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How to Avoid Losing Your Job in Nigeria Today

How to Avoid Losing Your Job in Nigeria Today

Today, the Moden News team will show you how One can Ensure He or She Does Not Get Fired at your Place of Work through Knowing your Job Description, Knowing your Boss to a Reasonable Extent, Knowing your Key Point Indicators (KPI), Acting More while Saying Less, Avoid Judging People, Avoid Just Trying, Ensure You Produce Results, Try & be Getting Feedback and Always Work Hard and Give Your Best.

The economic situations in major countries have forced workers to look for ways how to avoid getting fired. It is no longer news that the economy is down, and companies are laying off workers just to keep afloat. While they are unlucky ones, there are things you can do to avoid getting fired.

There might be several strategies to employ to avoid getting fired, but I have written down proven principles that would help you retain your job with ease. The drill isn’t just to avoid getting fired; it would also help you get the praises and recommendations you need in your workplace.

As an employee, one thing we all hate in common is getting fired – unless you just won a jackpot. We also fear that our jobs may be outsourced, automated, or even eliminated. While I believe that we can’t eliminate these fears completely, we have our own part to play.

Below are a few tips that can teach you how to avoid getting fired

Know your Job Description

Knowing your job description should start the moment you decide to apply for the job. Make sure your resume outlines your skills clearly so that your employer can see what you have to offer before deciding to hire you. 

If you don’t outline your skills before getting hired, they might find out that you don’t have the right skills to carry out your job description. This might end up getting you fired.

Know your Boss

Office politics is no longer news. During this recession, heads of departments usually submit names of people who they feel can’t be part of the firm again. And in most cases, competence is not called into play.

Most times, it is a question of “Who does Oga like”. So I suggest you know what makes your boss happy, if producing results is the way, Do It!! If buying him hot drinks during weekends is the best way, then you go after it. If eye service is the way forward, then do it – if it doesn’t negate your values. The aim just remains in his/her good books if you want to avoid getting fired. Just know the way to his heart.

Know your KPI

KPI simply stands for Key Point Indicators. In clearer terms, it means the results that you are measured with. Let’s use a popular example.

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You are employed as a marketer in an organization; your KPI would revolve around the following;

  • Number of leads you are able to acquire
  • Number of prospects you speak to on a daily basis
  • Your conversion rate
  • Ability to meet your set target
  • Presentation to the management

I was able to come up with the following because I have good experience as a salesperson. So matter the field you find yourself in, you should acquaint yourself with your KPIs if you intend to avoid getting fired.

Act More, Say Less

To avoid getting fired, you should know when you keep your mouth shut. The stealing of Ideas didn’t start today. The more you think you contribute verbally to every motion raised, the more someone is stealing your ideas, implementing them, and getting credits for them.

All you end up doing is Ranting in your corner office and explaining to anybody to care to listen. When it is time for redundancy, nobody remembers the idea bringer rather than the implementer.

Always Volunteer

“Who will help draw up a proposal?”, “Someone to help fill in the void of the secretary in this meeting?”, “Who can escort the driver to deliver the goods to ….”.

As much as time allows you, Keep saying ” I can”. I can’t guarantee you a promotion, but I guarantee you that your position is safe. I remember doubling as a corporate Marketer and Retail Sales Associate.. the end product was a clear promotion. You can also do so!!

Don’t just do your Job

Doing just your job means that it is almost impossible to avoid getting fired. Once a cheaper replacement who they can outsource to comes along, then you have fired already. Almost the same as No 3, but this time around, never wait for any superior to ask first. I remember an instructor in an ICT firm where he earns about 30k monthly.

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The dude was diligent in his job, and not only that but ended up referring a record sum of 10 students personally to train in the institute… He was not only Recognized, but the salesperson in the company was sacked, and he was given a double portfolio, with a handsome pay of above 150k… What else are you waiting for?

It is also important to note that you MUST be proficient at your own job before you go further into the unfriendly territory of someone else’s job.

Don’t Just Try, Produce Results

Working in a large corporation as a salesman for almost 3 years made me realize that efforts are not rewarded. The management rewards just those who produced results. CEO doesn’t appreciate “I tried”, all they wish to hear is “I did it”.

Most times before you finally get fired after all your unproductive efforts, you’d hear something like “We sincerely appreciate your effort, but we need someone to get us the results”.
If you are a result-getter, believe me, even if everyone is being sacked, you will always be the one they rely on…
Just like C. Ronaldo, they beg you… “Please go out there and get us the results we need”

Get Feedback

It is imperative to know that you don’t work in a silo if you intend to avoid getting fired in your workplace. You ought to cultivate a close relationship with the Human Resources Dept for more insider information.

You should also get feedback from customers – if you work directly with them, colleagues, and above all your boss. This will help improve your performance and act as the motivation you need to perform better.

Work Hard, Give your Best

The issue of working and giving your best cannot be over-emphasized. Improve your value, read relevant articles, and attend seminars and workshops related to your field. If you still get fired after acquiring all these, then you would be so valuable to the next employer you’d work with.

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Knowing how to avoid getting fired is sincerely simple. These strategies I have outlined above can help you not just to avoid getting fired, but would also improve your chances of better performance in your workplace.

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The stress of losing a job

Whether you’ve been laid off, downsized, forced to retire early, or seen contract work dry up, losing your job is one of the most distressing experiences you can have. Aside from the obvious financial distress, the stress of losing a job can have a significant impact on your attitude, relationships, and overall mental and emotional health.

Our jobs are frequently more than just a means of subsistence. They have an impact on how we perceive ourselves as well as how others perceive us. Even if you didn’t enjoy your job, it almost certainly provided you with a social outlet as well as structure, purpose, and meaning in your life. Being laid off unexpectedly can leave you feeling wounded, angry, or depressed. You may be questioning your identity, mourning all that you’ve lost, or concerned about the future.

You may feel deceived by your job, powerless over the path of your life, or blame yourself for some perceived flaw or error, depending on the circumstances of your unemployment. The anxiety and tension can be overpowering. But, no matter how dismal things appear to be right now, there is still hope. With time and the correct coping skills, you may accept these setbacks, reduce your tension and anxiety, and resume your professional life.

To sum up, simply use the comment section and leave a comment below, to ask questions and also share your thoughts.

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