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How to Get HP Student Discount Code (Step by Step Guide)

Many students in the United States and worldwide want to buy HP electronic devices for their studies, but the high cost prevents them from doing so. It’s time to cheer up because you can now take advantage of the HP Student Discount and get the HP Student Discount Code, which allows you to save money on HP products. 

Hewlett-Packard (HP) offers discount codes through UNIDAYS that students can use to save up to 55 percent on HP products. Computer manufacturers and stores offer student discounts regardless of where you attend school. Simply show proof of student status to receive discounts on computers, laptops, tablets, software, and accessories.

This article aims to provide information about HP Student Discount and how to obtain the HP Student Discount code.

About HP 

HP is one of the world’s largest and most well-known technology companies, with a focus on education. This is probably the first brand that comes to mind when looking for student discounts on laptops. HP has everything students need, from laptops and computers to printers, tablets, calculators, etc. HP recognizes that laptops and other devices can be prohibitively expensive for students. As a result, they’ve created the HP Student Store, a dedicated online store for students. HP has teamed up with UNIDAYS to offer students discounts of up to 60% on various products.

About HP Student Discount 

You can save up to 30% on HP products through the HP Student Store with a valid email address. You don’t need an HP student discount code. The discount will automatically be applied. The HP Student Discount is similar to the student discount you get at EssayService when you pay for essays online. It allows you to save money on HP products. The store sells high-quality laptops, printers, headphones, and other electronics at 30% off student-friendly prices. 


UNIDAYS provides you with the best college online and in-store discounts at major brands and retailers. You must be a 16-year-old student studying in the United States to gain access. Students are eligible for a UNIDAYS account. It can take up to 24 hours. A temporary fee will be charged whether the student’s review was successful or unsuccessful. One discount code can be used at a time. 

A countdown will appear after you’ve generated the code, indicating how much longer you have. When accessing your account from a public, shared, or other devices, be especially cautious so that others do not see or record your password or additional personal information. You are solely responsible for making all necessary arrangements to access UNIDAYS services.

HP Student Store

Students can save up to 40% on HP products at the HP Store. The HP Student Store is where you can get your discount. Only a valid academic email address is required. You won’t need to enter any discount codes because the discount will be applied automatically once you sign in to the HP Student Store.

How do I get a discount at the HP Store if I’m a student?

With a free UNiDAYS or Student Beans account, getting your student discount at HP Store is simple. Simply follow the simple instructions below.

  • Go to the HP Student Store by clicking here.
  • Use your student email address to sign up.
  • Wait for HP to send you an email to verify your email account.
  • Log in to the Student Store to take advantage of the special offers.
  • Take advantage of your savings!

Keep an eye out for increased student discount offers; we’ll post any details here as well as on our deals page whenever additional discounts become available.

Is the HP Student Discount Available to Everyone?

Students must meet the following requirements by Friday to be eligible for HP student discount codes:

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • Currently enrolled in a university or college.
  • It can be accessed using a .edu email address or a school-issued student ID card.
  • You can check your status by clicking the link below. HP will send you a unique promo code once you’ve completed the process.

Please note that parents cannot register their children on public holidays, and students must register themselves after meeting the eligibility requirements. You will need a .edu account to apply for any student discounts. To learn more, go here.

How Much Money Can You Save If You Take Advantage Of The HP Student Discount?

HP student discounts through UNIDAYS change depending on what’s on offer at the time. HP products, such as laptops, printers, calculators, and more, are typically discounted by 35 to 55 percent with coupon codes. HP’s HP Student Store offers up to a 40% discount on laptops/PCs, printers, and other products (up from a 35% discount last year). HP provides up to:

  • Laptops are 15% off.
  • Displays and monitors are 10% off.
  • Printers are 10% off.
  • Accessories, such as keyboards and mice, are 40% off.
  • Don’t forget that HP now provides free shipping on all orders.
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Because HP discounts aren’t fixed until UNIDAYS, the amount you can save and the products that qualify change over time. Check the UNIDAYS website to see what’s available and how much money you can save. You can view current offers on the HP website and generate coupon codes after signing up for UNIDAYS and verifying your registration. 

Your student discount does not appear in any of the prices on the HP website before you check out because codes are only applied when you reach the shopping cart.

How Does HP Ensure That Students Are Registered?

Student enrollment cannot be verified because HP has no internal student discount plan. UNIDAYS, a third-party service, compares student enrolment to records. At most four-year universities, UNIDAYS can check student enrolment. Many schools that aren’t yet part of the system can get a manual review. Several large corporations, including Apple and Dell, use the same student discount service. Once you’ve signed up and verified your registration, you can use UNIDAYS student discount codes for hundreds of companies. 

