How To Become A Pharmaceutical Rep With No Experience In The USA

We all use drugs for one medical reason or another, and the availability of these drugs affects the majority of human health conditions. There are numerous pharmaceutical industries that produce and make various drugs available for consumption, each specializing in a different type of drug; however, these drugs must be made available in the market. As a result, many people seek to know how to become a pharmaceutical rep even with no experience so that they can be eligible for medical sales jobs.

Becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep necessitates more than just your desire; portraying yourself as a pharmaceutical sales rep necessitates becoming acquainted with various aspects of the industry as well as acquiring relevant knowledge about how to market the drugs.

This article will teach you how to become a pharmaceutical company sales representative in the USA even if you have no experience, also you will learn about pharmaceutical rep certification, pharmaceutical sales rep salary entry-level, and lots more.

Who is a pharmaceutical sales representative?

The pharmaceutical position includes the characteristics of a sales representative job, as well as the creation, development, and testing of new medications in order to fully carry out its sales functions. To put it another way, the pharmaceutical representative makes drug production and marketing easier.

Furthermore, they act as a liaison between the pharmaceutical company and the pharmacist, passing information between both parties and providing detailed descriptions of the use of some special drugs.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives, according to Wikipedia, are salespeople employed by pharmaceutical companies to persuade doctors to prescribe their drugs to patients.

What does a pharmaceutical sales rep do?

A pharmaceutical sales representative’s primary goal is to increase the sales of their company’s medications. They are frequently based in the pharmaceutical company’s headquarters but spend the majority of their time on the road.

Day-to-day responsibilities differ depending on the company they work for, the territory they are assigned to, and the medications they represent.

However, typical responsibilities include the following:

  • Scheduling meetings with medical professionals
  • Educating medical professionals about the effectiveness, use, and side effects of drugs
  • Presenting at medical conferences
  • Placing purchase orders for clients
  • Sourcing new clients
  • Resolving any complaints current clients may have
  • Reviewing drug literature to stay on top of new developments
  • Conduct extensive research and identify individuals who are likely to become customers in the near future.
  • Staying informed about new global pharmaceutical products from around the world in order to keep your customers informed.

How to become a pharmaceutical rep

Becoming a pharmaceutical representative may appear to be an unattainable goal, but this is not the case. You can also become a certified pharmaceutical representative by carefully following this simple laid-out guide.

  • Earn your high school diploma
  • Go for a bachelor’s degree
  • Consider going for a graduate degree
  • Enroll for professional certification
  • Network and build relationships
  • Get sales experience and develop your skills
  • Be updated on industry news
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter
  • Grow your online presence

Earn your high school diploma

The first step on how to become a pharmaceutical rep with no experience is to obtain a high school diploma. Keep in mind that you should attend an accredited and reputable school. This will enable you to secure a pharmaceutical sales entry position. You are going to learn about pharmaceutical sales rep salary entry level as we progress.

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Go for a bachelor’s degree

After completing your high school diploma, the next step is to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Earning a degree in pharmaceutical sales rep will give you an advantage when looking for an internship after graduation; however, this is not to say that you cannot choose other similar programs related to pharmacology.

Consider going for a graduate degree

If you are intense in becoming a certified pharmaceutical sales representative, you should pursue a postgraduate degree in addition to your first degree after graduation. This will expose you to more information about your field of interest and better prepare you for life.

Enroll for professional certification

A professional certificate program typically consists of specialized training for a specific occupation, such as a health care technologist or auto mechanic. Alternatively, you can obtain a certificate in the pharmaceutical Rep field that will help you advance in your current jobs.

Network and build relationships

Professional networking is important in any field, but it is especially important in Pharmaceutical sales. While the industry is growing by the day, you will most likely run into the same people as you advance in your career. That is why you must be able to demonstrate your ability to establish and maintain long-term professional relationships.

Having industry contacts will also greatly improve your chances of getting a job. Recruiters want to know that others trust and believe in you, both personally and professionally. Mastering the art of networking distinguishes you from other job seekers and demonstrates that you are concerned with more than just obtaining the necessary credentials.

Even if you don’t have any connections yet, you should be able to demonstrate that you’re a people person. This entails obtaining recommendations and character references from a variety of sources, such as:

  • University professors
  • Former employers
  • Professional contacts
  • People you’ve done business with
  • Landlords

Get Sales Experience and Develop Your Skills

Regardless of whether you want to be a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, you can also apply for jobs that are not entirely pharmaceutical-related but have some element of sales in them. This will allow you to hone your sales skills, which will be useful when you eventually land a job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

Keep Up With Industry News

Even if you are waiting for your dream job, you should keep yourself updated on any news related to the pharmacy in your country and other countries around the world.

 Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter

Prepare your resume and cover letter because your dream job could become available at any time. Take your resume to professionals in that field to be evaluated and advised on necessary changes.

