How Working-Class People Can Make More Money In Nigeria

How Working-Class People Can Make More Money In Nigeria

No matter how busy you are, you can still make money by combining your day job with side hustles. Many working-class people are so engulfed with their day job – making their employer rich and neglecting something that would make them rich and retire early.

If you are still focused on just getting a job without necessarily setting up a side hustle, then you should rethink. Side hustles are essential to make sure you diversify your source of income.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of these side hustles are mostly technical and you require the right skill to execute them. If you don’t have the skill, you can see my recommended center here. Do well to register and start earning the benefits I earn.

What are the side hustles that can make you lots of money alongside your day job?

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Web Design/Development

If you intend to learn Web design and development as a skill to start your side hustle, then it will be your best choice for the year; and I will explain. Do you know the number of small businesses springing up on daily basis? And these businesses would require people to take them online.

As a working-class person who wishes to take this skill as one of his/her side hustles, there are so many opportunities for you. You have an advantage over people who don’t work because you meet a lot of people, and your networking game is top-notch.

The ability to design and develop a responsive website is something that MUST fetch you money whether you like it or not.

When you decide to take up web Design Development as a side hustle, you open yourself an opportunity to earn above $1000 on a monthly basis.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Every business that has been taken online needs someone with Digital Marketing skills to help promote the business. The reason you should consider this as one of your side hustles is that it requires just your skill.

You can either execute this skill yourself for your clients, or you train them to do it themselves. This gives you the leverage of becoming a Digital Marketing Tutor.

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Professional Digital Marketers make more than $200 Monthly.

Content Writers

Content writing is still very much a lucrative side hustle, but it boils down to how you intend to make it profitable for yourself.

It involves curating content from several sources and forming something creative out of it. There are several ways you can earn when you take it as a side hustle.

– Amazon Kindle
– Upwork
– Fiverr
– Information Marketing

All the above depends on which you find comfortable. You can combine your Digital Marketing skill and content writing ability to make it a comfortable side hustle for yourself.

There are several content platforms that require the services of content writers, but you have to search for them. You can ask by using the comment sections.

Real Estate Broker

If you sincerely want a side hustle as a working-class person that has the potential to make you a millionaire within the shortest possible, then you should try out real estate marketing.

The major advantage you would have is that it doesn’t require your physical presence as long as you have a good marketing channel. A lot of people who take real estate consulting as a side hustle use the newly improved WhatsApp status to sell their products.

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Real Estate gives about 30 – 40% commissions on sales, then you can imagine your percentage when you sell a product worth millions of Naira. Your success as a real estate broker depends on your connections and network. But when you take it as a side hustle, you stand to gain so much.

There are other fascinating side hustles that can make you money, and also complement your monthly pay-check. It depends on your ability to learn the skill and make money from it.

– Mobile Application Development
– Hardware Engineering

If you intend to learn any of the above skills, you shouldn’t spend a huge amount of cash learning skills that would benefit your life.

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