really good at multitasking to scale through.
  • While working as a health officer at IRC, note that there would be other additional tasks that might be assigned to you by the organization.

Eligibility/Requirements for these Positions of Health Officer at IRC

  • This Job is among the International Rescue Committee Vacancies for professionals. Therefore, a postgraduate degree would be highly appreciated but if you have a in fields related to Public Health Jobs it would be accepted.
  • With no exception made, you must have up to 4 years of experience doing similar Health officer Jobs. Before applying for this public health Job in Ethiopia 2023/2024.
  • Thirdly, being Computer literate is compulsory.
  • Sound communication skills and fluency in English.
  • It would be to your own advantage if you have done UNICEF or USAID Jobs in Ethiopia 2023/2024. Before obtaining the International Rescue Committee Application form to apply.
  • IRC Jobs in Ethiopia 2023 is open to only legal residents in the country.
  • Ability to show independence while working with little or no supervision.
  • Good management skills and high accountability are all expected of Applicants for this IRC Job in Ethiopia 2023/2024.

How to Apply for a Job at IRC

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  1. Apply via the recruitment portal

    Above all, interested persons who have gone through the recruitment requirements and wish to apply. Should visit the Application websites below and apply. Make sure that you specify clearly the position you are applying for in the form.

    For Internal Candidates –
    For External Candidates –

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