Grow your online presence

Today’s Pharmaceutical sales rep recruiter seeks a candidate’s “whole picture.” They are increasingly turning to the internet to learn more about job candidates, such as their interests and hobbies, personal and professional backgrounds, and so on.

Creating and maintaining a personal website and portfolio is an excellent way to catch the attention of recruiters. Furthermore, posting relevant and insightful information on social media demonstrates that you are up to date on current and emerging trends.

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You demonstrate that others are interested in your content enough to like, follow, and share it by showcasing your talent and knowledge and building an audience around your posts.

How to become a pharmaceutical rep with no experience in the USA

If you have other qualifications, many companies will hire pharmaceutical sales representatives with no experience. Drug companies are willing to provide training to help you fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a sales rep if you have a bachelor’s degree in science or marketing, good presentation skills, an outgoing personality, and a willingness to learn.

Previous sales experience can help you persuade customers to purchase the medications and products you represent, making it easier to land your first job as a pharmaceutical representative.

There are also college and certification programs in pharmaceutical sales that can help you stand out to potential employers, but these are not required.

Pharmaceutical Rep Certification

To become a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, you must first be certified. In fact, the Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative is one of the most well-known and well-recognized bodies in charge of this certification (CNPR). To obtain this certification, you must go through several stages of training on pharmaceutical sales regulations, terminologies, physiology, and, of course, pharmacology.

You can get your CNPR training online, which is the most popular option these days. After completing the training, you can take the CPRN exam to earn your credential.

How much can pharmaceutical sales reps make

Below is the analysis of pharmaceutical sales reps’ pay in the USA.

Pharmaceutical rep salary

A pharmaceutical sales representative’s annual salary in the United States is $65,718 plus a $20,000 commission.

Pharmaceutical Rep with no experience

The average annual salary for a No Experience Pharmaceutical Sales Rep in the United States is $74,453.

Pharmaceutical sales rep salary entry level

In the United States, the average annual salary for an Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is $60,002.

Pharmaceutical sales manager salary

In the United States, the average Pharmaceutical Sales Manager earns $139,497 per year. Pharmaceutical Sales Managers earn the most in San Francisco, with total compensation that is 51% higher than the national average.

Is being a pharmaceutical sales rep stressful

Pharmaceutical sales can be a very stressful job. Pharmaceutical sales representatives must have a variety of interpersonal and technical skills to succeed in this role.

First and foremost, professionals in this field must be excellent communicators. They must be able to speak to anyone and clearly communicate their message. They must not only be excellent communicators in person, but they must also be persuasive and engaging over the phone and via email.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives must have extensive scientific knowledge in addition to interpersonal and technical skills. They must understand how the drugs they sell affect the chemistry of the human body.

Is pharmaceutical sales a good career path?

Yes, aside from being a lucrative career in and of itself with numerous opportunities for advancement, it is frequently a stepping stone into other career paths that can be difficult to break into from the outside, such as pharmaceutical marketing. Pharma reps make good money, get company cars, and have more freedom in their schedules than the average person. You can even see from the pharmaceutical sales rep salary entry level that even as a beginner you can make a good income.

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National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives 

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are not required to be certified. Representatives must, however, abide by federal and state laws.

Earning a National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (NAPSR) CNPR Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales certification is one-way sales representatives can become acquainted with these laws. This certification shows employers that a candidate has passed an exam that tests them on FDA regulatory requirements and other laws that govern the pharmaceutical industry.

While not legally binding, most professionals in this field follow the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America’s Code on Interactions with Health Care Professionals (PhRMA).

This code specifies what information pharmaceutical representatives must provide ethically, as well as when and how they must interact with medical professionals.

In addition to state and federal regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical representatives must be aware of and follow the policies and procedures of the companies with which they work. Many hospitals and clinics have policies in place that govern where pharmaceutical sales representatives, where can go, and what incentives or gifts they can give out.

FAQs about How To Become A Pharmaceutical Rep

Do you have to go to school to be a pharmaceutical rep?

To become a pharmaceutical sales representative, you must first obtain a high school diploma or GED. This is a requirement for obtaining a college degree, which is required by the majority of pharmaceutical companies. To prepare for this career, take courses in chemistry, anatomy, biology, and public speaking.

Do you need a license to be a pharmaceutical sales rep?

Companies may not require you to have a certification before working as a pharmaceutical rep. However, becoming a certified pharmaceutical sales representative can help you establish your worth in the long run.

How to get hired in pharmaceutical sales with no experience?

Here is a simple guide to getting hired as a pharmaceutical sales with no experience:
Secure an Internship at a pharmaceutical Company. …
Start with a Local Distributorship. …
Gain Sales or Marketing Experience. …
Be a Calculated Networker. …
Strategically Position Your Resume

How To Become A Pharmaceutical Rep


The benefits are one of the most appealing aspects of working as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. As a pharmaceutical sales representative, you have a lot of freedom and can often make your own schedule and work the hours that suit you best. Other benefits of this job include a substantial income (which often includes bonuses), opportunities to influence patient lives, and travel opportunities.

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