How To Earn Monthly Salary Without Having A Job In Nigeria

How To Earn Monthly Salary Without Having A Job In Nigeria

How To Earn Monthly Salary Without Having A Job In Nigeria, You can always get a good Monthly Salary even when you don’t have an Official Job by Discovering what you are good at, Taking your services to Fiverr, and Offering your services to millions of people who are looking for people like you and also Looking for a problem people are facing.

You are a graduate, you spent a minimum of 4 years in school, learned several survival skills, and now you’ve not yet gotten a job. In the last post, I wrote about simple things people can do to earn money and the result gotten was impressive. Do you want to know how to beat unemployment?

I have started another batch of training that would make freelance millionaires. If you still intend to join my classes, check the link below to get started. You spend time lamenting on social media how the government has failed to provide jobs for graduates. With a smartphone in your hand and a data subscription, you fail to realize that you are sitting on a goldmine.

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The difference between hustlers and others is that they look for an opportunity that others can’t find and get started with it.

I was fired from my job in 2016 – due to the economic recession, but now I have people working for me. If I can do it, then you can do it too. The reason you can’t spot opportunities is that you have spent much time passing blames from one government official to another.

This post will show you some simple ways you can earn a monthly salary without having to work from 9 am to 5 pm again. I put in just 20hrs work-time weekly, and I earn above $400 on a monthly basis.

What is the secret?

The secret is simple. “Complain less and think smart.”

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I will give you an example.

On Feb 14th, 2018, my department in the church wanted to purchase goods for the love ceremony to be held in the church. I discussed with the official about a sample gift that would be perfect. He loved the idea but the limitation was where to get the gift from since it wasn’t seen in Nigeria.

I quickly contacted my suppliers (in another country), and the gifts were delivered straight to his address without me even seeing the products (Drop Shipping). I made over 70k working for just 2 days. (Remember I didn’t inflate the price at all – it is part of the advantages of knowing the secrets of any business you wish to engage in.)

The more you think of ways to make money in a decent way, the more ideas will come to you. Once you get the ideas, you start them up immediately. If there is any training involved, you quickly get it and start!!!

What are the legit ways of making money as an unemployed Graduate?

What if I tell you that there are 1000 ways to make money as an unemployed graduate, would you believe me? This post will trigger you.

These are the limitations you may have:


You simply don’t want anything that would stress you. You prefer a dream job that would make you drive in your clean Toyota Corolla 2018 model car to work (A.C office) and back home. This is Nigeria, so wake up from your dreams and work hard to get them.

No Willingness to learn

If you spent 4 years just learning a course that won’t even give you a job, why can’t you spend a few days learning a model that will pay you for life? If you need to pay for a token to learn it, then go ahead and pay.

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It will be a source of revenue for you, so you should invest that little amount to gain knowledge. Even after learning, there is the need for you to always make sure you improve the knowledge that you have acquired.

No business idea

The limitation of most graduates is that they don’t even know what to do to make money. I don’t blame most of them; we were wired that way from childhood.

“Go to school, pass your exams, graduate, and get a good job” So when the good job fails to come, they are confused about how to make something out of life.

I will help you out with good ideas in this post.

Advantages of these jobs that can make you money monthly as an unemployed graduate

– No start-up capital is needed
– Simple materials like phone, and internet subscription is required
– You can work from anywhere
– Just a few hours of work when starting as a beginner
– Can make money on Autopilot (Even when you do nothing) as an expert

Steps to Take:

If you have anything you can do, then try the following steps;

– Discover what you are good at (Graphics, Blog commenting, Selling, Writing, Singing, etc.). Just anything you can do.

– Take your services to Fiverr (register and set up your profile)
– Offer your services to millions of people who are looking for people like you.
– Start making money.
– Employ more hands to work for you.

A small guide was created for this to erase the problems of trial and error. It came as a result of 4 years of experience. So if you want to try it out on your own, I still wish you Goodluck.

If you are good at selling, then follow these steps;

– Look for a problem people are facing
– Log on to or other affiliate sites (Do you know that Travelstart pays 70% commission on any sale?)
– Check the product category
– Start promoting to people who have those problems
– Earn monthly income up to about $300

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I will show you the simple methods I use to earn over 500k monthly on Fiverr.

Other sources of income include:-

– Website Flipping (When you buy a website at $1 and sell it at $2000)
– Grow and Sell Social Media Profiles (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter)
– Write and Publish on Amazon
– Sell physical products for a commission
– Become a real estate agent (Sell lands and get about 40% commission on a single sale)
– Write for websites and get paid (I have listed them in my former blog posts)

There are several other ways you can keep earning a monthly income for yourself without working for someone. I will be showing you other ways to achieve that in my next post. Make sure you always visit. If you are ready to start making money, start just by visiting the link below. I wish you all the best in our hustles.

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