How to Make the Most of Your HP Student Discount

To receive an HP student discount, you must first create a one-time voucher code with UNIDAYS. This procedure entails going to the UNIDAYS website, generating a coupon code from HP, and then redeeming the code on the HP website.

  • Go to the UNIDAYS website, look for an HP deal, and click Redeem Online.
  • Choose Redeem Code.
  • Select Launch website after copying your code.
  • On the HP website, look for a laptop, printer, or other product that you want to buy. Put the item in your shopping cart and go through the checkout process.
  • Check that the discount you received from UNIDAYS is still valid by entering the voucher code. Create a new code if the discount does not apply. If that doesn’t work, get in touch with UNIDAYS for help.

How to Get a Discount from HP if You’re a Student

Do you have a limited budget but require the best technology for your education? Check out the HP student discount on the website to save up to 35% on the newest tech. Simply go to the online store, verify your student status, and join the Student Store to receive exclusive discount codes. Even better, not only university students but also school students and teachers, can benefit from the low prices. 

Because you’ll be receiving HP student discount codes, you’ll need to create a UNIDAYS account to take advantage of the savings. How to Sign Up:

  • Go to the UNIDAYS website and click the menu icon in the upper left corner, which is indicated by three horizontal lines ().
  • Select the Join Now option.
  • Select Join Now after entering your email address and selecting a password.
  • Fill in the blanks with your school information. Continue is the option.
  • To complete the verification process, follow the on-screen instructions. If you cannot check automatically or if your school is not listed, contact UNIDAYS to request a manual review.

Use Studentbeans to get the HP student discount.

StudentBeans collects student discounts from major brands in one place and verifies your status as a student. This eliminates the need for you to register on each site separately. You can get the following HP deals:

  • HP offers a general student discount of up to 40% off HP Workstation Laptops and 15% off HP Workstation Desktops.
  • To create a StudentBeans account, you’ll need an institutional email address. Now is the time to create a StudentBeans account.

The service verifies your student status by allowing you to log in to your institution’s learning portal, sending you an email confirmation, or requiring you to submit the proof in the form of documentation. Images of your student card, acceptance letter, or academic transcript can be uploaded. However, because approval can take up to 24 hours, this is the slowest method of signing up.

Where Else Can You Get A Discount On HP Products If You’re A Student?

HP does not have a student discount program within the company. On the other hand, HP products are available from various retailers with their own student discount programs. HP products are available at Best Buy, the Apple Store, Staples, and other stores, frequently offering student discounts.

How to Get a 50% Discount on HP

HP is offering a 50% discount to students. To take advantage of this offer, you must first register with Unidays. By providing an official university email, you can confirm your student status. After you’ve been verified, you’ll be able to take advantage of HP’s special student discounts. If you have any further questions about HP student discounts or eligibility requirements, you can reach out to them by clicking here.

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Students can save up to 50% with HP’s student discount. Save up to 50% on select products, 35% on gaming products, 5% off gaming PCs $999 and up, and 10% off gaming PCs $1399 and up. For a complete list of eligible products, go to HP. Other options for saving money on HP products include:

  • Check out our HP voucher page for the most up-to-date discounts and sales. There are 16 active offers available right now.
  • Follow HP on social media. – On its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, HP frequently posts special offers for its followers.
  • Amazon is a good place to look for HP products. HP products are frequently discounted on Amazon, and Prime members receive free shipping. Amazon has HP deals.
  • eBay is a great place to find used HP products. If you can’t find an offer elsewhere, it might be worth looking for used HP products on eBay. See what HP has to offer on eBay.

Is It Possible for All Students to Take Advantage of The HP Store’s Student Discount?

Yes, whether part-time, full-time or enrolled in a distance-learning program, all students are eligible for the HP Store student discount. Even older students are welcome to take advantage of the offer. All you need to sign up for your free HP Student Store account is a valid academic email address. Students in the sixth and seventh grades and college students are eligible for the discount. Don’t worry if you don’t have a student email address; simply email proof of enrollment to [email protected].

Promotions and offers from the HP Store

Keep an eye out for big discounts and special offers around bank holiday weekends and other special times of the year, such as Christmas or Black Friday or at the start of a new semester at university or college. We’ll also update this page with the most recent HP Store coupons and promo codes as they become available. Always check back here before you shop to ensure you don’t miss out on any incredible deals. Save the Student has previously featured HP Store offers such as:

  • 5% off tablets and 2-in-1 laptops
  • 8% off laptops & desktops
  • 15% off print supplies & accessories
  • 10% off Elite Range orders
  • Up to £200 off
  • Plus free shipping

HP Promo Codes For Laptops, Computers, And Accessories

With the HP Offers section, you don’t have to wait until payday. The online store has special price offers and product releases for your favorite gadgets, such as laptops, printers, or desktops. Many limited-time HP discount codes can be applied to the model you want to buy. 

On the Pavilion and OMEN gaming laptop series, you can save a lot of money. You can increase your productivity with a business laptop or desktop from the HP Probook, HP Chromebook, or HP Elite series. Aside from that, you can go to the PC accessories section, where you can frequently save up to 30% on official HP device accessories.

HP Instant Ink & Print subscription 

Up to 70% off original HP ink

With HP’s service, you’ll never have to pay full price for ink again. With HP Instant Ink, there’s a plan for everyone, no matter how much printing you do. Depending on your plan, you will be charged a fee that includes ink, shipping, and recycling old cartridges. Instead of buying ink and running out when you need it the most, you can save up to 70% on a subscription and ensure that your printer is always ready to use. Choose your plan and pay anywhere between £0.99 and £22.49, depending on your requirements.

Up to 50% off HP ink & toner for business

With HP Print at Your Service, you can avoid the unpleasant situation of running out of toner or ink in your office and save up to 50% on supplies all year. This service is only available to businesses. The plans include an HP printer and a supply of toner and ink based on your usage. It also includes free shipping, customer service, and cartridge recycling. Choose your monthly plan for a low monthly fee by going to HP today.

Other shipping options and free delivery

At HP, all products are delivered for free and quickly. Customers can get free delivery on orders over £25 and only pay £3 for orders under that amount. You should receive your items within 2 to 3 working days, and you will be notified when your package has been shipped.

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Refunds and returns

If you need to return or replace your HP device, contact the support team at [email protected] or call 0207 660 3859 Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. There you will find instructions for the few simple steps you must complete before proceeding with the return. Within 5 days of the return being completed, your funds will be returned to your original payment method.

Technical assistance

You don’t have to worry about any questions you have about your HP device or any issues that may arise because you have the best support team on your side. Software and driver support, printer support, and computer support are all handled by separate teams. You can use the diagnostic tools yourself or contact a support agent who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


HP electronic devices are one of the most well-known brands in the world, but they can be prohibitively expensive for students. It doesn’t have to be that way for you, though. The information in this article has provided you with everything you need to learn about and obtain the HP Student Discount Code, which is your ticket to low-cost HP products. Take advantage of it right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions on HP Student Discount 

Is there a student discount at HP?

With a valid HP Student Store account, students can save up to 30% on HP products. There is no need for an HP student discount code because the discount will be applied automatically.

How many times can you take advantage of the UNiDAYS discount?

Discount codes with multiple uses can only be used once.

What does HP Student have to offer?

Hewlett-Packard (HP) offers discount codes for computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and other hardware through Unidays. Students can save up to 55 percent on computers, laptops, printers, scanners, and other hardware.

Can I use my HP Store student discount at other retailers to purchase HP products?

If you’re shopping somewhere other than the HP Student Store, you’ll need to use the student discount programs offered by the other retailers.

Are there any items that are not eligible for the HP Store student discount?

Not all items are included, but the student deals and offers change frequently, so keep checking back if the item you want isn’t available right now. Some of the best deals are available around the beginning of the academic year.

Is it possible to combine my HP Store student discount code with other discounts?

No, discount codes are not accepted at the HP Student Store.

Is it possible to trade in my old technology at HP?

HP now accepts trade-ins for your old electronics. You no longer have to be concerned about that old printer or PC; your products will be recycled, and you can upgrade to something new with up to £300 off. Find out more about this promotion and the qualifying products on the website.

Are student discounts available to me?

You are eligible for the Student Discount Program if you are 16 years old or older and attend a recognized educational institution in the United Kingdom. Academics can also use this promotion. All you have to do is go to HP’s website and register.

How do I get in touch with HP?

You can send a direct message, contact via Twitter or Facebook, or call customer service at 0207 660 3859. You can also write to the company’s headquarters in Reading, UK: Reading (UK HQ), HP Inc UK Limited, Earley West 300 Thames Valley Park Drive, Reading RG6 1PT.

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